Ice cube Net Worth

What is Ice cube Net Worth?

American rapper, movie star and songwriter O’Shea Jackson Sr. Stage name Ice Cube was born in Los Angeles in 1969. His music career started in 1986 and a year later, he partnered with Dr Dre and Eazy – Eto to form the rap group N. W. A in 1987.


Ice Cube is among the best and most successful rappers in America. With massive hits like It was a good day, No Vaseline, Friday, You can do it and many more. 

This article focuses on Ice Cube’s net worth, biography and properties.


He started his music career. He first started his career as a solo rapper and Hiphop singer. Rap group N. W. A was formed a year later with fellow gangster rappers Eazy. E and Dr. Dre. Together they released many successful albums and rap music, shooting their popularity through the roof. 

Some popular songs he released when he was part of N. W. A Gangster rap group are Express yourself, Gangsta Gangsta, Straight outta Compton, Miles and Runnin and many more. Ice cube brought out many catchy lyrics during his time in the rap group and proved himself time and time again. 

Some years later in 1989, he left the N. W. A rap group and went solo again. During an interview in which he was asked the reason for his departure, Ice cube had answered that he had left the rap group because of the dishonesty between members of the group. 


After leaving N. W. A, Ice cube went on to release the hit album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. This album will remain one of his most successful works yet and it contained hit songs like You can’t fade me, What they hittingʼ foe? The Nigga ya love to hate, Better off dead and many more. Ice Cube’s fame reached a whole new level after launching this album. 

Ice cube has had a pretty interesting run in his music career. Although he separated with the N. W. A rap group, he later made up with members of the group and sometimes even featured in some of their later songs. 

Ice cube is also a famous actor, starring in various genres of movies such as comedy, adult-oriented, family friendly and many more. Some popular movies he has been seen in include Trespass, Friday Franchise, Three kings, Barbershop Franchise, Jump Street, Ride Along and many others. 

His activeness in the entertainment industry has earned him a number of awards and award nominations. Some awards he has won include the Blockbuster Award, MECCA movie award, a Grammy Award, BET Honores, BET Hip-Hop Awards and many more. 

Ice cube Net Worth: Businesses Owned

Besides taking an active part in the music and movie industry, Ice cube also has a number of businesses which he pioneers. Some of them are Cube Vision (a popular American film production industry which has released a lot of hit movies since the launch. It is Co owned by Matt Alvarez), Big 3 (a basketball league founded by the rapper himself, showing his immense interest in sports), Fifth Generation (Fifth generation is a brandy producing firm which is owned by Ice cube) along with many other such businesses. 

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Most of these businesses are Co owned with other people like Jeff Kwatinetz and Matt Alvarez. Just like his career in the entertainment industry, Ice cube has also experienced success in his entrepreneurship race and he still looks forward to pushing these businesses father and father, gaining note worthy achievements which will increase his fame and networth. 

The popular rapper can be considered to be a good source of business motivation as he illustrates perfectly the idea of putting your eggs in various baskets. 


O’Shea Jackson Sr who would later pick up the name Ice Cube as his stage name was born in Los Angeles in 1969. His mother Doris worked as a clerk in a hospital as well as a custodian while his father Hosea worked as a Driver. Their little family of five including Ice Cube, his parents, older brother and half sister lived in peace. However, some years later his half sister was murdered.

Later, in 1992, Ice Cube married Kimberly Woodruff and together they had five children OʼShea Jackson Jr, Darell Jackson, Deja Jackson, Karima Jackson and Shareef Jackson. The youngest child Shareef Jackson is 28 years old while the oldest, O’Shea Jackson Jr is 33 years old. Darrell and Karima are 31 and 30 years old respectively. Deja Jackson is also 30 years old. Although like every family, they have their ups and downs, their union is relatively stable and there has not been any case of a divorce. 

What is Ice cube Net Worth

Ice cube has a networth of over 170 million US Dollars, and his investments in real estate have amassed for hin a whooping 7 million dollars. 

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Ice Cube’s main source of income comes from his rap and acting career as well as his numerous private businesses

As a famous actor, songwriter and rapper ice cube has endorsement deals with some companies, promoting their name while also receiving various benefits from them. Companies that he has endorsement deals with are mostly companies that produce beer and liquor related products including Coors Light, Fryday Kush, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and St. Ides. The rapper also has an interest in art, basketball and head wear, especially hats.


Ice cube is one of the most successful American rappers that can be found in the entertainment industry. His journey has been a rather interesting one, starting up from a group and eventually making it big on his own, his net worth, car collection and real estate properties is a very solid indication to his wealth. He is still very active in the entertainment sector and shows no sign of retiring soon. 


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