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The Murdaugh family is an affluent American family, who is a circuit solicitor. Three generations have run the business till present. However, Alexander Murdaugh had been a subject of murder, embezzlement, theft and other crime related charges. His murder trial began Jan 2023 and ended in March 2023, which got him two life sentences. This case has been documented by the Netflix series 

Early   Life/   Background

Born 15 January 1915 in Varnville, South Carolina, US. was an American attorney whose full name was Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr, popularly referred to as Buster, came from a family of great solicitors. His three generation grandfather established a law firm in 1910 and was, however, the elected president of the 14th Judicial circuit in 1920. 

The family is a descendant of Lazarus Brown Murdaugh, who was born in Nansemond county in 1774.

He is the eldest son of Maggie and Alex Murdaugh. He also has another brother named Paul. He graduated from the college of Wafford college and school of law in South Carolina decided to start his own business from scratch while working at his father’s law firm.  His landscaping business, however, took a new shape; it was an absolute success that had contributed to Richard Alexander’s net worth. 


It was rumoured that Buster’s father was accused of being the killer of his wife, Maggie and Paul, Buster finds this strange as he moved away to North Carolina. 

Things started going downhill for the young man when he got expelled from law school as a result of plagiarism without getting the real owners credit for their work. It was claimed that he had to pay the sum of $60,000 to get back into the school, however, he is yet to return as he’s facing a lot of family issues. 

Buster Legal Career 

The Parker law firm had won many cases of crimes like personal infliction and criminal defence, in which Buster had put in a lot of effort to maintain the excellent service of the firm. He has vowed to protect the integrity of the Murdaugh family and to give help to those in need. 

The   Murdaugh’s Tragedy Begins 

Buster’s mother’s body and that of Paul’s was found in their home.  It was claimed that Alex Murdaugh had murdered the duo. Alex Murdaugh claimed to have put a call across to his first son, Buster and 911. Buster claimed to be at his girlfriend’s place which was 199 miles to their home, saying his father was shaking over the phone when he was told the bad news. 

The police carried out plenty of investigation and found Alex Murdaugh guilty of killing his wife and kid. The judges sentenced Alex to two different life sentences in jail. 

It was said that Alex had killed his wife and son on the ground of financial issues, as he had been defrauding people worth millions and stole so that he could maintain his high profile and was always on step ahead to avoid being detected by people. 

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Alex Murdaugh’s trial ended on 3rd march, 2023.  Buster was in the courtroom all through, hearing the harsh judgement passed on to his father. He tried defending his father claiming he was sorrowful and still believes that his father can never be the killer. 

Buster Murdaugh ran into more legal issues, when a young boy named Mallory Beach died in his yacht as Buster was the owner. The boy’s parents sued Buster requesting for $50,000 million as compensation for their loss. However, the two families reached an agreement not to pay up to the said amount.  

Another crime was linked to Buster, as the body of his former classmate Stephen Smith was found across the street right in front of the Murdaugh house. However, the police found no involvement of Buster in the said case. 

Relationship Life

The media claimed that Alex had been in a gay relationship with Stephen Smith but he outrightly defended himself that he has never been in any gay relationship. 

However, his current girlfriend Brooklyn White (26) is an attorney who supports Buster throughout the six weeks trial of Alex Murdaugh. 

Brooklyn White is a native of South Carolina but moved to Alabama for college. Her main focus was on estate planning, probation and trust administration. The duo met while studying Law at the university of SC Law school. 

Physical   Appearance

His current height is  5 ’10 while he weighs 77 kg. The colour of his hair is red and that of eyes is brown.

Buster Murdaugh Net Worth

Buster is worth $5 million.

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Murdaugh   Property   Sales 

The family Moselle property of 1800 acres was sold at the rate of $3.9 million.

5   Facts   About   Buster   Murdaugh (Buster Murdaugh Net Worth) 

1  He is American legal practitioner

2   Buster hails from the popular Murdaugh

3   He is the eldest and only son of Alex Murdaugh 

 4  His girlfriend name is Brooklyn White

5   Buster was born in Wade Hampton, South Carolina 

Social   Media   Handles 

Instagram: Buster Murdaugh @bustermurdaugh20

X: Buster Murdaugh @bustermurdaugh


Buster Murdaugh had lived a life of tragedy of unexpected sorrow, accidents and many occurrences . Nonetheless, the young man decided to live a low profile from the public face. 


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