Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams Net Worth and Biography

Katt Williams  is an entertainer, actor, rapper, who found it hard growing up. However luck smiled at him and he was able to make a name for himself through his determination and creativeness.   


One thing that made William unique from others is that he never allowed his past to affect his growth. Even though he had his own flaws and setbacks as an upcoming artist, he never gave up on his dream to become a success.  

Katt Williams  Early Life and Background 

Katt Williams’ early life and background was  marked by struggles and adversity. Born to Micah Sierra Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1971, Katt grew up in a low-income household and experienced poverty and instability growing up.

Despite his difficult upbringing as a child, Katt Williams is always ready to strive and be a better individual.  He went further to develop his comedy skills on the streets. Where he would  perform for friends and others just to improve on his craft.

Katti Williams Personal Life

Katt Williams is a father of  ten children with several women. He got married many times and he got  divorced several times as he tried.

Despite his behavior, Katt Williams is deeply religious. He has spoken publicly about his belief in God and has even held gospel events. He’s also a member of the Nation of islam, a Black nationalist movement that combines elements of Islam with politics.

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Katt Williams’ Physical appearance

Katt Williams is believed to be 5’5″feet  relatively short  and he  weighs  135 pounds . With an impressive physique to be proud of, he has  relatively brown skin color and  dark hair which is loved by many.

Katt Williams Lin Net worth

Katt Williams  has an estimated net worth of about $10 million mainly from his comedy and movie roles.

Some Movies in Which he  Displayed His presence

  • he had a role in — Friday after next
  • he had a role in — Norbit 
  • he had a role in — scary movie 5
  • he had a role in — The Boondocks
  • he also acted a role– Epic movie
  • he also had a role in —- first Sunday
  • he took a role in —- couples treat 
  • he had a role in — The haunted house
  • he had a role in — father figure
  • he had a role in — The house next door
  • he acted  a role in — The perfect match
  • he was spotted in the movie — meet the blacks
  • he also had a role in —- The trap 

Some Facts You Should Know About katt Williams

1. Williams was a writer ,he was also opportuned to have written several jokes and he made sure he had materials for upcoming comedians who might venture into that line. 

2. Williams is a fighter,he believed he could achieve success with persistence and patience.

3. He got married to several women and is currently not with any of these women. 

4. Katt Williams has been arrested over a dozen times throughout his career, offense like battery and resisting arrest.

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5. Katt Williams legally changed his name to Micah Williams.

Social Media Handle and Website 

Instagram: @kattwilliams

X : @kattwilliams

Facebook page: The Official Katt Williams


Kett Williams’ success is attributed to his determination and consistency in making things happen, by focusing on what matters, and not being weighed down by the challenges he finds himself. He was passionate for success and he saw  his dreams as being valid. He fought a good fight of faith and he won the race despite his background, he proved to be determined and his resilience spirit is worth emulating.


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