Blue Face Net Worth

Blue Face Net Worth and Biography

Blueface,  also known as  Jonathan jamall Porter, is a rapper who has written several songs, he’s from Los Angeles,  precisely California. He has this unique style of rapping that stands out in the music industry. 


Blueface is a celebrity and a well known public figure most especially in his career paths. 

 Regardless of  other people’s opinions, Blueface has carved out a unique beat for himself in the music recording and with over millions of fans and viewers who listens to his songs, Blueface is becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry. 

 Blue Face  Early Life and Background

Blue face, also known as Jonathan Porter, was born on the 20th of January in  1997, in his hometown in Los Angeles,  California. He had it rough growing up as he practically struggled to make things right. Despite his shortcomings and challenges he never allowed that to kill his career and so this motivated him into writing his songs at the age of 11, which shows how optimistic he was about his growth.

Blue Face  Personal Life

Blueface was romantically linked to a series of  women, including the renown model Jaidyn Alexis, whom he had a child with in 2019. Blueface is very close to his mom, and he has made sure that his mom appeared In most of his music, with two sisters and just a brother which makes up for the family of 4.

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Blueface has tattoos all over his body, he even went as far as having a face tattoo of Benjamin Franklin and the word “Respect” across his knuckles. He stated that the tattoo of Benjamin Franklin is to show to the world about him getting more money. 

However, Like every other rapper out there, Blueface has had his share of fairytale with the law he battle with constantly.

Blue Face Physical appearance

Blue face is estimated  to be 6 feet tall (190cm). He weighs 75g  and has a physique that is attractive to onlookers, with a natural skin color which is dark on complexion.

Blue Face Net worth

Blue face has an estimated net worth of about $4 million mainly from his  music career .

Some Facts You Should Know About Blue face

  • He is into music born in the year 1997 in Los Angeles.
  • Though he  never got  married, in the sense of it .  
  • Blueface has a good number of tattoos , including a portrait of Tupac Shakur. 
  • Blueface Social Media handles
  • Instagram: (@bluefasebabyy)
  • Twitter: (@bluefasebabyy)


His style of music has given him a platform to thrive on in the music industry. Blueface is now becoming a force to reckon with around the globe. Though his controversial personal life have all contributed to his success. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about his talent and capabilities.


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