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How Much is Simon Jordan Net Worth? Biography Explained 

Many want to know Simon Jordan Net Worth. Here, we have explained his worth, more importantly, his biography.


Born 24th of September, 1967 in Thornton Heath, England. Jordan is a businessman and a media personality who was also, once the youngest chairman to buy a club ( Crystal Palace Football Club)at age 32.

He further co-founded a car magazine called Octane in 2002, where he sold his shareholdings of 50% in 2006.

The same year,he set up an eatery in London which was later put up for sale in 2011. Currently Simon Jordan is a sport analyst.

Simon Jordan Net Worth: Simon’s Growing up  /  Entrepreneurial   Beginning

Simon Jordan is from a working class family who hailed from London, who had a passion for football at a very young age. Having completed his educational career, diverted into sales. 

Jordan finally built his first business empire, founding the mobile corporation through a lot of determination and entrepreneurial spirit. This mobile phone business was the leading business in the whole of London’s largest phone retailers. He sold the Pocket Phone Shop which was worth £75 million in 2002. 

Jordan went ahead to purchase a football club named the Crystal Palace Football Club in 2000, where he became the youngest chairman in history at age 31 (his father played for this club and he has also, always supported this club as a child growing up).

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 The club later went bankrupt when it could no longer fund the project, dropped to the third tier of English Football. 

Jordan helped the club move forward until 2010, when he resigned as the chairman but remained a significant shareholder in the club, which his shareholdings of 50% was later sold.  

After his tenure at the Crystal Palace Football Club, he further transitioned into the Media Agency where he always commentates and co-host on various radio shows where he expresses his thoughts, opinions on the game of football. This made him appear more frequently on television where he shared his voice in the game of sports.  

Jordan is known to have unreserved and controversial views and opinions on the game of football, which stirred up lots of reactions but this gave him an edge for his passion in the sport. 

He is currently the author of the book titled “be careful what you wished for”

In 2008, Jordan produced a movie titled “Telstar”, which was based on the biography of Joe Meek,the producer which was fully funded by Jordan which featured the likes of James Corden, Kevin Spacey and JJ Feild. 

The movie partially made its way into the screen of the UK. In 2006, he parted his funds and also exec- produced  Sweeney Todd which starred Ray Winston and Tom Hardy.

In 2012, it was reported by Jordan that he lavished his £75,000 wealth together with his £40,000 on the Crystal Palace Football Club. At some point, Simon lost his one hundred euros wristwatch in an armed robbery in South London. 

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Simon Jordan Marital  /   Personal   Life 

 Daily times announced on their website that Simon Jordan gifted his then girlfriend (Meg Matthew) who was an ex wife to Noel Gallagher,a guitarist, a Porsche worth £100,000 as well as a personally designed vehicle plate number as Christmas present. 

The couple had been together since 2005 and ended things in 2006, claiming that Meg ended it right before Jordan could foresight the relationship ending. 

He has also been in a relationship with Sophie Anderton (2006), and Sarah Bosnich (2001-2006). 

In the same year he ended his relationship with Sarah, one Tara Stout was convicted of harassing Simon Jordan and she was instantly given a restraining order.

He has married twice to two different women ( Juanita Vanoy 1989) and ( Yvette Prieto 2013). The first marriage lasted only for 17 years which was blessed with three beautiful children – Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. The couple splitted in 2006, and Juanita received £168,000 as her divorce settlement. 

After he divorced the first wife, he met Yvette Prieto ( current wife), proposed to her and held their wedding in grande style. The couple also had Ysabel and Victoria, twin sisters who were born on February 9, 2014. 

Jordan had a daughter who was born in 2008,  with his ex wife Suzi Walker. Jordan later got into another relationship with a business woman named Michelle Dewberry, who is also a media personality. A relationship that gave birth to a male child sometime in the year 2020.

Simon is currently recovering from prostate cancer 

Simon Jordan Net Worth

He is currently Worth £5 million.

Physical   Appearance

Jordan is 5 feet 9 inches while he weighs 78 kg. 

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Facts on  Simon   Jordan

He once ran a mobile phone business where his company was the largest phone retailer in the city of London.

He brought the Crystal Palace Football Club which brought the club lots of financial stability under his leadership.

Simon is known as one of the important figures in the British game of football.

His controversial views on the game of football has given him plenty of reactions and recognition.

He is a businessman who is still in the business world 

He remains a highly visible and respected sport  vocal commentator. 

Awards   Held

No awards have been given to him but he is highly respected for his controversial views on the game of football.  

Lesson   learned   from   Simon   Jordan

From his story, you can learn valuable lessons that includes:

Simon Jordan demonstrated resilience and perseverance to bounce back from failure which leads to his breakthrough.

His story highlighted his willingness to take risks as an entrepreneur, in taking profitable risks while seizing great opportunities.

His story also exhibits strong leadership qualities and clear vision when he was the chairman of his club, showing the importance of effective leadership that led to an  organisational success story.

Jordan’s story highlighted the importance of balancing a work life, personal wellbeing and maintaining a healthy relationship.  

In addition, his biography offers you great lessons in entrepreneurship, leadership, learning from failure and work life balance.

Social   Media   Handle  And   Website 

Instagram: Simon Jordan @thesimonjordan

X: Sjopinion10 – Simon Jordan 

LinkedIn: Simon Jordan


Simon Jordan exudes an entrepreneurial spirit together with strong leadership qualities which made him lead his club in financial stability. He never had it easy with his relationships with women, which have him 7 children from different women. Jordan is a philanthropist with involved himself by giving back to the community as a reminder of using success to make positive changes in the community.


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