Bert Kreischer Net Worth

What is Bert Kreischer Net Worth? A Meticulous Exposé

What comes to your mind when someone mentions Bert Kreischer? His jokes, movies or on-air personality? 


From his college story to his comedy costumes, describing him as ‘strange’ will be an understatement. 

Despite the quirks that brought him to limelight, Kreischer has nurtured a name for himself in the entertainment industry. So, it’s unsurprising that fans may be curious about his life and net worth.

If you are also curious about him, then today’s write up is for you. Walk a day in his shoes and share details about Bert Kreischer net worth and life to family and friends

Early Life 

Bert Kreischer was the hilarious son of a real estate attorney and a loving mother. As the only boy out of three children, Bert quickly became the jokester at home and in school. Although he had disciplined parents and educational background, Bert insisted on finding himself in the strangest situations. He was a real hoot! 

Considering he was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, his childhood antics are not a surprise. He likely frolicked in the beautiful Tampa beaches, created hilarious stories by exploring the wonders of the city and took advantage of the sinfully delicious Cuban cuisine on offer. 

After his high school education at the Jesuit High School, Kreischer went on to pursue a degree at Florida State University ( FSU) in Florida’s state capital. 

At FSU, Kreischer continued his hilarious lifestyle. He was not planning to reduce his pace in the near future. On the contrary, he made FSU the breeding ground for his mischief and free spirited nature. It’s not surprising that he achieved the Party Animal status during his 6 years of college.

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Like all young men his age, Kreischer joined a fraternity, specifically the Alpha Tau Omega. If Florida was his breeding ground, then the fraternity was his nursery. His time there was full of wild parties and exciting experiences. He was a full blown jolly fellow. 

As the years went by, he gained popularity as a wild college party lover which eventually led to an article about him at Rolling Stones’ 1997 magazine. 

This 1997 magazine described his legendary partying style and dubbed him the best college party lover in the nation. As luck would have it, the article got to Hollywood and inspired “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” which featured Ryan Reynolds.

Date of Birth: Nov 3, 1972

College: FSU in Tallahassee, Florida

Stand up Comedy Career

The exposure Rolling Stone and Hollywood gave Kreischer was wonderful but he wasn’t overly interested in a career in front of the big screen. Well, fate had other plans for him.

Kreischer completed his English degree program at FSU and pursued a writing career in New York City. Eventually, his flare for comedy and amusing college lifestyle brought him in front of the microphone. He started stand up comedy at the Boston Comedy club and jovially climbed up the entertainment ladder.

Kreischer is a phenomenal comedian who amused people with stories of his personal experiences. Who would have thought his wild life would have so many advantages. 

As he shares his antics, he captivates the audience and you can hear them repeating some of their favourite jokes with friends. He knew the right words to say and how to say them which quickly increased his fame. Before you could say Jack Robinson, Kreischer became a regular face in most New York comedy events. 

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His comedy style was equal to none. It was fresh, relatable and based on his personal experiences. So, there were lessons and uproarious laughter hidden in them. This was the secret behind his charm and the tool that pushed him up the comedy circuit.

The “Machine” 

As a die-hard party enthusiast, Kreischer was not a teacher’s pet. His reputation didn’t favour him here which caused his Russian professor to call him ‘The Machine.’ 

Apparently, he and his colleagues went on a language trip to Russia which led to several mishapens. He found himself surrounded by Russian mobsters and quickly became friends with them. His lifestyle and partying was a welcome advantage which led to several ridiculous events including a heist against his classmates. The story is full of laughter, the bond of friendship and several dangerous situations. 

The Machine story was his breakthrough story. He shared it in one of his comedy gigs which was recorded and uploaded on YouTube in 2016. The video became a public favourite, quickly gathering several million views. His Social media following increased as well as his visibility. 

His growth as a comedian was tied to this story and he expertly rode the wave of his new found fame. He started with Live stand-up specials across the nation and gradually ventured into Hollywood and TV shows. His famous Live comedy specials include  the Machine, Secret Time and Hey Big Boy. 

Television and Film Ventures

Kreischer did not only rely on his comedy. Way before he achieved comedic fame, he featured in shows like The Late Show with David Letterman. As his fame increased, more TV opportunities were opened to him. For example, his Hurt Bert show in 2004. FX, the managing network, made Kreischer attempt several dangerous challenges which he enthusiastically did. His enthusiasm and infectious energy made him build a large fan base outside the comedy scene. 


His experience at FX encouraged him to explore more TV opportunities and in 2010, he landed a big TV gig. Travel Channel signed him as the Host of the ‘Bert the Explorer’ show. Picking their cue from FX, the show was centered around Kreischers’ adventurous spirit and humor. He made the show so relatable that people loved it eventually leading to several seasons.

2020 came with several depressing activities which shook the world, the pandemic was sucking the joy out of life. So, Kreischer decided to do something about it. He created ‘The Cabin with Bert Kreischer,’ where he and other famous comedians took center stage. The show was supposed to encourage leisure activities and self-reflection but Kreischers’ unique activities turned it to a comedic relief. 

You can catch this show and his comedy specials on Netflix. You could also watch him live on his several podcast platforms. So, tune in to “2 Bears 1 Cave” and “Bertcast” to enjoy the best of Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer Net Worth: Estimated Value

Bert Kreischer has a net worth estimate of approximately $12-15 million. All these are from his many entertainment platforms


Now you know the highlights of Bert Kreischer’s life. As a passionate fun lover and all round goofball, we are sure Kreischer has a lot for the entertainment industry.

As he continues to explore new opportunities and expand his reach, we wish this humorous explorer the best of the entertainment industry!


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