Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven Bartlett Net Worth and Biography

Netizens want to know all about who Steven Barlett is. More importantly, they want to know his worth. In this piece, we have elucidated this.



Steven Bartlett is a British Businessman, a business Investor, an internet personality who is the founder of the leading social agency “Social Chain ”.  He came to the limelight for turning the first business he started at age 18 to a Multi-Million Pounds Company. 

In addition, he also invested in future technologies, won himself numerous awards and also authored two books titled “Happy Sexy Millionaire” & “The Diary of a CEO”

Who is Steven Barlett?

Steven Bartlett, a British Entrepreneur born on the 26th August, 1992  in Botswana is popularly known for Social chain & Dragon’s Den. ( a British reality television business programme)

He’s currently 31 years old. He’s the founder of the Third Web, Flight Fund and Flight Story. 

Steven Bartlett also runs an audio talk show named The Diary of  a CEO. He also got featured in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in the year 2020 and won himself some awards at the Black British Business Awards event in London.

Bartlett’s Early Life, Background &  Career

Born in Botswana to a Nigerian mother and a British father. His mother, who couldn’t read nor write, left school at a young age of seven; while his father was a structural engineer was considered very smart.

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Being the youngest of the family of four, moved to  another city in Plymouth, England at a very young age, where he was able to  attend one of the secondary  schools in Plymouth, only to be expelled in form six. 

Steven was an insecure boy who struggled in school, claiming that his mind was focused elsewhere.  Steven Bartlett  at the age of 22, went to further study business management at the Manchester University where he dropped out of a lecture, claiming he looked around the lecture room and found out that majority of the students are also struggling to keep up, when he muttered to himself “this isn’t going to take me to where I need to be.”

Entrepreneurship Journey 

At the age of 18,  Steven Bartlett decided to start a business while juggling school where he runs a school educational excursion, takes some fraction of the money for himself and gives the remaining  back to the school. This business gave him a foresight to go deeper into the entrepreneurship journey. 

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Founding Social Chain 

After dropping out of the university, Steven Bartlett’s first registered business, a leading social agency called “ The Social Chain” now  worth $600M.

Years later, he created a series which he titled “the diary of a CEO”.

And till date, Steven Bartlett is known as an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, investor and the youngest of the famous TV show “Dragon Den.”

Steven Bartlett’s Personal Life

Steven loves to keep his life private but having mentioned a girlfriend in most of his podcasts,  has confirmed it that he has a girlfriend named Melanie Vaz Lopez, a 31 years old nutritionist 

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and a lifestyle influencer whose area of specialisation is breathwork and bodywork.

Melanie is also a successful business owner who runs a well being company – Bali Breathwork : a studio that provides space  with the aim of lifting people’s mood leading them to a happier and healthier life. 

It was reported that the duo met on social media in 2016 and splitted in 2017 before they eventually got back together from 2022 till date.

Steven revealed that Melanie has inspired him greatly by trying the method of keeping calm and getting more focused especially during his busy work life, during his interview with writer Jay Shetty. 

Steven Bartlett’s Weight and Height 

Steven Bartlett is believed to be standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches while weighing 83 kg. His chiselled forceps and broad shoulders is a testimony of his unrelenting dedication with a mix of strength training in the gym and boardroom. 

Steven Bartlett Net worth 

Being the youngest dragon at age 29, he has an estimated net worth of £68 million.

His social media agency “ Social Chain” is worth £600 million which is reportedly sold to his business rival at the rate of £7.7 million.

His other businesses like Media Chain have accumulated £300 million, Third web valued at £160 million, Dragon’s Den salary worth £10,000, Diary of. CEO earning worth £875,000 while that of other businesses are unknown.

Key Achievements and Milestone (Steven Bartlett Net Worth Based on Accomplishments)

1. Steven Bartlett is an internet personality, British business man  and Podcaster.

2. He currently has 3 million followers on Instagram.

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3. Steven Bartlett  has authored two amazing books.

4. His agency, Social Chain won the Drum Buzz Award as the best influencer marketing campaign.

5. He’s regularly featured in popular media agencies as an advisor or commentator.

6. His popular podcast “Diary of a CEO” also got him “the best interview podcast” award.

7. He’s the youngest person to join the dragon den hit show.

8. Won the entrepreneur rising star at the black British business awards.

Challenges and Lessons learnt

The young CEO of the popular podcast shared his daily challenges before and during his success.

1.   He urged people to embrace failure as the journey to success is always filled with countless setbacks and obstacles but rather a stepping stone to greatness. 

2.   He also reminds us that having real success requires a lot of persistence, patience, consistency and determination as these serve  as the fuel that will lead to having a clear vision of what is to be achieved.

3.  He laid more emphasis on self reflection, which is very vital in personal and professional growth. As it helps to gain clarity, aspirations and be more intentional in working towards that goal. 

Steven Bartlett’s Current Project

Thirdweb, a technology platform for Blockchain project co-founded by Steven Bartlett has raised over £20 million. 

This project allows users to manage tech projects, even without any Blockchain knowledge.  Steven Bartlett and Furqan Rdyhan the CTO of Bebo and AppLovin have closed a funding worth £3.8 million.  

Steven Bartlett’s Social Media handles

Instagram: Steven Bartlett @Steven 

Twitter: Steven Bartlett @Steven Bartlett 


If you are interested in learning more about Steven Bartlett’s journey to becoming a success, then check out his podcasts through the Diary of a CEO on his YouTube channel,  where he do explain the hurdles he has faced and how he overcame them, how he was interviewed by major media agencies and individuals across the globe. 


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