Vincent Peter Jones is a former professional footballer, also a British Actor and Presenter who has earned the name “Axe man” because of his aggressive style of playing football and his regular role of being either a violent criminal or thug in movies.


As a professional footballer, Vinnie played as a defensive midfielder in his playing days, and he had also captained many teams on several occasions.

As a member of the “Crazy gang”, he was widely known for winning the 2988 FA Cup Final with the “London Side Club”. In the Premier League, Jones played 184 games and scored 13 goals.

Early Life and Background

Vincent Jones was born on the 5th of January 1965 in Watford, Hertfordshire to Peter and Glenda Jones. His father, Peter Jones, was a gamekeeper. During Vinnie’s school days at Bedmond and Abbots Langley, he captained his school’s football team many times, which shows how dedicated he was to being a success.

Football Career

At an early age, Vinnie developed interest in football and was trained at the Children’s Sport School, where his coaches believed that his height was not suitable. Thus, he has no prospects as a short player.

During his days In Amateur Football, Vinnie and his team attracted the attention of professional coaches through their persistent victories at the Amateur level and also, in the Lower Leagues of the country. With this, Vinnie took part in the International Football Tournament as a member of the National Team of Wales.

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Because of his excessive aggressiveness, he was a perfect example of not how to behave and was removed from the field on several occasions. His aggressive nature earned him a nickname, “The Axe”. During a particular game, he was found grabbing Paul Gascoigne, his opponent, by his testicles. At 34 years old, Vinnie retired from football and started a career in the film industry.

Acting Career 

After his retirement from the football field, Vinnie has a strong desire to remain relevant. In the late 90s, his first work in filmography was the legendary crime comedy film, “Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels”. Followed by “Snatch”, a blockbuster film.

Film Critics began to appreciate Vinnie’s acting talent, and this earned him several International awards. Vinnie mainly acted in Crime Comedy films and sport drama movies, where he will play the role of a “tough American guy”.

Also, The Russian audience fell in love with him in 2013, where he took part in an Origin Television Project. Vinnie also worked in the Newspaper Industry and was in charge of the sport column.

Relationship Life 

He met Milene Ellison during his work at Wimbledon. The relationship brings out a male child, Aaron. Despite the relationship was short-lived and Aaron remained with his mum but had a close relationship with his father.

Vinnie decided to settle down with Tanya Terry, ex-wife to Football player, Steve Terry. The marriage produced no children, but together, they raised Tanya’s daughter, Kaley, from her first marriage.

At some point, Tanya underwent a heart transplant surgery. Later on, records had it that Vinnie and his wife were battling with Skin Cancer.

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Vincent suspected that he had cancer because he failed to use protection from UV rays during his time as a footballer. The couples overcame skin Cancer.

Through the help of the media, it was discovered that Vincent had an affair with a Russian Singer, Lama Sofonova. The relationship was also short-lived as the girl had no interest in ruining some other persons’ family.

Legal Issues 

On several Occasions,Vinnie was caught drink driving and living a loud and reckless life. He was charged once for attacking his neighbor. He paid a fine and worked tirelessly for Community service for 80 hours.


Vinnie Jones has a net Worth of over $10 million.

Weight and Height 

Vinnie’s height is 6 feet 1 inch(1.85m) while he weighs 75kg.

Notable Achievement 

1. He was nicknamed “The Axe”

2. He won FA Cup in 1988 as a member of the Wimbledon Team

3. He was sold to Chelsea in 1991 for a few of £575,000

4. He won the Premier League in 1985 as a member of Wealstone.

5. Winner, Best Supporting Actor, 2008 and 2009

6. Winner, Stunt Performing Actor, 2020

Social Media Handles

Instagram: @thevinniejones

X (Formerly Twitter): @VinnieJones65


Having started his football Career at an early age, he gained prominence because of his dedication to being a success. In the film industry, he was also awarded several awards for his special acting skills, which makes him one of the people to look up to out there for inspiration that helps bring out the best in you 


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