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Jelly Roll Net Worth and Biography 

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Jelly roll is popularly known as Jason Bradley Deford, but professionally called Jelly Roll, he is an American singer, rapper, and a song composer from Antioch, Tennessee. He was a popular singer who was able to access his fan base; he was born on December 4th 1984.

Early Life of Jelly Roll

Jelly was raised by a single mom, his father was never part of his upbringing. But all thanks to his mom who single handedly raised him. His father left them while he was age 3 and so formally he did not get to experience what fatherhood looked like.

Due to the challenges he faced from family,  including his mom’s emotional trauma  fighting with addictions which led him to writing songs to his beloved mom who raised him. His conditions made him ready for what life will bring to him considering his background and how he had been surviving. He lived a life of abject poverty together with his mom, but fought his way to the top with the required determination and grit needed to be a success 

Jelly Rise to Stardom

He had his own struggling days as a child, experiences which made him a center of mockery. Therefore, in his twenties, he became addicted to drugs. He literally had to sell hard drugs, and he also sold out a few of his belongings so he could survive.

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Although, a few years later he started gaining popularity and influence with his brand. He was believed to have released several songs and tape songs during this period where he suffered from addiction. One of his songs titled  “Save me”, was a hit. one will literally admit that jelly did his possible best in ensuring that he has a perfect career.

Jelly Roll ensured that he collaborated with other artists in the industry, this collaboration  helped him to expand his fan base and showcase his talents. As he was also able to explore more about his country which he used in some of his songs. Also, he always portrayed his personal development and growth in his music revealing his personal evolution.

The Jelly Roll Era

Jelly Roll ensured that his reputation as one of the best in the  industry was not just about his success story but the effort put into making sure his songs are genuine. 

Many who listened to his music tend to appreciate his sincerity and his vulnerability, without being affected by what he went through in life. He has been marked for his musical success, the journey inspired many through his songs throughout his career he was able to make emphasis on the importance of growth and redemption.

In addition, his lyrics have gotten the praise he deserves for the fact that he was able to shed more light on his personal struggles and addiction which affected his mental health, but serves as an inspiration to those who might be in the same condition as he was growing up.

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Personal   Struggles

 Jelly Roll’s  experiences during his childhood was nothing to write home about, as he lived in abject poverty and suffered from addiction which left him traumatized to the extent he had to take a break from his career. 

Recently, in one of his interviews, Roll made mention of how he used to have a lot of negative talk, which later fueled his addiction to drugs and depression. Although, he later got things right in the long run.

He was able to help others even though he had his own personal issue, one of which was being arrested multiple times before he was later sent to a reformative school meant for boys.

Jelly Roll Net Worth

He is worth £2  million as of the year 2024.

Physical   Appearance

He is 5 feets 11 inches (180cm) in height while his weight is 180 pounds (82kg)

Social   media   Handle   and  website


Instagram: @jellyroll615

X: Jelly roll

YouTube: jelly roll

Facebook: jelly roll

Facts   about   jelly roll

1. Born on December 4th 1984, and raised by his single mom. 

2. He was known for his high energy when it comes to music, he did his possible Best. 

3. He is a philanthropist, he ensures he donates more to schools and to his hometown. 

4. He was unique when it comes to his line of business, he had that uniqueness amidst all.

5. Although he married Bunnie Xo in 2014, he did more collaboration with her as an artist.

6. His marriage did not last as expected, they had to go on their separate ways.

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7. He has no kids

8. The music Save Me was his first hit in year 2016

9. He was also a food lover, a big foodie who wouldn’t mind trying new recipe

10. Jelly also had few tattoos on his body which had different perception

11. He gained more influence due to the kind of personality he had met and mingled with while he was much younger.

12. Despite facing challenges he still loves his hometown


Like every other industrious person Jelly is somebody to be reckoned with, despite his background factor where he has to grow up with only his mom, he was still able to overcome anxiety and addiction without allowing the situation to take control of him. When you listen to his kind of music, you will understand better what it means to move from grass to grace.


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