Best Italian Restaurants in London

7 Best Italian Restaurants in London

Studies have shown that most people find it hard to resist the first meal of any Italian dish, and this has left many wondering how true this may be or if it is all fairy tales that Italian meals are highly irresistible.


Well, Italian dishes get quite a good number of orders in most big cities in Europe, and the highest number can be seen in Paris. The meals are made of quality ingredients and are simple, with potential health benefits and tastes.

London, a city that attracts tourists worldwide, is no exception to Italian food cravings. As the meals are highly rated, many chefs open restaurants that focus mostly on Italian dishes. London is big, leaving one needing clarification about which restaurants are best for Italian meals.

You know, it’s not about getting an Italian restaurant; what is essential is getting one that can offer a lot of value by providing you with the best meals and drinks.

In this article, we’ll look at just seven (7) Italian restaurants you should check out to get the best meal prepared with that secret recipe.

I know you may be hungry during this search, and I would want to save you time. Below are the seven (7) best Italian restaurants in London, and those on our list are epic.

Best Italian restaurants in London

  1. Flour & Grape, Bermondsey
  2. Bardo, St James
  3. Luca, Clerkenwell
  4. Fiume, Battersea Power Station
  5. Il Pampero at The Hari, Belgravia
  6. Lina Stores, Soho
  7. Padella, Borough Market and Shoreditch

7 Best Italian restaurants in London

Here is a list of our hand-picked seven (7) best Italian restaurants you should check out.

1. Flour & Grape, Bermondsey

This amazing restaurant offers a mouthwatering menu that will keep you wondering how great it will taste, especially when you’re new for the first time or trying any Italian dish for the first time.

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On their menu section on their website, the least small plate dish you can get is the Nocellara olives for £3.5, while the highest on this set is the Salumi board made of unique recipes such as prosciutto di parma and lovison salami for £9.5.

You can go through their website to check their food and wine menu and make reservations. The restaurant has amazing views, which makes it the perfect place for a date.

Address: Flour & Grape, 214 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3TQ

2. Bardo, St James

This is one of the best Italian restaurants you can find in London. It incorporates both the UK and Paris together to give you a fantastic menu that depicts the feeling of elegance and luxury.

Before visiting this Italian restaurant, it’s good to know that it boasts of being one of the classic spots to get unique Italian cuisines, such as desserts, pre-theatre, and an ALa Carte menu.

The price for this restaurant changes; they don’t have a static price. But be prepared to pay better for your meals. Do they make reservations? Sure, they do, and it’s advisable to make reservations before going there to have the best time.

You can try Cotoletta alla Milanese, aka breaded veal cutlet with roasted tomatoes—it’s pretty amazing.

The dining hall is dark and sultry, making it a perfect place to hang out with loved ones. And if you’re cool, sitting here alone for a live music performance will keep you entertained.

Address: 4 Suffolk Place, London SW1Y 4HX

3. Luca, Clerkenwell

This is one of the best Italian restaurants in London. The restaurant combines vintage, warm, and brick-lined, making it a bit colourful and setting the background for a perfect relaxation area.

The owner of this store, Isaac McHale, a professional in the cooking business, has been on the move to improve the restaurants and focus on mouthwatering Italian dishes.

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The restaurant also serves high-quality ingredients from various British and Italian dishes. You can check out the Hebridean lamb and turbot from Cornwall and the scallops from Orkney.

Moreso, it’s essential to know that these dishes follow the proper Italian cooking traditions. You can also book a table by placing reservations before the time in case you visit with someone
or your partner.

Their meals can be gotten for as little as £6, but do check their website to see their menu. Have you tried mezzi paccheri with pork sausage ragù? This dish is one of the most sought-after meal here.

Address: 88 St John Street, London, EC1M 4EH

4. Fiume, Battersea Power Station

This is one of the best Italian restaurants in London, as it offers a vast collection of Italian cushions. Restaurants like this can be hard to find, except through proper research.

Since Francesco Mazzei opened the restaurant, it has grown as the restaurants try to combine London and Italian dishes to nourish their customers. Aside from that, the restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere that can be a perfect spot for lovers.

Have you tried Scottish crab, Amalfi lemon tagliolini, and tiramisu? It’s one of the dishes prepared by this restaurant. They also offer pizza, which you can get for as little as £10, while a critical Aperol Spritz is £9, and a bottle of Lombardy White is £27.

As I said, there is more to their collections than this—you can check through their website to see what meal you would love to have or, better yet, make some reservations so you don’t get stranded when the place fills up.

Address: Fiume, Battersea Power Station, Circus West Village, London SW8 5BN

Il Pampero at The Hari, Belgravia

When looking for the best restaurants to get Italian dishes in London, especially in Belgravia, you should check out I1 Pampero.

The restaurant has a secret recipe that distinguishes it from others. Their mouthwatering meals
are mouthwatering, and what makes them more attractive is that they combine English and Italian cushions.

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One of the best Italian foods to order is lobster linguini with tomatoes, stracciatella, and a tarallo crumble. It’s amazing!

A few more recommendations: You can also try plates of homemade pasta, from classic pici cacio e pepe to rabbit or lamb ragù, ravioli and cavatelli, or grilled meats, fish, and vegetable medley. The more I keep listing, the longer we stay.

Their collections are vast, but it would be great to check their website to find out which Italian dish is ready so you can place orders or
reservations, whichever is best for you.

Address: The Hari, 20 Chesham Pl, London SW1X 8HQ, United Kingdom

6. Lina Stores, Soho

Lina Stores is one of London’s most beautiful Italian restaurants, especially in Soho. Please note that this is not a boutique but an Italian hot restaurant with more collections ranging from English to Italian juicy and watering meals.

One Italian meal here is pici with Umbrian sausage and porcini mushrooms. It is breathtaking and something you will love. There are other menus you would like on their website, including their wine menu.

Check to see what you love and make some orders or reservations depending on your

Address: Lina Stores, 51 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EH

7. Padella, Borough Market and Shoreditch

Have you ever tried cacio e pepe? It’s a unique Italian dish; you should try it if you hear it for the first time.

It’s a relatively inexpensive place to rally about, making it easier for people to patronise and try Italian meals for the first time. It is as low as £10, and you can make some selections. Check their
website for many more amazing offers, and make your reservations when you
get one.

Address: Padella, 6 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TQ

Final Thoughts

Our selections make it easy for you to choose an Italian restaurant in London without going through the hustle of researching, asking friends, or guessing.

Italian dishes are widely sorted in London, making it complex to know which restaurants offer the best. This article mainly provides pure Italian dishes, and they are good at what they do, so give it a try, check it out, and invite some friends.


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