Best Places for Dessert in London

The 7 Best Places for Dessert in London

Londoners have a sweet tooth and they are proud of this trait. From charming bakeries to the delightful roadside stalls and quaint dessert shops, several fares are offered to excited dessert lovers. 


Regardless of your taste, whether spicy or sweet, traditional or exotic, London streets accommodate all your preferences and imagination. 

Although some rates are high-end, there are still excellent dessert locations that are considered a steal. 

In today’s post, we will identify the 7 best places for Dessert in London. Read on! 

Best London Sites for Dessert

  1. Fatt Punditt
  2. Hans & Gretel Dessert Shop
  3. Chin Chin Ice Cream Parlour
  4. Cakes & Bubbles
  5. Humble Crumble
  6. The Colony Grill Room
  7. Richoux

The 7 Best Places for Dessert in London

1. Fatt Punditt

Fatt Punditt is Co-owned by Huzefa and Hamza Sajawal, the restaurant offers three desserts which makes diners return for an extra helping. Its bestselling dessert: the Snowflake Gelato brownie is a show stopper. 

The streets of London may be lined with several delicacies but this brownie could give them a run for their money. 

Vegans quickly opt for the Vegan Sizzling Brownie and enjoy the taste of heaven. If you find yourself walking through the streets of Soho or Covent Garden, stop by this trendy restaurant and try out this brownie. 

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Restaurant Site: 

Soho: Berwick Street, Soho

Covent Garden: Maiden Lane, Covent Garden

Food: Hakka meals, Brownies and Drinks

Special order: vegan and allergy-tolerant

Style: Family-oriented

Average Dessert cost: £11

2. Hans & Gretel Dessert Shop

Step into the magical realm of cotton candy and gelatos. Recreate your favourite childhood experience with the sweetened treats from Hans & Gretel.

From Bubbly waffles that remind you of clouds to Chimney cakes that tell a tale of possibilities. Hans & Gretel invite you into their fairytale world of sweets and treats. 

Desserts from different countries await you at Hans & Gretel. European sweets from Belgium, Italy and even Germany line the shelves along with creamy doughnuts, colourful sweets and a wide variety of toppings. 

So, visit Hans & Gretel and unlock your inner child, you might be lucky to meet a dessert creation class. 

Store Locations: Camden Market, Hamleys and Southampton. 

Special order: Vegan tolerant

Style: Family-friendly 

Average cost: £10

3. Chin Chin Ice cream

The 7 best places for dessert list cannot be complete without an ice cream parlour. Unsurprisingly, Chin Chin Ice Cream made the list with its unique creations that keep attracting curious dessert lovers. 

At Chin Chin Ice Cream Parlour be ready to be blown away by colourful flavours and peculiar combinations. favourite ice cream and sandwich selection include the Marshmallow Waffle Sundae, Peanut cookie sandwich, and vegan Griddled cookie dough. 

Ranked high in flavour selection are cinnamon bun, Mozzarella cherry, Hazelnuts, Coffee and many others. 

There is no ice cream without toppings? So, explore the topping options available as your eyes feast on the cakes and treats on display.

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Vegans and tea lovers are also welcome to the store.

Store Location: Greek Street, Soho, London

Style: Family-oriented

Average cost: £10

4. Cakes and Bubbles

Tucked in the interior of Hotel Cafe Royal, Cakes and Bubbles lives up to its brand name. Walk into this spacious and sleek store and be transported into a world of ease and bliss. 

For a more celebratory event, enjoy the caviar and oyster offerings. The Dessert menu is regularly updated with new additions. So, you could start with the Chocolate fruit tart and work your way up to Raspberry after eight and the special: Vegan Plum Cake. 

If you feel up to it, the store’s classic cheesecake, lemon tart and beverages are also on the menu.

Location: Hotel Cafe Royal

Special order: low sugar and colourant content

Average cost: £30 

5. Humble Crumble

TikTok and Instagram lovers are familiar with this trendy dessert shop, its artfully coloured creations and delicious-looking desserts are a feast for sour eyes. 

Their menu accommodates both vegans and regular diners but, you have to tell the staff about your preference.

Although the staff is welcoming and helpful, rush hour could be very hectic. So, if you happen to walk in during rush hour, patiently wait out the storm. 

Humble Crumble is renowned for sharing its recipes. Therefore, you can visit their website or social media pages and snag one or two tantalizing dessert recipes. 

Shop: Borough Market Kitchens, Winchester.

Average cost: £8

6. The Colony Grill Room

This is a Transatlantic restaurant that recreates New York-inspired meals. It’s open all through the week. The Colony has a wide meal selection. Vegetarians and Children menus are available. 


After enjoying a hearty meal, ask for the Dessert menu and pick the regular French Toast Ice cream or go all out with the Bespoke Sundae. 

Whatever dessert you choose, you will likely not forget in a hurry. So, take your time when choosing.

The dish list changes according to the time of day. So you can quickly pop in for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Shop location: Balderton Street, Mayfair.

Average cost: Desserts go for £15

7. Best Places for Dessert in London: Richoux

Let’s finish this list with a French-themed cafe! Richoux is co-owned by Butler and Spencer- both chefs who are familiar with London’s sweet tooth. 

Although it doubles as a restaurant, Richoux was originally a dessert cafe. You can also try out the Original French Crepe and visit France from your little corner. Don’t stop at one dessert, explore the chocolate pudding and pistachio while you are at it. 

Other traditional and foreign desserts are on the menu. The cafe decor is relaxing and you can enjoy a quiet afternoon. 

Location: International House, Regent Street.

Average Dessert cost: £5


From artisanal cakes, melting chocolate puddings to magical creations, London is a wonderland to dessert enthusiasts, and everyday promises the best experience.

Whether you crave the regular doughnut, ice cream or other artful creations, the London food scenery is ready to bring your cravings to life.

Here, the popular catchphrase is if you can imagine it, we can create it. Therefore, go ahead; satisfy your sweet tooth and invite family and friends to this fare of treats and Desserts.

As a tourist, it is a crime to visit London without trying any of its sinfully delicious desserts. So,what are you waiting for?  Visit a London cafe, bakery or patisserie today! 


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