Best Beer in London England

7 Best Beer in London England 

There are many good brands of beers in the city of London. Some stronger than the others and others more favored by the citizens. These brands suit customers according to their preference, budgets and body strength. 


Beers can also be had with a wide variety of light meals like barbecue, kebab, burgers, salads and many more. They can be taken alone also and serve as a good source of relaxation. Camping and outdoor activities are good times to enjoy beers. 

In this article, we’ll lay emphasis on the 7 best beers in London among the many others. We’re talking the best of the best so that you can be greatly satisfied when you decide to grab one for yourself. 

7 Best Beer in London England 

1. Guinness Draught – Guinness.

2. Camden Pale Ale – Camden Town Brewery.

3. Wingman – BrewDog.

4. London Pride – Fuller’s Brewery.

5. Reliance Pale Ale – Brixton Brewery.

6. Hepcat – The Gipsy Hill Brewing Co.

7. Madrí Excepcional – LA SAGRA.

Best Beer in London England 

1. Guinness Draught

About 200 years ago, the popular beer brand Guinness was formed. Now, after years circulating the market, Guinness has become among the most popular beer brands in London and in the world. 

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Malted Barley, and roasted unmalted barley are two key ingredients which can be used to prepare this beer. Draught Guinness (keg storage and serving) has a sharper and more intoxicating taste. 

Guinness is black and has also been described as deep red and the beer can be enjoyed with roasted or smoked foods like meat and fish. Guinness Draught has an alcohol percentage of about 4.2%. Other brands have higher percentages and the Budweiser brand has an alarming 5% alcohol content. 

Price: £5

2. Camden Pale Ale – Camden Town Brewery.

This beer was first produced about 14 years ago in Camden Town. It was made in the American pale Ale style with a few differences and has become one of London’s most popular beer brands. 

Main ingredients of this beer include caramel and wheat. Other ingredients are added to give it that unique strong and sharp beer taste. Foods that can be taken while drinking this beer include barbecue and burgers. 

Taking these foods with this beer forms a great combination of tastes as the flavorful meat and food is washed down by the strong taste of liquor. Camden Pale Ale has a low alcohol percentage of 4.2% so this beer can be taken numerous times before the effect kicks in. Of course this also depends on how strong the drinker is. 

Price: £20 – £60

3. Best Beer in London England: Wingman – BrewDog.

Wingman beer was produced in 2007 by BrewDog Breweries. This beer made from barley, citrus and gluten has become one of Londoners most favored beer brands. It can be taken with  salads, burgers or barbecue. 

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Wingman has a nice fruity taste while also having the unique burn quality peculiar to all alcohol brands. 

Wingman has a high alcohol percentage and if you feel like getting the beer effect quickly, this is one of the best beers you can use. The alcohol percent is about 6%.

Price: £30

4. London Pride – Fuller’s Brewery.

This beer brand was formed in 1959 and just like Guinness it is one of the oldest in London. You can see this beer being shipped in bottles, kegs and barrels. Fuller’s Brewery is the company in charge of producing this product. 

London Pride has about 4% – 5% alcohol concentration and it has a malty taste. Ingredients used during production include malt and hops, giving the beer a unique golden amber color. Sausages and barbecue can be had with this beer especially in afternoons amongst your friends. 

London Pride can be said to have a high alcohol percentage for lightweight drinkers and the percentage is 4.7%

Price: £15

5. Reliance Pale Ale – Brixton Brewery.

A plate of roasted meat can be taken with the beer for added deliciousness. Brixton Brewery is responsible for the creation of this and it has stayed on the market since as far as 1996. 

This Ale has a low alcohol percentage similar to Draught Guinness. It’s alcohol percent is 4.2%

Price: £24

6. Hepcat – The Gipsy Hill Brewing Co.

This beer was formed recently in 2014 by Gipsy Hill Brewing company. After its release in by he market, Hepcat gained a lot of popularity and is now one of the most popular brands in London. 


You can find it in stores and restaurants in London. Hepcat has a peculiar taste which can be noticed from its main ingredients which include Malted Barley, yeast and hops.

You can drink this beer with salted delicacies. Hepcat beer does not really have a high alcohol percentage but neither does it have a low alcohol percentage also. It’s alcohol percentage is at 4.6%

Price: £40

7. Madrí Excepcional – LA SAGRA

This beer was introduced to restaurants in 2020 and about 2 – 3 years later it entered the top 10 beers in all of London and the United Kingdom. Madri excepcional is made up of Barley Malt, Wheat, Barley, Glucose Syrup, Hops. 

LA SAGRA Brewery is responsible for the Madri Excepcional. Madri excepcional has a medium alcohol percentage at 4.6%. With this level of alcohol percentage, you can enjoy the smooth malty taste of this beer for a period of time before you start feeling the effects. 

Price: £34


When listing the popular drinks in the world, beers would definitely make the top 5. London is a very busy city and you can find a good number of beers here. Anytime you find yourself in this bustling city, ensure you grab a bottle or two of any one of the beer brands on this list that interest you. 

Beers might be enjoyable, however, you should be careful how much you drink so you don’t fall completely under the effect and confuse yourself. It has also been found that drinking beer excessively can cause adverse effects to the health, so you have to be careful. 


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