Best Yorkshire Puddings in London

7 Best Yorkshire Puddings in London

London has several iconic meals. One such meals is the Yorkshire pudding. This meal is a staple in the beloved Sunday Roast. Like Spaghetti is associated with Italy, Yorkshire pudding is proudly a UK favourite.


Due to the love of this delicious meal, it has several adaptations in various countries. Australia, Canada and even South Africa are in this mix. 

 So, in today’s article, we will describe the 7 best Yorkshire pudding restaurants in London

7 Best Yorkshire Puddings in London

  1. The Guinea Grill
  2. The Hawksmoor
  3. Roast Restaurant London
  4. Rules Restaurant
  5. The Quality Chop House
  6. Blacklock
  7. The Queen’s Arms

Best Yorkshire Puddings in London

1. The Guinea Grill

If you want to enjoy the best English steak, then head over to this restaurant. This is one of the oldest English Restaurants that have carried the culinary traditions of London for several decades. Since it opened shop in 1952, the Guinea has developed a knack for all English meals especially those accompanied with meat. 

For an exquisite Yorkshire pudding, visit this dining place before leaving London. The restaurant offers the best steaks, wines and pies. When you look at the Sunday lunch section of  the menu, it lists  three meals containing Yorkshire pudding. 

Each meal features a crispy Yorkshire pudding that is fluffy when broken.

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After a hearty Yorkshire pudding, dive into the dessert section and enjoy the best pies on this side of Britain. You can also book private rooms and enjoy the best of London’s puddings.

Location: 30 Bruton Pl, Mayfair, London

Price: £ 35-£40

2. The Hawksmoor

This is another exceptional Yorkshire pudding source. Like the Guinea, it favours meat. So, you will get premium grilled meat, Yorkshire pudding and excellent seafood meals. 

The restaurant has several locations in London. So, you can locate the closest one to you. Each of them shares the same menu and recipe. So, you wouldn’t miss anything if you go to a different Hawksmoor outlet. 

There is no specific dress code for the restaurant but its patrons are an upscale lot. So, you will enjoy good company while enjoying dinner. The day’s batch of Yorkshire pudding and Sunday Roast will be exhausted around 5pm. So, you might want to get dinner before that time. Furthermore, most restaurant outlets do not support takeout. So, be prepared to dine in

Location: 11 Langley Street

London (Covent Garden)

Price: £30

3. Roast Restaurant

Welcome to the traditional British restaurant with a twist. This restaurant holds several charms including the sumptuous Yorkshire pudding. As per tradition, it goes with the Sunday Roast. So, ask for the menu and enjoy a wholesome meal. 

This restaurant goes all the way for their Sunday Roast recipe. So, they use the finest British products. Their starters down to desserts are made from locally sourced ingredients. Since it is located above the Borough Market, the restaurant has a lovely view. 

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Yorkshire pudding and Sunday Roast are only served on Sundays from noon till 7pm. The restaurant is vegan and vegetarian tolerant. So, ask your waiter to help with your menu. 

Location: The Floral Hall, Stoney St, London

Price: £36 for the main dish 

4. Rules Restaurant

Go back in time when you enter this elegantly decorated  restaurant. As one of the custodians of the English cuisine heritage, Rules serves its guests the ultimate Yorkshire pudding. Their recipe which includes beef and horseradish sauce has graced the dining of several British homes for centuries. 

Since the restaurant is recreating a season that seems to be lost, you are required to be smartly dressed. Don’t worry, the whole Ritz affair won’t be an issue here. So, don’t wear shorts or other casual attires because you will attract the disapproving gaze of several nobles sitting on the walls. These are artists and noble men who have enjoyed one or two meals at this prestigious restaurant

 Location: 35 Maiden Ln, Covent Garden, London

Price: £20 to £25

5. The Quality Chop House

This is one of London’s elite restaurants. Many London residents have this house on their bucket list- and for good reason. 

It boasts a robust menu which changes frequently. So, everyday is a surprise. The restaurant is known for its splendid dishes and your taste buds will confirm this fact. From the starters down to the dessert ( if you are brave enough to tackle all courses) is a feast for the senses. 

When you want to create lasting memories, we recommend this restaurant. The waiters are attentive to your requests and they swiftly respond to them. Whether it’s rush hour or a lazy period, service quality doesn’t drop. 

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Location: 88-94 Farringdon Rd, Farringdon, London 

Price: £58 for the Sunday Roast

6. Blacklock

The beauty of Yorkshire pudding is in its reminder of home. The warmth, love and memories of home are captured in a single bite. This restaurant understands the assignment and creates a Sunday Roast recipe that can only be rivaled by your mother’s.  

The restaurant has several outlets ready to satisfy your meaty desires. So, quickly pop in there on a weekday and await Sunday’s special appearance.   

Sundays are purely dedicated to Sunday Roasts and space is quite competitive. You might have to get a reservation.

Location: 24 Great Windmill Street, Soho.

Price: £25-£27 for the main course

7.  Best Yorkshire Puddings in London: The Queen’s Arms

This is a casual restaurant which offers top-notch English meals. Like many British pubs, its Yorkshire pudding attracts people. So, the atmosphere is lively. You can see friends at a table digging into their roasts while having a good time. 

Families and vegans will be comfortable in this restaurant. However, you have to specify your needs when booking. This will help the staff prepare for your visit. 

For weekly visits,  check the menu list of each of its outlets before making a reservation. 

Location: 30 Queens Gate Mews, Kensington, London

Price: £21 to £50.


Almost every traditional English pub offers Yorkshire pudding dishes but the ones on this list will give them a run for their money. So, hurry and get yourself some good ole Sunday Roast. Be sure to enjoy it with family and friends, that’s where the magic lies. 


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