Best Hot Chocolate in London

7 Best Hot Chocolate in London

Experience a Unique Yummy Yummy Taste: A Look at The Best 7 Hot Chocolate Outlets in London City


They say no place like home! Not in the city of London.

In the ever-buzzing city of London, with a diversity of cultures, and great landmarks, you will need an outlet where you can unwind your stress by satisfying your cravings. These outlets are the best place to be if you have it in mind to explore the City of London

The City gives you the best experience like never before. A city that provides you with all you need to make you feel at home.

Therefore, if you are new to the City of London and you don’t know where to explore to make your stay a memorable one, you should try and visit any Chocolate outlet around you. With them, there are no dull moments, as they have a list of chocolate menus waiting to serve you right to meet your needs.

Did I hear you say Yummy Yummy? Yummy, it is!

Here in this article, we have made a list of chocolate outlets that would serve you right, with their detailed location, price range, and opening hours, making it easier for you to locate one for your Yummy Yummy feeling.

7 Best Chocolate Outlets in London

  1. The Dark Sugar Cocoa House
  2. The Said Dal
  3. The Rococo chocolate
  4. The SAID Cafe &Chocolate Factory
  5. The Melt chocolate
  6. Paul A. Young Chocolate
  7. The Charbonnel et Walker
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Best Hot Chocolate in London

1. The Dark Sugar Cocoa House in London

One of the best places to be for your Yummy Yummy feeling is the Dark Sugar Cocoa House in London, as they serve you right with the right chocolate that lives up to your expectations.

With Dark Sugar, you won’t experience any dull moments. Their signature drink known as The Dark Sugar Originals” provides you with the best feeling that fits your taste and meets your expectations.

Also, their services are top notch which makes them popular among other chocolates outlets in London. If you’re not there yet, you are missing a lot.

Location: Brick Lane, London

Price range: £3-£5

Opening hours: From Mon-Sun (11 AM- 11 PM)

2. The Said dal 1923

One of the popular chocolate Italian cafe outlets in London, which serves its guests with a great taste of Italian chocolate like never before.

The Said dal is a home away from home for the Italians. With a diverse menu of chocolates in store to serve you right, you can’t miss this type of opportunity in London.

Also, they have modern-day facilities that help to give you the best customer satisfaction in the city of London. Be there today and experience the best Yummy Yummy feeling.

Location: Broadwick St, Carnaby, London

Budget: £4-£6 Price range: £4-£6

Opening hours:From Mon-Sun (9 AM-11 PM)

3. The Rococo Chocolates

Do you need a Yummy Yummy feeling? Rococo Chocolate is the best place to be, known for its elegance in serving you right with the best chocolates that fit your bill.

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At Rococo, you get what you want, as they have the technical know-how and staff that has what it takes to give you customer satisfaction.

At an affordable price, you will have access to a great set of chocolate menus that give you the best feeling your heart desires.

Location: Motcomb St, Belgravia, London

Price range: £4-£7

Opening hours: From Mon-Sun (10 AM- 5 PM)

4. The SAID Cafe &Chocolate Factory

Are you on a journey to explore the best chocolate menu in London? SAID Cafe &Chocolate Factory is waiting for you, as they have every facility needed to serve you right.

With SAID, there are no boring moments, they serve you through a Yummy Yummy experience like never before.

Therefore, what are you still waiting for, visit them today to explore their great list of chocolate menus With technical know-how staff that knows what it takes to serve you right, you will not be disappointed.

Location: Branch Place, London

Price range: £4-£6

Opening hours: From Mon-Sun (10 AM – 10 PM)

5. The Melt Chocolates

Experience greatness with melted chocolate, as they serve you the best chocolate like never before.

They are the best in what they do, situated in the ever-buzzing Ledbury side in London, which gives you a better opportunity for sightseeing around the city of London. With great services that fit your bill, you should expect the best services from the best in the game in London.

It’s never too late to experience greatness, deal with Melted chocolates today and experience the greatness that comes with dealing with the best.

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Location: Ledbury Rd, London

Price range: £4-£6

Opening hours;From Mon-Sun (10 AM-6 PM)

6. Paul A. Young Chocolates

In the heart of Soho lies great chocolate outlets that give you the best service for your money.

With a diverse list of chocolate menus to serve you right, it makes your stay in London a perfect one. With signatory chocolate known as Single Origin Hot Chocolate,you will get the best Yummy Yummy feeling like never before.

Also, With modern-day facilities to serve you right, Paul A Young Chocolate outlet is the best place to be for a unique yummy experience. You can’t miss this opportunity.

Location: Wardour St, Soho, London

Price range:£4-£7

Opening hours:From Mon-Sat (11 AM-7 PM)

7. The Charbonnel et Walker

One of the best in the game, with a great list of menus that give you the best feeling all day.

With Charbonnel et Walker, you get the best services that serve you right in the heart of Mayfair stands Charbonnel et Walker, with modern-day facilities that make it easier for you to experience luxury.

You are missing a lot if you are not there yet. However, it is never too late to experience greatness. Visit them today to experience the best of services.

Location: The Royal Arcade, 28 Bond St, Mayfair, London

Budget: £5-£8

Opening hours: From Mon-Sat (10 AM-7 PM)


London serves you best with diverse outlets to get your Yummy Yummy chocolate, whether you are new to the city or not, you have no excuse not to be served right with the great list of chocolate outlets in London.

How do you want it? In what form do you need it? Worry less, London City covers a great deal of your worry. All you just have to do is locate any of the chocolate centers on the list to experience the Yummy Yummy feeling that serves you right.


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