What is a Spring Factory Hawk Tuah

What is a Spring Factory Hawk Tuah? Rumour Explained

The “Hawk Tuah girl”, Hailey Welsh in an interview explained that she works at a bed spring factory in her hometown of Belfast, Tennessee.

In an interview on the 1st of July on Plan Bri Uncut Podcast, Haily Welsh famously known as “The Hawk Tuah Girl” dispelled an ongoing rumour that she was fired from her teaching job.

She elucidated that she’s really young to be a teacher as she’s just 21 years old. She added that she dropped out of school last year.

She explained that to begin with, she has never been a teacher. She said she works at a bed spring factory.

She also puts to rest the rumour that her dad is a preacher.

Watch Video Below:

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