Moviesjoy Plus full review

Moviesjoy Plus full review: Legit or illegal?

We have had numerous searches wanting to know if the free online streaming movie site, Moviejoy Plus is legit or illegal.


In this piece I’ll elucidate what this platform is about and if it is legal or illegal.

What is Movies Joy Plus?

Movie Joy is an entertainment “free” online streaming platform that allows users to watch all kinds of movies both newly released movies and old movies.

Movies Joy has been existing for a while now and it has caught the attention of our researchers who took their time to understand what the movie site is about and explicate meticulously if it is safe for online users to use or not.

According to their synopsis, they offer quality movie streaming for free. By free, they mean there is no need for subscriptions. On the site, the first thing you see is the search bar to help users search for any movie they want to watch.

Regardless, we have reservations about this movie site that promises “free” downloading and streaming on their platform.

Moviesjoy Plus full review: Is Movie Joy Plus Legal or Illegal?

From all indications, the movie site is illegal. They upload movies from a private server and display them for “movie-hungry users” to watch.

In all its ramifications, this is not legal. They basically pirate movies but in today’s modern day and time, Gen Zs will refer to it as providing good service.

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Well; whatever way you want to take a look at it, what is illegal is illegal.

Moviesjoy Plus full review: Implications for using Moviesjoy Plus

There are numerous implications of using this site. One of the predominant implications is; that they display inappropriate ads. Since the movie site is free, they reserve the right to display any kind of ad to the user, not minding if the site gives you psychological trauma or not.

They display all kinds of ads, ranging from mature-related ads to illegal substance ads.

Another Implication is that your device is at the risk of malware infestation. They particularly use a predominant type of ad-serving method called the “pop-under” meaning that the site redirects you to other sites also, some of these ads download files to your device automatically with or without your permission.

In as much as they don’t ask for card details, they can use your IP to get sensitive information from your device.

Final Thoughts

As an online user seeking free stuff, always remember; that whatever is free is not free. Sometimes, you pay higher when it’s free than the regular price. Payment might not be in cash, but in other ways, you’d wish you had never engaged with a “free” product.

Be safe out there and understand that free is never free.


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