Best London Travel Guides

7 Best London Travel Guides

Touring a new city like London without a tour guide can be tedious especially if you don’t know the tourist spots or have insider info on certain locations. Unnecessary hassles and inconveniences are avoided when you employ the help of a travel guide. 


From detailed travel guide books to in-person travel services, the traveling guide scenery is filled with credible and affordable travel guide services. Each of them is committed to your fun-filled London vacation. 

While you may identify the popular tourist hotspots of London, the city holds hidden gems- only locals are aware of. As you progress with your preferred tour guide, you may likely enjoy an immersive London experience- separate from the regular tourist routine.

So, follow us as we explore the 7 best London Travel Guides and how you can maximize the London experience. 

In no particular order, these are the 7 best London Travel Guides

7 Best London Travel Guides

  1. Rick Steves Europe travel guide
  2. Fodor’s travel guide
  3. Insight Guides
  4. Around Tours
  5. WithLocals
  6. The Savvy Backpacker 
  7. Lonely Planet

Best London Travel Guides

1. Rick Steves Europe Travel Guide

Rick Steves Europe is a travel guide owned by Richard John Steves Jr. The company specializes in Europe-based travel – so you are in safe hands.

As a tourist visiting London for the first time, you can get their guidebooks i.e. the London Guidebook or Pocket London for less than $30. 

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Additionally, there are private travel tours with onsite tour guides. The Best of London in 7 days tour is the only London-based tour by Rick Steves Europe. It features a historic journey from the Thames, to a Windsor Castle train trip. Westminster Abbey and other tourist spots are also available. 

Another London-featured tour is the London to Florence 13-day tour…. ideal for family vacations. Guidebooks, Travel tips, tour news and gift cards are available on their website.

Price Range: £2,895 to £2,995 + Air

2. Fodor’s Travel

Fodor’s Travel is a renowned travel resource brand that recommends hotels, tours and other essentials to travel enthusiasts. Fodor’s connects the local travel merchants to you. Hence, your travel experience is smooth, hassle-free and fun-filled. 

The website has a wide range of London-based writers who regularly update information about the city. . Users also give reviews of the hotels and other recommended resources. 

Therefore, before leaving London, visit Fodor’s Travel to get all the juicy details about London hidden from tourists… with no added cost.

Price Range: Guided Tours range from £35 to £100

3. Best London Travel Guides: Insight Guides

Insight Guides is also another travel resource that connects travelers with London travel experts- who are well well-versed in their terrain. Their services include private custom-made tours designed to fit your needs.  

At Insight Guides, you pick your desired location and favorite traveling conditions while your local travel guide creates your adjustable itinerary. Complete the booking process and you are good to go. 

Another perk is the money-back guarantee policy on every complete booking. You could also get their travel guidebooks and explore London at your own pace. 

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Price Range: from £650

4. Around Tours

Around Tours is a local Guide service which allows you to explore London at your pace. On this platform, you get your pre-recorded audio Guide which covers 16 to 22 stops- depending on your chosen tour plan. 

Every tour is walk-based and the time ranges from two to four hours. So, be ready to explore new locations and lose some calories along the way. 

Around Tours gives a free preview on each tour and offers an Around Tours pass which you can get on the website. 

Price range: £10 to £35

5. With Locals

From the East End Gin Tasting tour to the family-friendly London city tour, there are over 30 private tours and activities for you. Each ranging from £40 to over £100. Custom-made tours and personalized offers are also up for grabs.

While other traveling brands assign guides to you, WithLocals allows you to choose your preferred guide. Local hosts range from the historic guru, and photojournalist to the Drinks Geek. 

All you have to do is click on your favorite local guide and select the tours on offer. You can also change your tour guide before completing the booking process.

Price Range: £40 to over £100

6. The Savvy Backpacker

Have you ever felt like the travel guidebooks give you insufficient information? And the travel websites leave you more confused with minimal information on their platforms? Then you shared the same experience with James, the owner of this website. 

If you intend to visit London without spending a fortune on travel costs, the Savvy Backpacker is for you.

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On this website, you have access to essential travel tips on posts like Guide to London on a Budget, The Ultimate Guide to London and the average cost of visiting London.

Fun Tip: Most museums are free but you can use the London Pass to visit multiple expensive attractions and save money.

Price Range: £20 to £55

7. Lonely Planet

The last item on our list of 7 Best London Travel Guides is Lonely Planet. Like many other travel guides on this list, you are familiar with the services of Lonely Planet.

While other travel guidebooks take a guided approach and use pictures for explanation, Lonely Planet is better suited for the adventurer. 

So, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to traveling without human guidance, then Lonely Planet’s Pocket London or Pop-up London are ideal for you. With less than £10, you have all you need.

Alternatively, Lonely Planet partners with private tour guides. So, you can plan private tours with local hosts on the website. You are also intimated on the best time and places to visit. 

Price range: $20 to $100


The 7 Best London Travel Guides are designed to help you enjoy your stay in London. From the guidebooks to the hosted private tours and finally the self-paced audio guide, you have various guide options for your journey. Historic tours, food and market adventures in addition to other classical tourist hotspots are also part of fun London. 

Therefore, do your research, book your tours and explore London to your heart’s content. There are so many sights to see… so quickly pack your bags for an unforgettable experience.


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