Best Ways to Get to London from Southampton Cruise Terminal

7 Best Ways to Get to London from Southampton Cruise Terminal

Getting to London from Southampton is not so difficult. There are many terminals which can be used to get to the busy city from Southampton. The first and second terminal are always ready for use as well as the cruise terminal. 


Southampton to London is usually a 2 hours journey. It could be more depending on traffic conditions. 

However, in this article, we’ll delve more into the best 7 ways to get to London from Southampton without facing any delay.

7 Best ways to get to London from Southampton cruise terminal

1. Train

2. Coach/Bus

3. Private Transfer

4. Rental Car

5. Shuttle Service

6. Shared Ride Services

7. Combination

Best Ways to Get to London from Southampton Cruise Terminal

1. Train

Train transport is one of the most luxurious modes of transportation. It offers a fast ride to your destination while also giving you the chance to relax comfortably. 

The train journey usually takes about an hour and thirty minutes or two hours to complete. During this time you can kick back, relax and enjoy your journey while taking a view of the wonderful landscape as it rushes besides the train. 

With the completion of the journey, you’ll arrive in London Central Station and find yourself in Central London. Grabbing a taxi and heading to your destination in London is very easy from here.


Price: £9.70

2. Coach/Bus

From the cruise terminal at southampton, grab a taxi supplied by the terminal and head to the Coach Station. The coach station offers a lot of express services which will arrive at the London Victoria station directly such as the National Express. 

At the coach station, you can then proceed to board a bus according to the one that fits into your schedule as various buses leave at various intervals in the station. The bus journey usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and when it’s done, you’ll find yourself in London Victoria Coach Station. 

Price: £20

3. Private Transfer

Private Transfer is probably one of the best methods which you can use to transport yourself from Southampton to London. In this method, a date for travel is usually booked beforehand. Some companies offering private Transfer allow for online booking. 

After settling the booking, head to the cruise terminal on the agreed day and locate the transfer service you booked with. They usually display a sign with your name or name of the company. Get into the vehicle they provide and begin your journey. The vehicle might be big or small depending on if you’re travelling individually or in a group. Enjoy various advantages like Wi-Fi and refreshments on the 2 hours 30 minutes journey depending on the company you booked with. 

Upon arrival in London, direct the driver to the location in London you want to go to as they usually offer door to door services.

Price: £73.5

4. Rental Car

The process of taking a rental car to London is very similar to using the private Transfer method except for a few differences. The first step is to book a vehicle to rent either online or at the rental point. The rental point is usually located close to the cruise terminal. After completing the paperwork, select the car you would like to use either a mini van or a smaller car depending on your group. 

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After acquiring the car, you can begin your journey to London. Select the route which suits you best via the navigation device the car would offer and take stops and rest as you please. The journey is usually between an hour or two. 

Upon arrival at London, find a suitable parking spot and park your vehicle based on your preference. Return the vehicle to the rental return point when it’s due and pay attention to the company requirements on fuel and cleanliness. 

Price: £25 

5. Shuttle Service 

The process of using the shuttle service usually begins with booking a spot for travel. On the agreed date, you’ll meet the representatives from the shuttle service at a designated spot at the cruise terminal. After all passengers are accounted for, you’ll be asked to board the shuttle van along with other passengers and after the boarding process is done, the vehicle kicks into motion and begins the journey to London. 

Various amenities like Wi-Fi are usually made available in the van or bus depending on the service you booked with. The journey typically takes 2 hours or so and upon arrival at London, the shuttle bus stops at a major transportation hub where you can easily get transport to your specific target location in London.

Price: £5

6. Shared Ride Services

This is another form of public transportation method. The first step is to book a ride with the company. Then meet your driver at a preselected location around the cruise terminal. The bus might contain other passengers and others might still be picked as the driver continues the journey.

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Make sure you book a ride that heads in the direction that favors you. Along the way, the driver drops off passengers according to the location they offered when they booked for the ride. 

Eventually the driver drops everyone at the location closest to their specific individual location as this is the main aim of this service. 


7. Best Ways to Get to London from Southampton Cruise Terminal: Combination

In this mode of transport, various modes of transportation are combined into one to make for a more cost effective, enjoyable or cost effective and enjoyable journey depending on your preference. 

This mode involves combining transport systems like train and bus, train and shared ride systems, train and rental car and so on. In this method, a train is first used to move to a nearby town and then after arriving at the nearby town, you pick up another mode of transport like a bus, shared ride system or rental car and head over to London. It is usually used by people who would like to have diversity in their journey.

Price: £50 – £70


There are different advantages and disadvantages to these forms of transport. Find the one that suits you best and utilize it for an enjoyable journey. 

You can choose either a singular transport system or you can mix various systems together to make for a more thrilling and interesting journey. 


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