Best Neighbourhoods In London

7 Best Neighbourhoods In London

If you are looking for a cozy, quiet, and comfortable environment to stay in or visit, the London neighbourhood is the place for you. There are a lot of benefits to staying there, like for families that want to groom their children and also for business-oriented people.


The most popular neighbourhoods in London are generally found close to the city center and are usually the ones that offer a great combination of accommodations, eateries, transport links and attractions. It is a challenge to find the right London neighbourhood for your trip to the capital due to the sheer size and scale of the city.

London is indeed one of the world’s largest cities and can sometimes be daunting for visitors.
Most parts of London are well-connected, but as a rule, book a hotel north of the river if you intend to use a tune as the network has a far greater reach. Each neighbourhood in London has its own distinct character.

Some districts are lively and great for shopping or nightlife, others contain plenty of museums or
famous landmarks. Some even suit those keen to retreat from now and again.
When you are done reading this article, you will know the most popular neighbourhood in London. you decide on where to stay in the UK capital.

7 Best Neighbourhoods in London

  1. Green wich
  2. Notting hill
  3. Covent garden
  4. Hampstead
  5. Knight bridge
  6. Kensington
  7. Camen

Best Neighbourhoods in London


Green, which is a maritime London in a nutshell. It is a great place for food, nightlife, and hoppers.

Greenwich lies on the South Bank of the River Thames, until the construction of the DLR and Jubilee Line extension, it was a little too cut off to appeal to many visitors. Now, though, this is a significant plus, as the result of that historic isolation is a village vibe and a strong sense of community.

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The neighborhood is packed with interesting things to do: hop abroad at the cutty sark, the world’s only surviving tea chippers, and visit the natural maritime museum. It is housed in the old naval college designed by Sir Christopher Wren of St Paul’s Cathedral fame, straddle the prime meridian at the royal observatory in Green Wich Park.

Take a stroll through the Greenwich Market, a vibrant arts and crafts space. When you are done, the Greenwich will definitely be the ideal place to dine or catch a gig.


It is the home to London most famous carnival. Notting Hill is one of west London’s most appealing neighborhoods, a fact which hasn’t escaped movie location scouts.

Notting Hill is best for its annual carnival, hosted by the West Indian community over the August bank holiday weekend. It’s probably Europe’s biggest street party and is not to be missed. Year round, it’s fun place to be, during the day, admire elegant mansions painted in pastel tones or haggles over antiques at the popular portabello market.

Visit the museum of brands for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or catch a film at the historic electric cinema, an Edwardian picture built in 1920.


A lively neighborhood which shines after dark.Covent garden is a fantastic place to stay in London, if you are looking for busy and bustling streets, street entertainment, shopping and dinning makes this centrally located district magnet for visitors.
It centers on the Covent garden market, which originally sold fruit and vegetables.

Today the market specializes in arts and crafts, selling everything from original water colors to handmade soap.
Drury Lane theater, lyceum, novella and of course, the royal opera house, are just some historic
performance venues in this west end neighborhood. Many restaurants in the area cater to theater goers.
For a more leisurely meal, book a table after the shows commence or instead, wander over to nearby China Town for an authentic taste of the orient.

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A short London borough with a top-notch view. Hempstead might not be one of the most central of neighborhoods, but it’s definitely worth the schlep. It is the most famous for Hempstead health.

High on the hill overlooking not only Hempstead but the whole of London, this is one view over London you won’t want to pass up. Architecturally, there are several buildings worth seeking out.
Hungarian architect erco gold finger built a modernist home here.

In doing so, he angered neighbor LAN Fleming so much that the novelist named a bond villain after him.
Less controversial is at John’s church in the graveyard, you will find graves of great artists like John
constable and another John Harrison, the father of longitude.


Knights bridge is a high-end residential and retail area located in London’s west end. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods, as property prices are known to be steep, despite this reputation, it remains popular for its pockets of greenery and AFLD Victorian-styled homes.

The neighborhood has a fusion vibe of all things old and new, an attraction that see many tourists visiting its street daily, from familiar retail names to quaint cafés and restaurants.
Knights bridge is conveniently connected to Hyde Park, the area makes for a perfect stop after visiting the Kensington palace.

It is also an ideal stop if you are looking to hide away from the rain or gloomy days, as knight’s bridge is home to famous department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Art lovers might recognize knight’s bridge as the home of Victoria and Albert museum, or a V and A to the locals.

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It was founded in 1852 and is the largest museum housing applied arts and decorative designs in the world. Entrance to the museum is free, just minutes away from the Victoria and Albert museum is the church of the immaculate heart of Mary, fondly known as the Brampton oratory .
The church was built in 1884 and welcomes visitors to their regular mass services.Guest who wish to
enter for a glimpse of the grand architecture are also welcome.


An upscale neighborhood boasting world-class museums. Kensington’ red brick mansion, now
subdivided into luxury apartments, are a reminder that the rich and privileged have long made this their home turf.

Nowhere is the truer than a Kensington palace. Its room are a fascinating visitor attraction, but its private apartments are home to several of the royals, including Prince William. This is also the neighborhood in which you will find some of London’s most important museums, including the science museum. The royal Albert Hall, across from. Hyde Park is another much loved London landmark.


Camden and counter culture go hand in hand despite efforts to gentrify the area. In the Ram ones, the sea pistols, bad the clash headlined at the round house. They made way for successful singers Amy Winehouse and Adele.

There’s no shortage of alternatives merchandise on sale, but Camden market has long been one of London’s top main streams tourists attractions, particularly on a Sunday. It encompasses Camden lock market, which focuses on crafts, and stables market, a former horse hospital trading mostly closes.

Camden is a great neighborhood to stay in London if you are looking for hip galleries, lively bars and eclectic mix of street food.


When you are stressed or want to relocate to London, there are cozy, peaceful and stress-free
neighborhood in London that can help us ease all your problems. London is full of lots of excitement and fun activities.
When you decide to visit London, be sure that you will get all the experience you need


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