Best Vinyl Stores In London 

7 Best Vinyl Stores In London 

Are you a music lover looking for where to buy, sell or trade your vinyls or records? Or do you want to just explore different genres of New and old music?


There are a myriad of vinyl stores scattered around London where you can buy, sell and trade your old and new vinyls, records and music materials. 

Whether you are searching for a rare record, new or second hand vinyls, we have carefully selected a list of the best places where you can get them in London to make your search easy and stress less. Keep reading to find out the 7 best vinyl stores in London.

7 Best Vinyl Stores In London 

1. Out On The Floor Records

2. All Ages Records

3. Phonica Records 

4. Reckless Records

5. Flashback Records

6. Yo Yo Records

7. Sounds of the Universe 

Best Vinyl Stores In London 


Out on the Floor Records is the oldest record store in the whole of Camden. This store is trusted to give you the value for your records and unbeatable deals whether you are buying or selling.

It welcomes and respects all genres of music and gives the best value for your collections. The only rule this store holds concerning negotiation is that no record price can go beyond £6

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This store is very accessible as it is just a few miles from Camden understand station 

Location: 10 Inverness Street, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Sundays

11 am – 6 pm


All Ages Records have been in the business of buying and selling vinyls and other music related materials in Camden since 2003. 

It deals with many forms of music related items from records and VCDs to T-shirts and gig tickets. 

It is an absolutely independent record store specialized in punk, hard core, SKA and everything related . 

With this area of specialization,the vinyl store attracts specific types of customers.

It is a few minutes walk from Camden Tube station, making it easy to access.

Location: Pratt Street, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Sundays

11:30 am– 6:30 pm


Phonica Record is a leading independent vinyl store in Soho.

It was founded in 2003 by Rigg Simon, Relleen Tom and Vanden Hamstel for the purpose of creating a place where dance music without restrictions to culture and genre can be accessed.

Its ability to evolve and accept change while maintaining its original vision has remarkably contributed to its continuous existence and impact.

Phonica stocks the most recent vinyl, books and CD releases of different music genres.

This record store also has a listening station where you can listen to the record you intend to buy before making payment.

It hosts various music related events like albums, album lunch and dj Sets.

Location: Poland Street, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Wednesdays

11 am – 7 pm

Thursdays – Fridays

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11 am–7:30 pm


11 am–7 pm


12–6 pm

4.  Best Vinyl Stores In London: RECKLESS RECORDS

Reckless Records is specialized in second hand vinyls of different genres. 

It has been in existence since 1984, being the first record store in Berwick Street. It has been in the business of buying, selling and trading large collections records, vinyls and Lps

This record store also gives its users the opportunity to buy records from their favorite artists.

Reckless Records is not limited to its physical store in Soho, it also offers online sales of second hand vinyls and records from rock to jazz to other music genres.

It also offers rare vinyls and CDs.

Location: Berwick, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Sundays

10 am–7 pm


Flash back records are specialized in the business of new vinyls and quality second hand CDs, records and DVDs. It is owned by Mark Burgess.

It collects rare records and new releases. It also hosts numerous live shows. It also offers new modern customized vinyls. 

On a record purchase, I came across an interesting punk record by Chas Hines which has been recorded over 40 years and found the track impressive. He eventually released the record on flashback Records. 

It has also released a number of other records and materials over its existing years.

Location: Essex Road, London.

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Fridays

10 am – 7pm


This record store specializes in American original music, vintage funk, disco, afro and a variety of genres. It focuses more on dance and reggae music, 7” and 12” singles.

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It offers international delivery services to over 30 countries of the world.

You can also pre order items like gift cards, Yo Yo Records t-shirts and the likes.

Yo Yo Records was originally part of Cosmos Record. In 2020, it was separated and established independently.

Location: Hackney Road, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Fridays

12–7 pm


12–6 pm


11 am–5 pm


Sounds of the universe offers the sales of music books, clothing and other music related materials. It hosts a variety of music events.

It was established in 1991 by soul Jazz records and has released songs from multiple established and upcoming artists.

It also has a website where you can shop your music items, records and vinyls online and have them shipped to you in any part of the world.

It is specialized in underground music genres like jazz, soul, funk and other related genres.

Location:Broadwick street, London. 

Opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday

11 am– 7:30 pm


11 am– 8pm

Friday – Saturday

11am – 7:30 pm


11am – 6:30pm


Most of these vinyl stores have multiple locations in and out of London. If you are planning to do an in-store purchase, you may want to locate the store closest you for a stress free shopping experience.


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