Best Souvenir Shops in London

7 Best Souvenir Shops in London

What is a trip without a keepsake? Souvenirs for family, friends and yourself are a timeless reminder of happy moments and wonderful adventures. 


London souvenir shops capture the historic and cultural appeal of London. So, a visit to these places are also an immersive experience.

Beyond the attractions of London, my favorite London experiences are connected to souvenir shops. These are the places that display the authentic English charm and character. 

7 Best Souvenir shops in London

  1. The British Museum Shop
  2. Fortnum & Mason
  3. The London Transport Museum Shop
  4. Liberty London
  5. Hamleys
  6. Stanfords
  7. The National Gallery Shop

Best Souvenir shops in London

 1. The British Museum Shop

This English shop is a haven for your London souvenir bucket list. Unique and quality items line the shop and there is always a story behind them. Since the shop is located in the museum, you will see a lot of familiar objects. Mini history books, puzzles, and even artifacts are some of the easy souvenirs you can lay your hands on.

In the artifacts section, you will see copies of famous pieces that you saw in the museum. The literary section walks you down history lane while the jewelry section has splendid items that you could incorporate into your personal style or gift friends.

Locally made homeware and clothings are also at the museum. If you have a little one back home, quickly pop into the toys section when you visit the store. Shopping online is also available. 

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Location: Great Russell Street

Highlights: Artifacts, replicas, history toys, unique keepsakes.

2. Fortnum & Mason

The wonders of London are beyond its parks, palaces, rivers or even museums. They lie in the regular locations that you might ignore as a tourist. One of these locations is Fortnum & Mason. While the best London hotels give you a worthwhile afternoon tea experience, this remarkable establishment can rival theirs.

The store is more than a souvenir location, it is an experience! Although you came for the souvenirs, explore the food, hamper and tea halls, you will be glad you did. You could use the hampers for a picnic while the tea halls invite you to take the afternoon tea tradition back home.

You can get beautiful home items, fashion accessories and fancy stuff at the gifts and fashion sections. For decades, the store has been serving English noble houses and its several royal licenses indicate its connection to society’s elite. Hence, every item in this store are of the finest quality and you can pick items the royal family are likely using.

Location: 181 Piccadilly, London

Highlights: Luxury edibles, Authentic English teas, and stylish gifts.

3. The London Transport Museum Shop

From underground tubes to open air buses, you can explore the history of these vehicles when you visit the London transport museum. While this museum has interesting qualities, it hides a gem of remarkable value: the museum shop. 

At the shop, you have free access to the replicas that the museum exhibits. Posters and maps displaying the architectural design of some London hotspots and communities are also in the shop. Engaging history resources and themed clothings are also on display.

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While the familiar souvenir objects are in the shop, you will also find several captivating items. These are the things that will help you add charm and a unique style to your home and office. When you find these items, get several designs because your friends and loved ones will covet yours. 

The cost of visiting London can be overwhelming, so if you don’t have a ticket to the museum, stop by the shop and enjoy a make-shift museum tour. The well-informed staff can answer all your enquiries, so quickly pop your questions and get good conversation starters. 

Location: Covent Garden.

Highlights: Transport-themed merch, one of a kind gift items.

4. Liberty London

This store embodies the British spirit of impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional service. It is known for its enchanting fabrics and fashionable products. Walking down the aisle of this store, you will see products of luxurious brands and other upcoming names. 

It’s artistic appeal and architecture makes it a favorite location for everyone. The building favors the Tudor era, making the store another hidden tourist attraction. If you are lucky, you could catch its enchanting exhibits.

Since the late 1800s, the store has made its mark on London’s history. So, a visit is beyond souvenir shopping, it’s an exploration of another historic gem in London.

Location: Regent Street, London.

Highlights: Unique fashion pieces, luxurious homewares, art events.

5. Hamleys

At this store, your inner child will definitely come out to play. If you want a wonderland experience in London, this shop is your stop. The moment you step into the store, you are transported to the world of laughter, ease and play. The staff members are a delight with their colorful costumes and sounds. Magic tricks and several engaging activities are the order of the day. If you are on vacation with kids, let them have a taste of Disneyland at the store. 


There are many floors each dedicated to a theme. Therefore, if your favorite niece or nephew made a specific request, you know where to go. The ground and third floor holds all the fun, so give yourself a 20 minute play date before shopping for some stuffed animals, Legos, beauty dolls, action figures or several others. 

Location: 188-196 Regent Street,

Highlights: Wonderland of toys, interactive demonstrations.

6. Best Souvenir Shops in London: Stanfords

This is your stop for everything to travel. This shop provides all necessary information about travel. Adventure lovers and geography enthusiasts are the favorite patrons of this shop. 

So, if you want to impress a geography enthusiast back home, pick an atlas or map about their favorite continent or country. Other travel items like journals, compasses, memoirs and others could also do the trick. 

Also, you could plan your next trip at Stanford’s. The knowledgeable staff will help you create a unique map that suits your specific needs.

Location: 7 Mercer Walk, London.

Highlights: Maps, travel-themed gifts.

7. The National Gallery Shop

This souvenir shop is dedicated to art lovers. Transport and travel gadgets are good but nothing beats the beauty of art. You will see copies of your favourite artworks and several other amusing items. You could also ask the staff to recommend the best souvenirs for you, just have a little chat with them so they can know what suits you.

Several contemporary and classic designs are on display. So, this is also a feast for your senses.

Location: Trafalgar Square, London.

Highlights: Art-inspired souvenirs, art collections 


London offers diverse souvenir shopping options, each with its unique charm and character. Whether you’re interested in history, luxury, transportation, or art, there’s a shop in London that will meet your needs. So, do not leave London until you get the keepsakes that “have your name in them!”


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