London’s record shops offer a unique experience that stands out, from independent shops that cater to specific genres to treasure troves and nice stores with rich history.


Music is the medicine that heals the soul. If you are a starter I’m sure this offer is the best for you, a place where you can get all of your stuff without having to stress yourself. 

Therefore, we’ve made a list of the 7 best records shops in London you would consider visiting in London. With all the details needed for you to locate the record shops provided without having to stress yourself locating one. 


1 Rough trade East 

2 Sister Ray

3 Phonica Records

4 Flashback Records

5 Reckless Records

6 Sounds of the universe

7 Sonic sounds



Rough trade East is a Long time favorite among enthusiasts. and it is not just a record store, it’s also a community hub for music lovers. 

What they do is to; Engage in live performances, host live performances for both known and upcoming artists, offering a chance to meet your favorite musicians.

Rough trade records store is owned by the independent record label meaning you get to find a wide release of diverse roaster artists. With a good combination of music , cinema, and well arranged artists that serve you right, you can’t get it better anywhere else. 

Location–  Old Truman Brewery, London

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Price range– £250 £300 

Opening Hours: They are open 24/7


The sister ray is also known as the Soho, This Soho institute carries a mix of new and used records that spans a variety of genres from rock to jazz and it is known for its knowledgeable staff.

Sister ray offers exclusive releases of music, making it a must visit for music fans. However the store also runs its own record label, releasing limited editions from a variety of underground and independent artists.

Sister Ray  London is a music retail store. You get a deep selection of back catalog LP’s and CD’s. Well laid out, bright and clean, they’ve got helpful staff. 

You have nothing to worry about here in sister ray. A visit will convince you for a next time visit.

Location– Situated at Berwick Street London

Price range– £250-£400

Opening hours: They are open 24/7.


Phonica Records has been a hub for electronic music in London since its inception.

Phonica runs its own music label which focuses on limited vinyl, the store also hosts regular special events, such as parties, signings and appearance of artists, creating a community atmosphere and a unique shopping experience. Phonica is leading an independent record shop, specializing in electronics, and they offer the latest pre-orders and music merchandise.

The record house is home to several promoters who are into retailing, leveraging on the services provided by phonica for business growth.

Location– Poland St, London

Price Range– £300-£500

Opening hours– They are open 24/7.

4. Flashback 

Flashback Records is one of the best of London’s record labels, it’s also the best place for screen recorders, remote work and learning. Flashback is a place where you can learn how to Record screens (yours essentially) and share clips quickly or engaging demos and training videos. 

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The store specializes in making a treasure trove for music fans , flashback also stocks a wide range of music related concert porters and others. The record shop is a nice place to be for your music fun filled experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Location – 131 Bethnal Green Road London

Price range: £200-£600

Opening hours: They are open 24/7.


If you’re in search of collectible records, then reckless Records is the place to go. they’ve got it all when it comes to recording.

Reckless Records is known for its professional records with classic albums. They’ve got knowledgeable staff, reckless records is composed of experienced record and music enthusiasts who offer you advice, recommendations, and help you find that gem to make you thrive.

With reckless Records you should expect the best of services that fits your bill, with a modified access to modern day facilities that gives you satisfaction, and dining settings that help satisfy your cravings.

Location– located at Berwick St, London.

Price range– £400 

Opening hours– They are open 24/7

6. Sounds of the universe 

Do you love to explore? Sounds of the universe is a true music lover’s paradise, that offers an independent record label, it specializes in jazz ensuring that the store stock is of high standard. There are many stunning images of space, but these are only part of the outline. 

It also features a wide range of independent and standard records, with design musical instruments that include brand name and concept that are appealing to behold. 

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Also, It is situated in a place where it becomes easier for you to sightsee around the city of London, to get more familiar with your environs. 

Look no further, they serve you best compared to what others have to offer. Therefore, wait no more, visit the Sounds of the universe today for a unique experience that gives you fulfiness.

Location –  it is situated Broadwick St, London

Price range: £300 -£350

Opening hours -They are open 24/7

7. Sonic sounds

Sonic sounds specializes in hip-hop,reggae and the rest. Sonic sounds is also known for its knowledgeable staff and diverse selection, making it a must visit for those seeking hard- to- find vinyl.

In addition, Sonic Sounds also sells books, clothing, posters and other music related items that can’t be found anywhere. The staff at Sonic Sounds are renowned for their wide knowledge of music which makes it an enriching experience for any music starter.

When talking about the atmosphere for learning, sonic sounds  are sophisticated and spacious enough for your dealings. They also offer you with a range of tutorials and options that fits your budget .

Location –  it is situated at Queens Cres, Belsize Park, London.

Price range– £150-£270

Opening hours -They are open 24/7.


London record shops are not just places to buy music, they’re also spaces where you can celebrate the city’s rich musical beats. Whether you’re looking for a rare gem, or just a chance  with fellow music artists, these places offer an unforgettable experience that can’t be found anywhere else. 

So, if you’re a vinyl artist or simply curious about world records, London’s record options are the perfect place to begin your musical career.


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