Best Tattoo Shops London

7 Best Tattoo Shops London

Getting a tattoo is one of the latest fashion trends now and tattoo artists seem to be gaining popularity rapidly. The level of skill needed in tattooing an individual is very high as any mistake done when drawing or writing on the skin can lead to deadly consequences. 


Although this process might seem deadly, there is always a large number of people who aim to get a tattoo daily. Both people who want to get their first mark and people who would like to add to already existing tattoos. Tattoo artists who specialize in drawing on people’s skin became popular in this century and it has even become a job to some. 

Follow this article as we look through the 7 best tattoo shops in the whole of London. 

7 Best tattoo shops London

1. Good Times Tattoo

2. Frith Street Tattoo

3. Vagabond Tattoo Studio

4. K-Ink Peckham

5. Martha Smith

6. Sang Bleu Tattoo

7. Parliament Tattoo

Best tattoo shops London

1. Good Times Tattoo

Good times tattoo is located at the 1st Floor of 8 Lower Clapton Rd. This studio is one of the best in London. Their artists are highly experienced and they draw intricate designs depending on what the client decides. 

Good Times Tattoo has a good record for their customer service and friendly staff. Price of tattoos in this studio costs £20 – £150 depending on tattoo size. 

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This studio also pays a large amount of detail to hygiene. As they’re aware that they expose the skin in order to make the ink stick, this studio usually keeps their environment clean so as to prevent pathogens from invading the body through the fresh tattoo mark. Any style of tattoo you’d like can be gotten in this studio

2. Best Tattoo Shops London: Frith Street Tattoo

Frith Street Tattoo is another one of London’s most popular tattoo studios. This studio has dedicated and competent workers who are determined to make your body a work of art. 

The studio can be found at Basement, 18 Frith St and the cost of getting a tattoo is usually around £60. Frith Street Tattoo Studio has a lot of artistic designs which they display inside their studio. This provides a wide range of art designs for customers who are interested in getting a tattoo to pick from. At the same time these art designs beautify the studio. 

3. Vagabond Tattoo Studio

This tattoo studio offers very good services. The studio is a favorite of many tattoo lovers. Vagabond Tattoo Studio has a nice space, decorated by various items hung in the walls and placed by the side. 

The studio is painted with white and the black items placed around serve as a good contrast. This tattoo studio has been recommended by many people as the customer service here is very good. Tattoo artists seek the comfort and relaxation of their clients. 

The studio is located at 471 Hackney Rd, Cambridge Heath. They also offer nice background music with a truly enjoyable Playlist. 

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4. K-Ink Peckham

This tattoo studio surely brings what you imagine a tattoo studio to be to reality. Dim lights lighting up the slightly cramped space, various artistic designs on the walls and hung around a tattoo bed towards the center of the studio

K-Ink Peckham is one of the best studios that is located in London. The intricate design of the artist will surely blow you away and any design which you require will be done with the perfect attention to detail. 

Although currently temporarily closed down, they successfully built their reputation before going on this break and they’ll definitely be back. Located at Studio DGD, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Ln, K-Ink Peckham studio is the tattoo studio for you. 

5. Martha Smith 

This tattoo studio is a 5 star rated tattoo studio located at 98B High St, Broad stairs. It is owned by private tattoo artist Martha Smith. 

From the fact that this studio is a private studio owned by a single artist yet it managed to acquire a 5 star rating, you can be rest assured that whatever artistic desire you have for your tattoo will surely be fulfilled here. 

6. Sang Bleu Tattoo

This famous tattoo studio is located at 29b Dalston Lane, London. They are very popular and are known for their specialty in drawing large intricate tattoos on their clients. 

If you desire a tattoo covering the entirety of your back or one that runs from your neck to your belly, this studio is the best place for you. 

Artists here are so skilled that after their work is finished, you’ll look like the tattoo has always been on you. 

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7. Parliament Tattoo 

This studio is located at Leeds Place, Leeds Pl, Finsbury Park, London. It’s a very popular tattoo studio that tends to be very busy during the weekdays. 

The major reason for their tight schedule is because of the type of tattoos they specialize in. At Parliament Tattoo studio, you can find artists who are masters of creating intertwining designs on the body. 

These types of designs are really delicate and require a very soft touch to be completed successfully. However, artists who are proficient in this type of art can be found here. Tattoos of snakes, roses with their thorns and other complex objects can be gotten at this studio. 


Tattoos are one of the ways people embrace art. Although not all people approve of the application of ink to the skin, it has gradually become accepted to some extent in the society. 

The above studios are some of the best tattoo studios that can be found in London. If you’re interested in embedding a name, object or design on your skin, don’t hesitate to head to any of these studios. 


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