Can I Pet that dog tiktok video

Can I Pet that dog? Kid’s Viral TikTok Video Explained

We know kids to be sensational and funny, some of them make our day, helping us have a good mood and laugh whilst we go about our day.


A video of a kid went viral on tik tok, and many have been wanting to know more about the scenario. This post aims to shed more light on this sensational video.

Can I pet that dog viral video

Since going viral, the soundtrack has been used by numerous people. In the original video, we see a jovial kid putting on his nightwear asking his mom cheerfully if he could “pet a dog”. According to his mom, the dog is sleeping. 

What caught people’s attention, was his adorable accent and charming way of wanting to “pet that dog”. 

According to reports, they live in the state of Texas, his mom had just rescued the dog and named it Oliver. 

She started recording when he kept repeating he’d like to pet the dog. The video has got over 7 million views on TikTok and 3 million views on YouTube. 

During the time his mom started recording, we see this adorable child asking about five times if he could pet the dog. The more he asks, his mom chuckles in the background and says; “no he’s sleeping”. 

Can I Pet that dog tiktok video: Why was it a sensation?

Many people loved how the child’s only thought was to pe the dog they had just rescued showing his innocence and the joy of doing good.

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In many people’s reactions, the predominant thing was; the joy in his innocence and love of showing/doing good to rescued pets.

Overall, his adorableness captured the minds of people.

Final thoughts

Truly, children are a bundle of joy, just reminding us how fun and cheerful the world could be. 



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