Best Savile Row Tailors London

7 Best Savile Row Tailors London

Some of the finest suits can be acquired at Savile Street London. These suits are rather special as they are designed to fit the needs of the customer. In other words, specific measurements of the customer are taken and a suit is made according to the unique measurements collected. This type of tailoring method is known as ‘Bespoke Tailoring’


This type of tailoring pattern is different from the standard measurements type where clothing materials for a wide range of customers  are made according to a standard initial measurement. 

Bespoke tailoring is commonly found along Savile Street and other streets in Mayfair, London and in this article, we’ll be looking at the 7 best savile row tailors in London. 

7 best savile row tailors London

  1. Gieves & Hawkes
  2. Huntsman
  3. Henry Poole
  4. Anderson & Sheppard
  5. J.P. Hackett
  6. Richard James
  7. Dege & Skinner

Best savile row tailors London

1. Gieves & Hawkes

This is one of the best suits in London, as it gives you the best of satisfaction that befits you. This brand is very common among the rich. They have branches all over England and London’s branch sits at Savile Street. 

Suit prices differ according to suit types. With bespoke suits costing more than the standard measurement suits. Prices of Bespoke suits are usually from £4,500 and above while standard measurements suits cost lesser at £1000. 

Gieves and Hawkes stores have an antique feeling to their stores based on the design used for building. You can see suits displayed everywhere in the store and even when you take the staircase to move to higher floors, suit designs are still waiting for you there. It can be considered a holy land of suits. 

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2. Huntsman

This is another one of London’s top suit producing stores. Also located in Savile Street, United Kingdom, they offer high quality suits to whoever is interested in getting them. Bespoke suits and standard measurement suits are readily available. 

Suit prices in this store are also a bit high with bespoke suits costing far more than standard measurement suits. Price of Bespoke suits hover around £4,900 while the price of standard measurements suits hover around £2,700. All you have to do is hold your funds, step into the store, select a suit of your liking or drop your measurements and describe your suit choice then leave. Your order would definitely arrive to you in high quality. 

The Huntsman stores have a totally different building layout to Gieves and Hawkes stores. Inside this store, suits and raw material for suits can be found everywhere. With only one floor in its layout, this store can be considered to be cramped at the same time suit lovers will definitely have a hard time picking their choice as amazing suit pieces can be found everywhere. 

3. Best Savile Row Tailors London: Henry Poole

Henry Poole store is also another wonderful suit making store in Savile Street. The store has been dedicated to making Bespoke suit pieces for over 200 years. Initially producing soldier uniforms during the Napoleonic Era, they changed to suit making a few years later. You can surely get one of the best Bespoke suit pieces here. 

Bespoke suits prices are usually around £6,000 while standard measurements suits cost £2,000 or more. This price may seem a bit high, however you can be rest assured that the quality of the suit is worth the price. 

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Henry Poole store in Savile Street is a single floored suit store. Although a bit cramped, suits are showcased in an orderly manner in the store offering customers a good view of suits they may be interested in. 

4. Anderson & Sheppard

Still looking for where to get amazing Bespoke suit pieces in London? There’s a whole bunch of stores in Savile Street offering such pieces and Anderson & Sheppard is one of the best in the area. Producing Bespoke suits in their own unique style since 1906, you can count on them to give you amazing suit pieces. 

Due to the high quality of their Bespoke suits, Anderson and Sheppard stores set their prices a little higher than what is sold in other stores. Their Bespoke suit’s price is around £6,400. The price could be higher depending on customer requirements. 

Anderson & Sheppard store layout offers beautiful depictions of their suits on mannequins. These mannequins show to customers how well made suits in this store are. You can also find suit pieces showcased behind glass panels and materials on tables around the store. 

5. J.P Hacket

The Hackett store is located at 14 Savile Row, London. As one of the best stores in the area, they offer various suit making services. Including Bespoke and ready to wear. 

Head over to this store and request a suit tailor made for you. The only requirement is having enough money to support the suit price. Suit price at this store is about £5000. At Hackett store, you get to choose everything you’ll need for your Bespoke suit including design and material. 

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This store has an amazing layout as displayed suits are kept in a wardrobe like contraption. Ensuring that there is enough space around the store. A chandelier offers good lighting to the store and mannequins are also available displaying how suits would look if they are worn

6. Richard James

Richard James is a top quality suit store found in Savile Street. You can be rest assured of its quality as only high quality suit stores can be located in this street. Offering sharp cut suits, prices of suits here usually reach £6,200 for Bespoke and £2,500 for standard measurement suits. 

Layout of this store has a soothing feeling to it. Neatly organized suits arranged in a corner, mannequins standing in another corner and the ever soothing brown wooden beams used to build the store brings utmost customer satisfaction. 

7. Dege & Skinner

Dege & Skinner is one of the oldest stores in Savile Street. The store was created in 1865 and has more than a 100 years of suit making history. Bespoke suits at this store cost more than £4,500. 

Rows upon rows of suits can be found in this store both in the ground and first floor. All showcasing the fine quality of suits made in this store. 


The above list of stores are among the best stores in Savile Street, London. So if you’re looking to get a high quality suit tailor made for you, you need not look far as the Savile Row stores are available for you. Any one of them will be able to meet up and even exceed your requirements, granting you maximum satisfaction in your suit. 


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