Big Bank Tiktok Challenge Explained

Big Bank Tiktok Challenge Explained

There have been numerous requests from users on the internet wanting to know what the big bank TikTok challenge is, you are in the right place. We have dedicated researchers to review the meaning of things here, particularly ones that are so rampant on social media.


In this piece, we have explicated what the trend is. 

What is the big bank TikTok challenge?

The Big Bank Challenge is a series of short clips where female users of TikTok dance with their “backside”, flaunting how endowed they are.

Since the advent of TikTok, there have been several challenges ranging from cute and cuddly ones to very life-threatening ones.

The big bank challenge is one that wil surely tickle your interest. The first known beginning of this challenge was in 2021. However, it became more popular in 2023 and then, as you’d observe, reached its peak in 2024. 

The primary goal of this challenge is to attract attention to their “back endowment”. These Videos are mostly played with a catchy tune or upbeat tune. 

Who can Participate in this challenge?

In truth, anyone can participate in this challenge. By anyone, I mean females. The predominant participants of this challenge are females, all you need to do as a female is to learn the rudiments of shaking your “back assets”. This is an innate thing for ladies; so as a lady, you don’t have an issue. 

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The next thing is get a camera rolling and of course, do your thing (winks).

Evolution of this challenge

This challenge started with Americans but has rapidly reached Europe and Africa. 

Female American users on TikTok gave it the name “Big Bank” because the challenge basically displays how heavy one’s “bank” (in this case their behind) is. 

It first started with one person, then grew to become what six or more people can do in a room. 

Final thoughts

Truly, TikTok is  a home to many challenges and each challenge has motives or reasons and we aim to elucidate those reasons to our readers. 


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