Best Things to Do in London in December

 7 Best Things to Do in London in December

It’s December, the wonderful month of Christmas, lights and magic! All through the year, we see many reasons to celebrate but the festivities of December wraps you in a warm hug and reminds you of home. 


In London, the lights start twinkling and the clouds begin to gather. This gives it the magical effect that we appreciate. Surely you know London feels more divine in this month? That’s why several fairytale Christmas stories  are based in London and the UK.

Beyond the screen effects, you can create your fairytale story right here in London. Follow us as we create a trail of pixie dust around the 7 best things to do in London in December!

 7 Best Things to Do in London in December

  1. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
  2. Ice Skating at Somerset House
  3. Christmas Lights Tour
  4. Traditional Christmas Markets
  5. West End Shows
  6. Visit Santa’s Grotto
  7. New Year’s Eve Fireworks

 Best Things to Do in London in December

1. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park:

Who says Hyde park is only for idyllic walks and picnics? Well, that person will be marvelously surprised about winter wonderland. From the mundane park of summer and spring to the magical structures of winter, Hyde park offers an exceptional experience that highlights the magic of the season.

The colorful lighting, spacious area and various options attracts locals and tourists alike. Explore the park and feast on the many savory fares scattered across it. If there is a delicacy you favor, there is a good chance you will find them there. English regulars and continental dishes, all tickle your fancy.  When you are done with the food, burn those extra calories at the skating rink. Engaging games and thrilling rides are one of the major attractions in this enchanting location. 

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You could also practice ice sculpture and other creative activities involving ice. This is a perfect spot for a family holiday destination. There’s something for everyone from children to adults.

2. Ice Skating at Somerset House:

This is a favorite activity and destination of many London residents. The architectural design of the house has a magnificent view. As the lights are turned on, the music is playing and the players come around, the magic of this house comes alive. Although you can visit the house during the day, you will get the full experience later at night. 

While it’s nightly charm is true, do not deprive your family from a remarkable experience. There are family-themed sessions where you hang out and glide with dear ones. At this wonderland of sorts,  wheelchair skating is allowed. Your friends can come in during any of the arranged wheel sessions or at other sessions. 

The house is a major tourist destination so you can visit it during the day. The rink is also open for daytime use and there are instructors available. The food is good and the music immersive so you will likely spend all day there.

3. Christmas Lights Tour: 

Tours and London are like two peas in a pod. So, why miss the old English tradition of informative walking. During December, you will notice the neighborhood tends to twinkle at you while the city’s landmarks invite you to a new experience. Since the Christmas cheer is always seen at this time, the view becomes luscious and the atmosphere becomes enchanting. 

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As you pass through Trafalgar Square, Oxford street and other places, you will notice the itch to explore the city once again. There are guided tours that take you to the best spots or you could turn it to a personal adventure and create your trail. 

One of the places to start is Trafalgar square with its larger than life tree and bright lights, make your way through Regent street, stop for a moment and enjoy the elaborate designs on display. 

Do not forget Covent Garden, the land of fairies and fantasy where charm and creativity comes alive. 

4. Traditional Christmas Markets: 

With December, comes Christmas which charges the atmosphere and causes excitement and spending. Another London favorite December thing is to visit Christmas markets. These are the ideal spots for your Christmas shopping for unique items. 

These markets offer everything Christmas related. They capture the spirit of Christmas and sell them to you in beautiful packages. From food to trinkets, there’s nothing you won’t get at these markets. While Winter Wonderland may be overwhelming, you should check out Leicester Square, Greenwich and South Bank center for a more intimate experience. 

Fun fact, Greenwich is your destination for the best items which you won’t find anywhere else.

5. West End Shows:

What is Christmas without the charming plays and the exceptional performances. From theater to ballet, West End is filled with various entertainment options for you. 

This is where the theaters are located so there are several classic acts and creative renditions of original works. You have likely heard the story of Mr Scrooge who loathed all things Christmas. Several animations depict this story and some others substitute Scrooge for a lady. 

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Yet, the storyline remains the same, Scrooge hates Christmas and the spirits of Christmas cheer visit him and reignites his love for the season. This Charles Dickens classic is a familiar tale but the visuals of its theater performance, creates a lasting impact on you. 

If you want a more engaging setting, you could attend any of the numerous pantomimes and have a hearty life while at it.

6. Best Things to Do in London in December: Visit Santa’s Grotto

The beauty of December lies in the wonder it brings. A classic Christmas is not complete without a visit to Santa’s Grotto especially if you have kids. Many kid-friendly zones have a Grotto set up for their adorable visitors. 

So, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. Most of the places you will visit already have Santa ready to indulge your kids and  listen to their wishes. 

7. New Year’s Eve Fireworks:

End the December cheer with a bang! This is another heartfelt Christmas tradition that draws people to the capital. On this night every year, everyone counts down with Big Ben, the large London clock and waits for the fireworks which illuminates the London Eye, Parliament, the Thames and other nearby locations. 

The fireworks attract a crowd so you either buy tickets for a vantage spot or you come early and pick your spot. You will enjoy the view from the bridges along The Thames, London eye and the south Bank


In December, you can’t be bored in London. There are many activities which will draw you out. Regardless of your age and temperament, you will find more than one activity of interest. So if you are planning to visit London for the holidays or you are wondering how best to enjoy the big city during this time, bring out your journal and create your itinerary. You may not exhaust it when the holidays are over.


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