Best Strip Bars in London

7 Best Strip Bars in London

London’s nightlife is filled with various entertainment options. From the luxurious to the exclusive, there’s always something for everyone but one thing that appeals to gentlemen and also ladies are the several clubs that are scattered around the city. 


As a nightlife junkie, you will love these scenes and if your curiosity has been piqued, these are the 7 best strip bars in London.

7 Best Strip Bars in London

1. Platinum Lace

2. Secrets


4. Metropolis



7. The Horns London

Best Strip Bars in London

1. Platinum Lace

This is one of the top hotspots among London’s nightlife enthusiasts. Located in one of London’s favorite areas, you will find locals and tourists in the bar. College students and even professionals are frequent patrons. The club has a strict dress code so these people are impeccably dressed. You might not see a suit and tie at the bar but they are a polished lot.

Hence, the bar is designed to communicate sophistication, fun and intimacy. From the lighting to the design, the club invites is an experience of a lifetime. The sparse bar is manned by the skilled bartenders so you can relax there with any classic drink of choice. The bartenders also accept special drink requests.

The bar is one of the most hospitable centers for adult entertainment. Dancer’s performances are top notch and private sessions are discreet and comfortable. You also get a friendly hostess who attends to you. For the duration of your stay, you will get all her attention. If you want an upper class nightlife experience, this is the club for you.

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Location: Leicester Square

2. Secrets

Do you have a secret? Then you will feel right at home in this bar. Possibly, the clubs may not be your regular type of club, however, the splendid scene may be the right scene for you. 

This club is a regular sight in London. It has several openings in different locations so you might have passed one of its numerous branches while exploring. You will find branches of this bar in the trendy sections of London. Therefore, you will easily find people at its entrance. 

While it may not have an upper-classman vibe, the bar caters to a large and stylish clientele. Here, the music is electric and the performances creative! Did I mention that each bar has a character of its own? 

They may all agree about your comfort and luxury, but each bar plans to outperform the last one. 

Location: Glenthorne Road

3. Browns  

This is one of the long-standing British gentleman clubs. Known for its exemplary service over the decades, this is one bar you can count on for ease and pleasure. 

It merges the charm of traditional English with contemporary trends. In this place, it is not strange to see a bar with jeans or other casual attire. While you may be tempted to put up an act in the other bars, this charming club allows you to be yourself. The clothing is casual, the seats comfortable and the ambience relaxing. You get premium service with a smile and good company. 

The center stage holds all performances and the dancers are ready to tickle your fancy. Spins, twists, teases and many creative acts are the order of the day or night in this case. 

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Location: Old street, London

4. Metropolis

Well, the gems of London seem to be unending. This trendy club is a destination that offers you an unrivaled experience. You get all the regular routines settings of a regular bar with an added effect. 

The outstanding feature of this bar is its diversity. This is the tool it uses to attract both locals and tourists and they keep returning! Anyone viewing the club from the road will see a regular establishment but it’s a wonderland of adventures immediately you enter. While a regular club has a single setting, this remarkable brand offers diverse settings. 

Each floor holds a different theme, from the relaxed setting of the beach to the dark themed basement floor, you have a lot to explore and several engaging activities that accompany them. Strip club runs from Tuesday to Friday and club nights are for Saturdays.

Location:Cambridge Heath road

5. Best Strip Bars in London: SophistiCats  

As the name implies, this club is for the high end members of society. It is another upper gentleman club that caters to your needs. Its soft lighting, cozy seating and indulgent atmosphere will ease your nerves. 

The club features 3 services. The regular dancing and whining that occurs at the central floor, you get something extra at the champagne lounge and if you are gunning for an indulgent and satisfactory experience, head down to the basement for the premium effect. 

The music list is engaging and cuts across various genres. Furthermore, the staff is also hospitality-oriented. So every barman, dancer and even security prioritizes your comfort. Lap dance, striptease and several other dance styles are also available on demand.

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Location: Brewer Street, London

6. Stringfellows

Welcome to the center of entertainment and privacy. In this bar, you enjoy premium services personalized for you. This is a refined establishment located among several nocturnal entertainers. So, you don’t have to travel across town, you could move from your favorite restaurant to the bar in one swift motion. 

Here, the chairs invite you to ease the stress of the day while feasting your eyes on the stage. The private booths are not far away if you want a personal show. The wine bar serves all your favorite spirits while you make a friend or two. While this may not be the ideal place to network, the clientele of this bar are well-bred. So, you might be some steps away from your future partner.

Location: Upper Street, Martin’s Lane.

7. The Horns London

This is another old favorite of many nightlife lovers. It airs sport events, so you enjoy entertainment on all fronts. The ambient lighting is superb and the crowd gives you an invincible effect. This club is also connected to Browns, so expect the same superb service. 

Location: old street, London.


For an immersive nightlife experience, visit any of the 7 best strip bars in London and enjoy more than a nightcap. Individuals and Groups are well catered for. If you want an otherworldly experience filled with laughter, fun and pleasure, visit one of these bars today.


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