Best Rooftop Bars in London

7 Best Rooftop Bars in London

Are you searching for the best rooftop bars in London? Look no further, you are at the right place.


There are so many amazing rooftop bars in London, but we have compiled a list of the best 7 for you.

Read on to see how amazing they are and what they can offer you;

7 Best Rooftop Bars in London

  1. .Johnson Roof Terras
  2. Cozy Winter Rooftop Bar
  3. Sabine Rooftop Bar
  4. Netil 360
  5. Queen of Hoxton
  6. The Berkeley
  7. Radio rooftops bars

Best Rooftop Bars in London

1. Johnson Roof Terras

Johnson Roof Terras is ranked among the 7 best rooftop bars in London adorned with breathtaking views. It is the ideal venue for all parties, drinks receptions, fashion shoots, filming and photography and many other outdoor events.

It is built with eye catching features such as; full power and wireless connectivity, flexible blank canvas space, innovative catering opportunities, teak tables and chairs and additional poseur tables.

The roof terrace serves you a panoramic viewing point to catch a glance of London.

Are you wondering if the bar is built for only outdoor events? No, it ensures both indoor and outdoor venue options, so the weather condition won’t hamper your bookings.

Location: 2 Savoy Place London

2. Cosy Winter Rooftop Venue

The cosy Winter Rooftop Venue is strategically built with a ground floor pub and First floor dinning room. The dinning room set over 4 floors at London’s iconic Television center in White City. The brood caster is your Londer first option for any occasion, as it offers a beautifully crafted cocktails, premium beer and classy wines readily available all day.

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The ground floor is sited at the entry to the Iconic Television Centre with exciting features like; a long bar, ceiling glass windows and cosy tables.

Their Modern British menu offers elevated pub cooking that is made with seasonal and local ingredients.

Amazingly, it is open for both autumn and winter seasons.

Location: 89 Wood Lane London, W12 7FX

3. Sabine Rooftop Bar

Sabine Rooftop Bar offers the best space for all events. Ranging from weekend lounging, secluded dinner sit out and after work hang out, where enticing cocktails, wines and beers are served alongside expertly prepared bar snacks.

Sabine is outstanding because of its eye-catching views. The secluded garden is the best hide out from the busy and noisy London streets.

Sabines offers the best place to have a great night because of it’s outside terrace and glass domed roof.

4. Netil 360

Netil 360 is the best East London’s rooftop with a 24 hours services available for booking. It offers a high quality sound system, provided by Cambridge Audio, which keeps guests mood elevated. guest DJs and live sets are made available always.

Netil 360 presents to be the best place for your dinner and sit outs because of it’s locally sourced beer and drinks, fine wines from around the world and the best draught beer is made available.

Refreshing new cocktails, and jugs, for long summer days are so available.

Whether you’re a traveler seeking luxury accommodation or a local in search of a tranquil escape, Netil 360 Hotel promises an amazing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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Location: 1 Westgate St, London E8 3RL, United Kingdom

5. Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton rooftop bar is a true urban oasis with panoramic views of London’s skyline, this hidden gem offers an exciting experience for both locals and travelers.

It’s breathtaking view and bustling bar creates a welcoming atmosphere for all who succeeds in climbing to it’s heights.

It offers the best place for dinner and hangout time because of it’s expertly crafted cocktails infused with botanicals and flavors inspired by the spirit of Shoreditch, while soaking in the mesmerizing cityscape as day transitions into night,

It provides a refreshing atmosphere as live DJs set the stage for unforgettable evenings under the stars, making every visit to the Queen of Hoxton rooftop bar a celebration of life, culture, and adventure amidst the bustling metropolis of London.

Location: 1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX, United Kingdom

6. The Berkeley

The Berkeley rooftop bar offers an oasis of relaxation amidst the hustle and busy streets of London.

It’s panoramic and eye catching views provides an exciting experience as you transcends to the rooftop.

The ambiance at The Berkeley rooftop bar is what sets it apart from the rest. Berkeley is adorned with plush loungers, cozy blankets for chillier evenings, and twinkling fairy lights creating an exciting atmosphere.

 It provides the perfect setting for hangout with friends, a romantic date night, or relaxing after a long day. It is the best dinner place because of the well crafted cocktails by experts the cocktail menu at The Berkeley rooftop bar is nothing short of impressive.

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If cocktails are not your best dinner meal, worry not,  the bar also offers a selection of fine wines, spirits, and tantalizing mocktails. It also provides small plates and sharing platters. Whether you’re craving gourmet sliders, fresh seafood, or artisanal cheese boards.

Address: Wilton Place, London SW1X 7RL

7. Radio rooftop bars.

Radio Rooftop Bar boasts some of the most breathtaking views the city has to offer. From the iconic London Eye to the majestic River Thames. All sides of its view are nothing short of perfection.

It pictures to be the best rooftop bars in London because of it’s sleek, modern décor, plush seating, and an electric atmosphere that’s buzzing with energy.

This atmosphere guarantees to be the best place for hanging out with friends and mingling with fellow travellers..Now, let’s talk drinks. Radio Rooftop Bar is home to an extensive cocktail menu that’s sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

From classic favorites like mojitos and martinis to signature creations. there’s something for everyone to sip on while taking in the sights. Talking about the food? It makes available small plates and sharing platters, featuring everything from fresh seafood to gourmet sliders.

The real magic of Radio Rooftop Bar lies in its ability to transport you to another world, even if just for a few hours. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle, you’ll find yourself lost in the moment, surrounded by beauty and filled with a sense of wonder.

Location: 336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA, United Kingdom


Amidst other amazing Rooftop bars in London, the above-mentioned bars have ranked the top 7 best bars.

If you are searching for the best rooftops bars to visit in London, search no more! Our recommendations are the best.


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