Best Cocktail Bars Soho London

7 Best Cocktail Bars Soho London

Soho has a whole lot of cocktail bars which aim to make your taste buds sing in delight. The fact that there are bars dedicated only to the sale of cocktails seems weird, however it’s not so surprising and it’s actually a good thing as these bars dedicate more time to the production of high quality cocktails which cannot be compared to the cocktails sold in restaurants and general bars. 

Cocktails from these cocktail bars would definitely leave you wishing for more.

This article will speak on the 7 best Cocktail bars in Soho, London and hopefully it will help you choose the best place to enjoy high quality cocktails. 

7 Best Cocktail Bars Soho London

1. Bar Termini

2. Simmons Bar 

3. Basement Sate

4. Swift Soho

5. Cahoots London

6. Disrepute – Soho

7. Thirst Bar Soho

Best Cocktail Bars Soho London

1. Bar Termini

Bar Termini was formed on 7 Old Compton St, London. The bar has a very simple design with a counter and seats spread around the bar. It’s almost like a small restaurant except instead of selling food, various cocktails are sold here. 

You can head to the counter and tell the bartender to whip up something unique for you which you can drink along with some small snacks. The bar is designed in bright colors and a huge glass window which provides a good view of the outside. Generous amounts of sunlight pour into the bar through this glass window and drinking your cocktail under this sunlight brings a soothing feeling. 

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Price: £20 – £30

2. Simmons Bar

Simmons Bar can be found on 2 Bateman St, London. The bar is a hub for grabbing a tasty night drink after a hectic day at work. Simmons Bar has pink, red and amber colors in its design. There is a bar counter at the far end of the bar and seats are scattered around with enough space for movement. 

The choice of colors in the bar has a way of lifting your mood and ignites the party spirit in you. The bar compensates for this by providing a DJ who provides nice music. There’s enough space for customers to mingle, dance and talk in this bar. 

Price: £30

3. Basement Sate

Basement Sate is a bar in Soho located at 8 Broadwick St, London. The bar is located in an underground region and has a wooden interior. Tables, countertops and chairs are made out of thick mahogany wood. There are also sofas available.

The bar is illuminated by electrical lights and it gives off a very cozy and relaxing environment for enjoying your drinks. You can also get light foods at this bar and on some nights, live music is played to complete the mood. 

The Basement Sate is one of the best cocktail bars you can go to if you plan on experiencing delicious and high quality cocktails. 

Price: £25

4. Swift Soho

Swift Bar Soho is located on 12 Old Compton St, London. The bar has a very bright design with amber electrical lights illuminating the surroundings, this interior and design will get your blood pumping so what might have been an otherwise slow day will definitely heat up once you step inside the bar. 

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This cocktail bar also offers soft live music in the background and coupling this with the scent of cocktails and wine elevates your drinking experience to the max. You can order for uniquely made cocktails and exotic wine and beer here. 

Price: £27

5. Cahoots London

Cahoots is a bar in 13 Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London. This bar has a vintage style design, with amber lights illuminating the interior. Cahoots bar sells tasty cocktails along with small snacks. The bar has a wooden counter and wooden seats with space in between for passage. 

The counter is wide and various drinks are arranged so that customers can make their choice. Another plus which makes this bar very famous is their exceptional customer service. 

Customers are welcomed warmly and orders are followed to the last detail to ensure you have an enjoyable time. 

Price: £35

6. Disrepute Soho

Disrepute bar is a cocktail bar in 4 Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London. This bar has one of the largest cocktail collections in London. The cocktails here are mixed according to customer preference and here you can get various unique cocktails.

The bar has bright colors which illuminate and brighten the bar area. Wooden seats and sofas can be seen everywhere in this bar. 

The Disrepute bar somehow reminds you of the bars in ancient London. 

Price: £45

7. Best Cocktail Bars Soho London: Thirst Bar Soho

The last bar in this article is the Thirst Bar which is built on 53 Greek St, London. The bar has a brown interior with a large counter where customers can put in a cocktail order. 

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In this bar, you can get popular cocktails or simply order a mixture of various drinks to form that peculiar taste you desire. It all depends on you. This bar also has a basement region with a dance floor and music playing to give customers a chance to have a good dance before or after their drinks. 

Price: £29


Soho has some of the best cocktail bars in the various areas in London. These bars are you go to places to have a fun drinking time and the best part is that cocktails can fit into any mood that you may be in. You can simply just grab your favourite cocktail drink or put in a special request for the bartender to prepare something unique that you’ll enjoy, it’s all your decision. 

Some of these bars also offer various services like a dance area, live music or Djs, small snacks that are sold and a variety of other drinks like beer, wine or juice. Be sure to explore Soho, visit each of these cocktail bars and select the best one for you. 

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