Best Speakeasy in London

7 Best Speakeasy in London

A speakeasy is a form of secret bar which generally requires a password before entrance can be granted to people. Unlike the general bars where anyone is allowed, speakeasy bars are generally more private. 


These bars get a lot of customers as they play on human curiosity. That is, as only people who know the password are allowed in, more and more people would like to know whats going on in the bar, generating more customers effectively. 

Speakeasy bars can be found in almost all countries in the world and they are definitely available in London. In this article, we’ll focus on the 7 best speakeasy bars in London. 

7 Best Speakeasy Bars in London 

1. The Dragon Room

2. The Luggage Room

3. Purl

4. Ricco

5. The Whisky Room 

6. The Candlelight Club

7. Nightjar

Best Speakeasy Bars in London

1. The Dragon Room

The Dragon Room is a speakeasy bar found on 26 Albemarle Street Mayfair. The bar offers a wide range of dishes and drinks for its clientele and due to its location in London, there is an influx of high level clientele including celebrities. 

The Dragon Room requires early reservations and bookings for people who would like to make use of their services. The bar contains experienced staff who are well aware of the details in their menu. It also boasts of good customer service. Price of food in this bar is about $15 – $180. 

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2. The Luggage Room 

The Luggage Room is a small bar area located in London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square. This bar was formed more than 80 years ago and till now it still depicts its original decoration and building style. 

Wooden paneling can be found and leather seats can be seen around the bar area, highlighting the Victorian heritage. 

This bar can accommodate more than 60 people at once and is one of the best spots to have a formal or semi formal celebration in London. 

Before entrance is allowed, clients are usually viewed through a hole in the door to determine and confirm their identity. This coupled with the bar design makes you feel like you’re in the 1990s time period again. Prices of drinks are usually around £25 – £45. 

3. Purl

Purl is one of the best speakeasy bars in London. They have experimented and created many cocktails which can not be found anywhere else in the world. This bar makes you intoxicated with the aroma of what has been prepared for you so that you can already taste your drink before you hold it. The visual presentation of the drinks at this bar is enough to compel clients to order for a taste. 

Drinks are usually priced at  £10 – £20 and the bar is located at 50 Blandford St. Purl also has a secret menu which they keep for adventurous clients who would like to have a taste of drinks created by the bar itself. 

4. Ricco

This bar would definitely give you an experience you can’t forget. 

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Ricco is a bar which grants its clientele a cool and soothing atmosphere. With its dark blue theme, the bar helps in relieving stress from the body of tired clients and enables them to relax easily. 

The bar has set its price of food and drink items at £70 – £190 and it is located at 11 Russell Gardens, London. 

5. Best Speakeasy in London: The Whisky Room

This is a space located at the back of the luxurious Londoners Hotel dedicated to whisky lovers. The room is filled with various brands of whisky both modern and old brands. 

6. The Candlelight Club

This is a 1900s styled club which can only be accessed via reservations and bookings. The Candlelight Club is located at 16 Kemsing Rd, London. 

Inside the club are a bunch of tables placed around each other and illuminated with candle light. There is little to no electrically powered light in this club. 

7. Nightjar

This is another speakeasy bar in London. They also offer live music to clients. The dark theme of the bar wooden panels and vibrant band will definitely send your blood pumping. 

Nightjar is located at 129 City Road, London and the bar is usually open in the evening. After a hectic day at work, you can step into this bar to relax your nerves and rest easy. 


Initially, speakeasy bars were tagged illicit and they sold alcohols secretly which was the need for passwords to allow entry of people into the bar. However, these bars were later allowed to sell the products and there was no longer need for passwords. 

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Currently, speakeasy bars are bars which have their design themed in the 1900s style. These bars are located all over London and they are very good spots of relaxation after a hard day at work. You can also visit these bars just for the experience of it and also to get good cocktails, beer, whisky and other drinks. 


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