Heardle 90s

Heardle 90s: The 90s online musical reminiscing game

If you have heard of the heardle 90s and have participated in it one way or the other, you must already be engrossed with the online fun game.


For many who don’t know what the game is about, this piece will do just that and explicate to you noobs how to play. 

Join me as I elucidate.

What is the Heardle 90s?

The heardle 90s is a musical online game (available on different screen sizes; desktop, tablet, mobile phones) that requires you to guess a music/song way back from the 90s.

In this game, you’d be required to listen to a song/music intro and thus find the accurate 1990s title for a variety of lists presented to you.

From users’ reviews, the game is truly fun and can be very addictive. One downside to some sites hosting this fun game on their sites did not make the game available to all locations Many people have complained that they can not access it from Africa and some parts of Asia except if they use VPN and switch to the United Kingdom or the United States.

If you are reading this; not to worry, your system is not broken neither are you losing it, haha. Just switch locations using a VPN.

Important things to note about Heardle 90s before you play

1. It’s an identification game

First off,  you must understand that it is an identification game. This simply means that you’d be asked to identify a tune and give it the appropriate title.

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2. 6 Times trials: 

The second thing to understand is that you get a maximum of six trials before you lose the entire game. So it’s best to listen carefully and guess appropriately.

3. You get clues:

When you miss a game or skip a song, you’d be given clues to juggle your memory and help you remember what song it is. Again, you must be conversant with the songs in the 90s. They are a pretty popular songs

How to play the Heardle 90s

Playing this game is quite easy. Simply follow these steps

  1. Got to the heardle 90s site to begin.
  2. Click the “play” button to get started dear 90s music lover.
  3. When you are settled, tap on  the “Listen to music” button. The song plays instantly.
  4. If you recognise the song, simply select the correct title from the list provided.

(Green: If you see green, it means you got the answer correctly

Red: When it displays red, it means you failed that part.

Not to worry, you get clues after failing that question, this will help you make informed decision and hopefully, pick the right answer)


No doubt, this is a very fun game and some might even argue that it is very addictive. Regardless, understand that you must have knowledge of songs in the 90s as this will help you choose the right option from the list of options given to you.


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