What Happened To Streameast

What Happened To Streameast? All You need to Know

Many want to know what happened to the online streaming platform; streameast. We have got a lot of internet questions about what really happened to the streaming platform. This piece seeks to elucidate facts and give expositions on the sudden malfunctions of the platform.


What is Stremeast?

Just as the initials of the name suggest, Streameast is an online streaming platform that allows individuals and groups of individuals stream all kinds of sports around the world particularly in the Americas and Europe for free. 

From the information we have gathered, it was built by an American for mostly Americans. Streameast currently offers streaming services on the English Premier League, La Liga Spanish League, the NBA and other American sports.

What happened to streameast?

From our investigation, we believe that streameast is constantly being hit with DCMA and by hackers. Since this is the case, they have limited free streams to their users.

Many users have been laying complaints on social media that the free streaming platform no longer works. Well, in this piece, we will explicate why this is the case.

Sometime in 2022; the free sport streaming platform recorded its first downtime, and since then, there have been a series of records about the site not working. 

Users have complained that the site streams flawlessly during commercial breaks but has this habit of a constant buffer during sport streams. 

Some users have said the site doesn’t load at all while some have said it loads if they use VPN but can not seem to stream free sports again.

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Is streameast legit?

In truth, we believe that streameast is not a legit site. We believe they connect to servers that telecast these games and make it publicly available. Understand that before a site or platform can televise these games, they have to be licensed. 

Final Thought

As a user, you need to be careful about the steps you navigate through. Some sites operate primarily to steal users’ information and data. I know what you are thinking; “I could use VPN ”. The use of VPN itself is not safe. Hence, you need to check, double-check and check again to make sure the site you are currently navigating through will not steal any data from your device. 


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