best hotels in Paddington London


Are you looking for hotels where you can spend some quality time with your family,or loved ones?


Looking for hotels with nice locations with a beautiful and serene environment?

Fair price range, nice meals and great customer service?

Then, we will walk you through a carefully selected list of hotels in Paddington, London that will give you all that you want for your next comfortable stay or visit.

Below are lists of best hotels in paddington London

In this article, we have made a list of the best paddington London hotels that would serve you right, make you feel welcomed and comfortable, with their detailed location, price range and opening hours, making it very easier for you to locate for a wonderful holiday experience.

7 best hotels in Paddington London

1. The Royal Park Hotel

2. The Westbourne Hyde Park

3. Hilton London Paddington

4. The Paddington Hotel

5. Mercure London Paddington Hotel

6. Hilton London Metropole

7. Novotel London Paddington

7 best hotels in Paddington London

1. The Royal Park Hotel

This hotel is just 2 mins walks from the Bay waters tube station.

As a patron, you get to enjoy free WiFi and 24/7 front desk.

Booking a room at the hotel comes with a 32 inch smart TV and an en-suite bathroom.

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It has a quiet environment where you can rest.

The Staff are friendly. Rooms are clean with a fair size ensuite. The airport is accessible by subway in 45 mins.

Visiting the royal park hotel is never going to be a dull experience. Top-notch services which makes them popular in the hospitality industry.

If you are not there yet, then you just have to be there.

Location: Inverness Terrace, London W2 3LD, United Kingdom

Opening hours: 24/7  

Price range: £59

2. The Westbourne Hyde Park

Looking for a hotel where the staff are so friendly and makes you feel welcome? Look no further than Westbourne Hyde park.

Hotel, where staff makes you feel you are in safe hands with their beautiful smiles, warm reception, great housekeeping by the team and the front desk.

I’m sure you are definitely going to love your stay at the hotel.

Location: The Westbourne Hyde Park, Gloucester Terrace, London W2 3DQ

Price range: $150-$237

Opening hours: 24/7

Meals to try: Italian pasta and Pizza, fish and chips.

3. Hilton London Paddington

Are you looking for a hotel that has a traditional fee? Or a hotel that can give you quick access to the paddington train station, London underground lines, the new Crossrail, Elizabeth Line.

You should probably look into this hotel.

A hotel with a seating area that provides a sense of privacy without feeling isolated from others of the hotel.

Friendly and efficient staff is what every patron needs which this hotel has.

You should give this hotel a try.

Location: right next to Paddington train station

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Opening hours: 24/7

Price range: £150-£300

4. The Paddington Hotel

Need a calm, entertaining hotel with mature vibes? A hotel where luxury starts and ends? 

This hotel is for you.

One fantastic thing is that this hotel is located near the Paddington train station.

From spotless rooms, friendly staff, lovely complementary wine and chocolate, plentiful breakfast which are needed for patrons.

Location: central London, London, united kingdom

Opening hours: 24/7

Price range: $220

5. Mercure London Paddington Hotel

A great hotel located near the Paddington train station is a great hotel to enjoy your stay in.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Staff are friendly and efficient.

The Hotel has great facilities to make you enjoy your stay.

Breakfast is in European standard with complimentary drinks.

Location is also very close to Heathrow tube station.


Opening hour: 24/7

Price range: $233

Meals to try,: Freshly baked croissant, fresh fruit , yogurt, muesli

6. Hilton London Metropole

Want a Super Spacious room with a convenient location?

 Want a hotel with European style decor?

Looking to reach all the main attractions in a short time using public transport or taking a walk? Hilton London Metropole is your best bet.

From a plentiful breakfast enough to fill your stomach, to a well looking inviting coffee shop and bar. Friendly staff and team from the front desk to other departments in the hotel.

Check in process is very smooth and efficient.

Location: West end, Oxford Street, Heathrow airport. London, United Kingdom

Price range: £154

Opening hours: 24/7

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7. Novotel London Paddington

Want a comfortable, clean room that makes you feel so settled in?

Are you looking for a hotel in a good location in the center of London? Novotel London Paddington is your next stop.

A 5-star hotel that offers safety, walkability, nearby activities, rooms, kids friendly location made this hotel top-notch.

Staff are efficient and teamwork is superb.  Soundproofed rooms with a quiet environment.

You will never regret stopping in the hotel.

Location: Kingdom street, Sheldon Square, paddington London, United Kingdom

Opening hours: 6am-12 midnight

Price range: £100/£250


As a tourist who seeks a relaxation center that fits your Bill,London serves you with the best hospitality outlet to enjoy your next holiday experience.

Whether you are looking for something different or a unique opportunity to explore hotels in the city, you have no excuse not to check out these hotels as they have fair prices, great customer service, serene environment, and a nearby location closer to the paddington train station.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out these hotels and book for your next anniversary holiday.


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