Best Deal Hotel London

7 Best Deal Hotel London

London has a wide range of hotels available to you and your family. These hotels serve a very important purpose as they help to provide a place for rest in cases of emergency such as a damaged vehicle in the dead of night, urgent business trip and the likes. When on a vacation with family or friends, hotels are good places to use as a base.

Choosing the right hotel to suit your needs and budget can be quite challenging in London as hotels in this city are numerous. However, there’s no need to fret as this article is here to rescue you with information on the 7 best deal hotels in London. From this list, you will be able to choose which hotels fit into your budget and taste, granting you maximum satisfaction during your stay. 

7 Best Deal Hotel London

1. Premier Inn

2. Park Grand Heathrow

3. Ibis Budget 

4. Travelodge London City

5. Britannia international Hotel

6. The Z Hotel Soho

7. London Bridge Hotel

Best Deal Hotel London

1. Premier Inn

As you arrive in London, you can ask the citizens around for directions to the nearest Premier Inn branch. This hotel has branches literally all over London. In airports, suburbs, besides train stations and even in all major locations of London. 

Premier Inn usually has a restaurant by the side of every hotel branch where you can grab your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food is cooked by experienced chefs and is also not too pricey so it can easily fit into your budget. 

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The hotel was formed by Whitbread in 1987 to compete with Travelodge, another popular hotel in London. In the following years, this hotel saw massive growth and has become one of the United Kingdom’s leading hotel brands with branches spread in other countries like Ireland, Germany, Qatar and many others. 

Location: Sheffield Rd, Heathrow London

Price: £44 – £48

2. Park Grand Heathrow

Park Grand Hotel is another one of London’s top quality hotel. The hotel is well known for its clean environment and its said that they prioritize client comfort and hygiene above all else, which should be why they ensure the environment, rooms and restaurant area is dirt free and spotless. 

Another benefit of booking a room in this hotel is that it is built close to a foreign restaurant so you head over to the restaurant whenever you desire and experience the food and culture of other countries. 

There is also a bar where you can go to get some good drinks like champagne, beer or wine. All your needs are accounted for here. 

Location: 449 Great West Rd, Hounslow, London. 

Price: £47 – £63

3. Ibis Budget 

Ibis Budget hotel is another old hotel which was formed many years ago yet, it’s splendor does not lose out in anyway to the latest hotels. 

The hotel was created in 1992 in France and it was initially known as Etap Hotel until its name was changed to Ibis in 2011 and although it’s headquarters is in France, some major branches are in London. There are also other branches in various countries worldwide. Ibis Budget hotel offers various services to clients at cheap prices on this hotel, you are guaranteed free Wi-Fi and you can get food at the 24 hours open dining area. 

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Location: 100 Whitechapel Rd, London

Price: £131 – £157

4. Travelodge London City

Travelodge hotel is another one of London’s oldest hotels. This hotel was built in 1985 and is a big competitor of the popular hotel chain, Premier Inn. Travelodge hotel has numerous branches in the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland, reaching up to an alarming 600+ hotel branches. 

In this hotel, you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi and a large menu of foods ensuring you don’t have a monotonous diet. Customer service is also top notch and rooms are clean and spacious.

Location: 1-23 City Rd, London

Price: £57 – £70

5. Britannia International Hotel

This hotel was formed in 1976 and is headquartered in England. It is one of England’s biggest hotel chains, having upto 60 hotels spread around the United Kingdom. 

Britannia international hotel has soft lights all over the building especially in the rooms and reception area. The rooms are clean and well arranged and the hotel offers an indoor pool which clients can use for recreation. The food sold here is also top quality with cheap prices. 

Location: International Hotel, 163 Marsh Wall, London

Price: £63 – £131

6. The Z Hotel Soho 

Z hotel in Soho is a great hotel to lodge in for a night or two. The hotel boasts of superb customer service which has been confirmed by various people. 

Although rooms are small, the hotel management makes up for this in their service to clients. There is free Wi-Fi available and also free wine and free croissants every night. So you can login in to your movie site and enjoy your favorite shows over a dish of wine and croissants.

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Price: £95

Location: 17 Moor St, London

7. London Bridge Hotel

London Bridge Hotel enters the top 10 London hotels in terms of customer service. All staff in this hotel are welcoming, friendly and ready to assist you in whatever difficulty you have.

London Bridge Hotel has a good record in everything, from hygiene to services. Bathrooms are kept clean, rooms are adequately spaced and there is a neatly arranged dining area. They also have bars for clients who fancy a bit of wine before bed. 

Location: 8-18 London Bridge St, London

Price: £15


These hotels are cheap with great customer service. Any discomfort you have can be resolved by a simple call to the hotel staff, they’ll put in all their effort to satisfy you. You also get high quality services at cheap prices. 

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