Best Double-Decker Bus Tours in London

The 7 Best Double-Decker Bus Tours in London

As a tourist in London, everyday offers a special event or attraction to you. One of these fun filled activities is the famous double decker bus tour. This is a healthy choice for those who want to avoid trekking and the crowd. It enables you to see London’s landmark, take pictures and even give you a little history on the tour. 

In this article, we will study the 7 Best Double Decker Bus Tours in London.

7 Best Double-Decker Bus Tours in London

1. Tootbus London Tour

2. Big Bus Tours

3. Golden Tours

4. City Sightseeing London

5. Trafalgar Square Tours

6. Premium Tours

7. See London By Night Tour

Best Double-Decker Bus Tours in London

 1. Tootbus London Tour

If you ask a friend who frequently visits London to recommend a London double decker bus tour for you, they will likely mention ‘The London bus tour.’ Then, a quick Google search of this tour will reveal that the company recently changed their brand name to Tootbus London Tour but still kept their remarkable service. 

In the tour bus industry, the Tootbus London Tour is at the top of their game. They have been elaborately sharing London’s tales since ’51. Like the Big Ben, Hyde park and other famous sites, this bus is also an iconic piece of London. 

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Since it has been in the business for a long time, the bus routes cover central London. Everywhere from the Yellow route to the Red ones are open to your view and admiration. 

Furthermore, you can easily make a stop at any of the landmarks and board the bus again without extra charges.

Their audio commentary has a kids feature. So, you can easily download it from their app. Hearing someone of a similar age explaining the city will likely make your child more comfortable. You can easily use the adult feature when you go on a private tour.  

Price: £55

2. Best Double-Decker Bus Tours in London: Big Bus Tours

This is another well-known bus tour guide service. Its tours are fun-filled and very detailed. Depending on the London route you choose, you can easily stop and explore four landmarks to your heart’s content. 

There are live guides for each tour but it might be a little pricey whereas the audio guides come at a more budget-friendly cost. Each audio guide is translated in 12 languages. So you can easily explore the city in your favourite language. 

Each ticket has a timeline ranging from 24 to 48 hours.This means you can easily board and alight the bus in 24 hours or the alternative. Not all tickets allow you to change your tour date. 

Price: £54

 3. Golden Tours

This is a remarkable bus tour service that takes you beyond central London. There are several places outside central London that will pique your interest. For instance, the Warner Bros Studio Tour. If you are a fan of Gryffindor House and Harry Potter influenced your childhood, then you want to go on this tour. The tour gives you the live experience of some locations and costumes used in Harry Potter. 

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You could also travel to Bath, explore Windsor Castle and step in between the Stonehenge. Additionally, tickets to Princess Diana’s photography exhibition are also available. With this tour company, you will have an extraordinary London tour experience.

Also, Golden tours provide the classic Central London experience  with all the perks. 

Price: £17 to £100+

4. City Sightseeing London

This is another favourite alternative for you. Their fun facts and local gems makes the tour lively and very exciting. Most of their tickets have the river cruise option. So, after enjoying a thorough city tour, you can cruise on London’s famous river. 

Furthermore, some tickets come with extra tickets to famous sites like the London Eye and Madame Tussauds exhibition. You will get up close pictures of the major stops along with audio guides. The bus doesn’t restrict you. There is enough room in the open air section of the bus and you can easily come down at any of the big stops like Trafalgar Square, or the Big Ben. 

The company also offers tour services in other major cities of the world including Barcelona, Edinburgh, Dubai and others.

Price: £39 to£95.

5. Trafalgar Square Tours

This is one of the major global bus tour companies. So, most of its bus tours explore England’s landscape. However, one tour covers London. In this trip, you explore four London districts in eight days. Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Borough Market and Greenwich will be the canvases for some remarkable London experiences. 

While the tours of other brands might be noisy and crowded, you get a more intimate tour package with this brand. Your accommodation, meals and activities are handled by the tour service which explains the high tour cost. Your tour guide can even adjust the trip and route for a more personalized experience.

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Price: £2,253

6. Premium Tours

For a luxurious ride through London which comes with snacks or drinks, this is the bus tour for you. It offers the classic Central London experience but if you are with children, you have to buy tickets for  them.

Price: £59 to £100+

 7. See London by Night Tour

Have you wondered how London looks in the night? Well, this tour bus service is about to unveil it to you. London is a city that rarely sleeps so its nights are a treasure to behold. The night light casts a beautiful glow on London’s landmarks, giving you a very memorable experience. 

Tour begins from Greenwich and takes you through Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and ends at Piccadilly Circus. This is a family friendly trip that will get your children’s attention. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy tickets for children below 5 years. Ticket fees for children below 15 years is £16 but adults above 15 get a £29 ticket.

Price: £29 


A London vacation is not complete without a good London double decker bus tour. From comprehensive hop-on, hop-off services to specialized night tours, these seven options provide varied and enriching ways to experience the magic of London.

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