Best ways to get to London from Dublin

7 Best ways to get to London from Dublin

Are you a tourist? Looking for your next interest in location yet coming up with no ideas? Or you simply want to take a vacation somewhere? Then the location and means of transportation is important.


If you’re interested in going to visit London while staying in Dublin, this article is for you, as we have a list of 7 Best ways to get to London from Dublin without having to stress yourself.

7 Best ways to get to London from Dublin






6.Car ferry


Best ways to get to London from Dublin

1. Flight

Heading to London from Dublin simply takes about 90 mins and about 90 dollars as transportation price. Besides this quick time and price, air transports provide a level of comfort and relaxation that other means of transportation cannot offer. 

People who do not suffer from fear of heights have it even better as they can stare at the beautiful scenery before them and enjoy how the city of Dublin changes to the city of London slowly but gradually. 

Besides the view, the quiet and smooth ride that is not affected by traffic provides very fast transportation for customers. The airport is waiting for you, head there now and book your flight. 

2. Ferry

Would you rather move to London from Dublin by water? The ferry is ready for you. All you have to do is go through the registration and get on the ferry at the appointed time. Price of the ferry is about €60 depending on which company you use. 

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Journey time is about 3 hours unless you use the Irish Ferries which offer faster sails which will ensure you arrive after roughly 120 minutes. 

Journey by ferry gives you a beautiful view of the ocean. Being surrounded by nothing but water from end to end while hearing the sound of waves around you just puts you in a relaxed mood until the journeys are over.

 No traffic, no loud motorists and no gas blowing over your face from uncaring motorists. Ferry journey is definitely one of the best means of transportation you can embark on. 

3. Train 

Traveling by train is also a good means of heading over to London from Dublin. While not as high class as a ferry or plane journey, the train also offers a very smooth journey as you won’t be hindered by traffic while on the rail. 

Of course, you can also view the trees and buildings which you pass by quickly as the train moves at high speed. Journey time is usually around 8 hours, which provides you with enough opportunity for good sleep time or you can also pass the time by reading a book, watching movies, playing games or talking with a friend close to you. 

There are many options for you to use your 8 hours for. Train to London from Dublin usually costs about €60 depending on when you book the journey. 

4. Bus/Coach (Best ways to get to London from Dublin)

If you don’t want to follow the plane, ferry or train due to personal reasons, you can also catch a bus going to London from Dublin. 

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However, the time delay on the journey is a bit high. Journey time from Dublin to London by bus is about 12 hours. This is a good half of the day. If you plan on taking the bus to London from Dublin, you should plan how you’ll spend your time on the bus. 

Though not many options are available as you have to remain in your position. Bus prices are usually around €60. These prices vary depending on when the ticket is booked and when the day of traveling will be. 

5. Drive

If you have something urgent that requires you to head over to London from Dublin immediately, or you just want to enjoy a private drive separate from other people. 

You can rent a car and head over to London directly in about 8 hours. People who enjoy driving can use this chance to relax with the wheels. Or if you’re on a leisure drive, you can simply take your time to enjoy it all and slowly cruise from one city to the other. 

Renting a car is a bit expensive, some people even charge upto €500 for a rent. However, you can definitely come across cheaper car rental prices. 

6. Car Ferry

Are you aiming for a long vacation or a permanent relocation from Dublin to London and you’re wondering how to transport your property? Don’t worry you’re covered already as car ferries specifically made to carry people and vehicles are made available. 

Drive your vehicle aboard the ferry and board alongside it to head over to London with your properties intact. Car ferries are no different from normal ferries, offering the same advantages of no traffic plus the beautiful view of the ocean. Of course the car ferries offer an added advantage of ensuring your vehicle and properties travel with you. 

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Car ferries usually cost about $200, and the journey can last upto 12 hours so you have a lot of time to yourself which you can use to enjoy the view of the ocean or do other things. 

7. Eurostar

Besides all these means of transport, individuals can also follow Eurostar. A train service belonging to an international agency. 

Fare price is about €50 and the duration of travel is about 7 hours. This high speed train service offers a smooth journey from Dublin to London while offering nice views of nature slipping past at high speed. 

Book a ticket now and grab your own share of the fun. 


With these means of transport mentioned, nothing hinders you from beginning your journey from the capital city of Ireland to London for new views, attractions and many more. 

London really has a lot of things to offer and it will be a shame if you miss out on this wonderful opportunity on your tourist adventure. The country is also one of the best for vacation.

Therefore, If you stay in Dublin and you keep thinking of a good location for your long awaited break, you don’t need to look too far as London is just around the corner. 

Take the step and start that journey today, you’ll definitely not regret what the lively city has to offer you. 


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