Best Months to Visit London

7 Best Months to Visit London

Due to the cultural diversity and the monuments of London, the city has a never ending line of visitors. Yes, London is a delightful place and we can never get tired of visiting it. 


Yet, you will agree with me that the pie is best served hot. Well, this analogy also applies to London. The perks of London are best enjoyed in certain months of the year. Each month brings its unique charm, giving you an exceptional London vacation.  Can you guess those months? 

Well, your suspense is about to end! Without further Ado, these are the 7 best months to Visit London.

7 Best Months to Visit London

  1. April time
  2. May time
  3. June time
  4. July time
  5. September time
  6. October time
  7. December time

Best Months to Visit London

1.  April

After the gloom of January and February, April brings Spring and laughter with it. The flowers are blooming and the city is awakening.  So, if you aren’t a fan of the crowd, this is the best time to visit the Tower of London, the Shard, Westminster Abbey and several other sites. Hyde park, the Thames and other parks are popular spots this month. 

Beyond the regular sites, London also has some special events lined up for you. You can sit on the sidelines during the famous London Marathon. There are also Museum Night Events which might interest you. 

2. May:

In May, Spring Season is at its apex and so are London activities. There is a good influx of tourists. So, it’s important to plan your itinerary and make reservations for all activities.

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May still holds a significant amount of rain for London but locals consider it one of their best months. The nights are cool and the days are mostly warm. Since we are talking about London, you should still bring protective clothing. 

In this month, the Thames opens its arms to strangers. So, you can enjoy an idyllic ride on the Thames. Many street markets are open as well as many art events. As the forerunner of festival season, the month brings The Chelsea Flower show, Southbank center’s Meltdown festival and several other festivals.

3. June

Gradually, Spring is folding its curtains while Summer shyly peeks at London. The tourist band is quickly awakening and so are many eye-catching events. The weather is more pleasant than May but it’s best you prepare for the occasional shower. Like April and May, you can still maximize the serene walks but you will see the occasional tourist. 

Between the tourists influx and Festival Season, it might be hard to not meet a crowd in London. Your best approach would be to avoid rush hour because it brings people and traffic.

Every month has its drawbacks so let’s move to the good stuff. You will see Festival Season in full swing, so there will be a lot of sights to take in. If you are a cultural junkie or a curious person, well, June provides ample opportunity to soak in a lot of information. 

While you are here, this is the best time to book tickets for Trooping the Colour. You could catch a glimpse of the royal family or better still, get wrapped up in that English pomp and pageantry. 

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4. July

At this time of the year, there’s a full blown party in London and the crowd keeps getting bigger. The rain has been toned down and the sun has almost taken control of the weather. However, with the sunny weather and the large gatherings comes the heat stroke. So, you want your clothing to be relatively light during the day. 

London is a tourist wonderland at this time of the year, there’s so much to see, do and eat and not enough time to cover everything. Almost everywhere holds a crowd, so you definitely want to buy online tickets before stepping into any public place. 

The usual tourist routine will always be there but the highlights of London at this time are the Wimbledon tennis championship, the climax of the Cricket World cup, Buckingham Palace opening and more! 

Music festivals are still a common site but the renowned Hampton festival and Pride in London parade should be on your bucket list.

5. September

Well, school has resumed so the familiar tourist crowd is thinning. Summer quietly gives way to Autumn and you can enjoy those peaceful walks once again. 

When you go for your walks, layer your clothing because the light rain may cause a chill. September presents the best time to hit your favorite tourist spots and immerse yourself in their architecture and beauty. 

Special features include the Thames Festival and Japanese celebrations. You could also stick around for the London Fashion week and get firsthand shows of the latest trends.

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6. October

Although October has its appeal, you will see less tourists on the streets. Autumn is in full swing so you can finally leave the umbrella. The trees are colourful, the birds are chirping and you can feel the earth beneath your feet. In those moments, the world seems calm and your worries, far away. 

You will meet more locals than tourists. So, things might seem a little laid back. The city’s history and landmarks are open for your exploration. There are also hidden landmarks that you will discover. Halloween decorations and celebrations will lighten the city’s bustle while several events call your attention.

7. Best Months to Visit London: December

Oh boy, December, where do I begin? From the twinkling lights to the numerous Christmas markets, December gives London a complete makeover. The beauty of London is thoroughly captured in December. Out of the 7 best months to visit London, December definitely holds a special place in my heart. 

The magic of the season, the hope it brings and the cheer it shares are all captured in the atmosphere. The weather is chilly and daylight turns to twilight in the twinkle of an eye. Despite this drawback, tourists return to London for the full blown festive season. 


These are the 7 best months to visit London. The absence of August might be shocking to you but that’s the peak of the Tourists season. Therefore, you will likely not enjoy your London experience. 

London has a little something for everyone, so enjoy the best of London during these months. Just remember to pack appropriately and plan your trip because many events and places will catch your eye.


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