Best Ways to Travel Commercially from London to Edinburgh

7 Best Ways to Travel Commercially from London to Edinburgh

If you are planning to travel from London to Edinburgh, and still not certain on what way will be the best for your trip, then this article is for you.


There are a lot of options available, if you want to embark on a trip from London to Edinburgh, each option has its own prevailing advantages and uniqueness.

If you are still confused on what options will be the best, then read on as I reveal to you the 7 best ways you can travel from London to Edinburgh.

7 Best Ways to Travel Commercially from London to Edinburgh

1. Train travel

2. Bus travel

3. Air travel.

4. Car rental

5. Shared ride

6. Bicycle touring.

7. Ferry service.

7 Best Ways to Travel Commercially from London to Edinburgh

1. Train travel

Traveling by train is one of the best travel options you can explore for a unique experience that fits you, if you are considering speed as a major criteria for your trip. Trains as a means of transportation are very fast and free from traffic congestion.

Traveling by train is an experience you would love because of the beautiful sightseeing and Panasonic views of the countryside.

It is true that trains are more expensive and crowded, but it is always worth the cost because of the blissful travel experience you will enjoy.

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Traveling by train can take an average distance of 330 miles, which is about 553 km/hr and a travel distance of 4 hrs 11 mins.

Average cost price £312

2. Bus travel

If you are considering a budget friendly trip, then consider traveling by bus as a means of transportation.

Even though it is less expensive, your travel experience will be fun and full of interesting stories to tell afterwards because of the Panasonic views along the road.

Although traveling by bus can be slow and time consuming, it’s worth it and you will never regret it because of the comfort you will get to enjoy. Passengers can sit back and relax during travel.

If comfort is your priority during travel, then you should consider joining a bus on your next trip from London to Edinburgh.

Traveling by bus can take an average distance of 332 miles which is about 535 km/hr and an average time of 7-10 hours.

Average cost price:£338

3. Air travel

Air travel is inarguably the fastest means of travel. With so many advantages over other means, with flights, you could cover a travel distance of 8 hours in just an hour.

Advantageously, flights are available at all times of the day. If you priority a hassle free trip when considering your means of travel, then you should have flight as your first option

The Panasonic views you enjoy while traveling by air is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Despite being expensive, it is worth the cost.

Traveling by air can take an average distance of 331 miles which is equivalent to 533.11 km/hr and an average travel duration of 1-2 hours.

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Average cost price: £313

4 Car Rental.

Comfort is a major choice of travelers and car rental offers that opportunity to enjoy your comfort and space while embarking on your trip.

You have the freedom to travel at your own pace, explore the amazing views by the roadside, pack as much luggages as you want and free from restrictions by bus or train conductors.

Although it is quite expensive due to the cost of fuel and insurance, traffic congestion and delays can be discouraging, and the stress of navigating unfamiliar routes if you are not from the UK.

There may be a need to rent a GPS if you’re not familiar with the area, which can increase your cost of travel.

Traveling by car rental can take an average distance of 400 miles and A travel duration of 6-7 hours.

Average cost price:£140-£250.

5. Shared ride

Shared ride is one of the best means of traveling because of the exciting experience of communicating with other travelers. It is usually more affordable compared to other means of traffic.

Shared ride have quite some numbers of disadvantages over other means; from having to wait for other passengers to arrive or to get dropped off at their destinations, to having

multiple stops, which can add to the journey time.

You may also not have control over the route or schedule.

Traveling by means of shared ride can take an average distance of 420 miles which is about 650km/h and s time duration of about:6-8 hour

Average cost price :£100-£200.

6 Best Ways to Travel Commercially from London to Edinburgh: Bicycle touring

If you are a lover of adventures, then consider bicycle touring your next trip option. The exciting experience of having a closer view of the countryside makes bicycle touring fun and enjoyable.

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The joy of traveling at your own pace is heavenly, camping or staying in B&Bs along the way is an exciting experience travelers look out for when considering a means of transportation, this has made bicycle touring the best option for many tourists.

Although traveling by bicycle can be disadvantageous because of the unpredictable weather and the need to plan your routes carefully as not all roads are suitable for cycling.

Bicycle touring can take up a day or two which makes the journey slower.

Average cost price: £32-£50

7 Ferry

Travelers with a ferry  for maritime adventures can choose ferry services while traveling from London to Edinburgh.

While traveling by Ferry can be risky, You will still get to enjoy the panoramic views of the coast and the sea. You can relax and take your time during the journey. To add more fun to your travel experience,  Ferries often offer amenities such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

Traveling by ferry can take an average distance of 400 miles which is about 650 km/hr and a time duration of 1-12 hours (depending on the route)

Average cost price:£321-£400


If you are looking forward to traveling from London to Edinburgh, then these options mentioned in the article are the best options for you, depending on the criteria you prioritize during travel.


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