Best Locations to live in London

7 Best Locations to live in London

Are you looking for places in London to stay, visit, or come for your honeymoon and vacation? Well, we have lots of places for you.


London is an enormous city filled with history, adventure, and culture, so deciding where to stay in London has a huge impact on your trip. One of the coolest things about London is that each area has its own character and makes you feel like you’re in a completely different city, but with so many areas and a plethora of things to do and see, choosing where to stay in London may be a tough one.

We are excited to walk you through London’s best neighbourhood. Whether you’re after a quiet street, a convenient location, or a taste of luxury, each of the below hotels has something unique to offer.

This article will help your decision on where to stay in London a bit easier.

Best Locations to live in London

  1. May fair
  2. Soho
  3. Kensington and Chelsea
  4. Shoreditch
  5. Covent garden
  6. Kings cross
  7. Camden

7 Best Locations to live in London


May Fair is an area of luxury, nestled in the heart of central London, may fair is without a doubt one of the classiest part of town and as such, it comes at a premium price. When you see London in films or TV shows, this is often one of the main spots featured due to its stunning arch, texture and snazzy storefronts.

May Fair is also home to one of the iconic department stores in the world called Harrods.
This is one of the best areas to experience your first afternoon tea. Many luxury hotels offer a wide selection of fancy teas, desserts, and sandwiches.

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The may fair area also has a ton of Instagrammable cages, shops, and high-end London restaurants, but you will want to make sure you book in advance, and if you are a super car fan, you will likely spot anything from an Aston Martin to a Bugatti on every corner and side street in the area.


Soho is the best area for families situated in the borough west minster, Soho is where to stay in London to be a central as possible. This neighborhood boasts bustling streets and is a great area for families as it’s within walking distance of many major attractions, including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Oxford circus, and Big Ben.

The Cavendish London is one of my top hotel picks in the area. The view of the city are amazing, despite being one of the most popular areas in London for visitors, it is still possible to find an affordable hotel and stick to a reasonable budget for visiting London while staying in Soho.

Not to mention, it has some of the best nightlife in London. It is also great for family trips, and lots of tourists visit often.


Kensington and Chelsea is the best area for a romantic European escape at a luxury hotel with peace and quiet, while being in the doorstep of several attractions. It is the perfect choice for your stay in London.

The Eshan London is highly recommended and is a romantic hotel for couples. This royal borough in the west end is filled with quintessentially British architecture, colorful streets, and lovely storefronts.

Be sure to check out Sloane square, a famous shopping street filled with cute London cafés and fancy restaurants. Kensington and Chelsea is one of London’s most iconic attractions, the natural history museum is located in the heart of south Kensington station.
Fashion lovers should check out the Victoria and alber museum across the street.

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Shoredict is one of the places you can find the best night-life in London. This place is where to stay in London, if you are looking to have a proper night out and explore an area filled with arts and culture.

As you wander through areas filled with street arts, you will find some best hidden gems that London has to offer in terms of bars, restaurants, markets, and shops. In particular, brick lane is a famous street that has some of London’s best Indian cuisine and is dotted with vintage shops.
Shoredict is centrally located and stretches out across east London, accessible by main tube line and buses.

This is personally one of my favorite neighborhoods in London, filled with characters, live music
venues and fantastic local coffee shops.


Covent garden is the best food scene in London. It is an old faithful spot in London. This vibrant neighborhood in London west end has everything from lively London bars to the best restaurants in London.

It is great for both solo travelers and families While here, wander your way through Covent garden market, one of the most buzzing shopping districts in town. The main market is made up of several shops, restaurants, bars, and stalls filled with Independence Sellers of antiques, food, art, crafts, and souvenirs.

Despite its convenient location, there are many types of hotels options in the area, including boutique hotels mid-range hotels and budget hotels if you are looking to save the extra pounds.


King Cross is the best area for arts and culture in London, whether you are a massive Harry Potter fan or love a bit of history, kings cross in central London is filled with charm, character, and culture.

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The world renewed kings cross station is always bustling with travelers and is well-connected to train journey within and outside London. This is arguably the best neighborhood to stay in London for both business and culture lovers, as it truly does have something for everyone.

A short walk from the station is coal drops yard, a shopping destination with over 50 stores and
restaurants. This area especially comes alive in the summer, when bars open up their outdoor terraces. There are also several green spaces, often hosting fun activities such as art installations and crazy golf.


Camden is the best for a student holiday in London. If you are looking for where to stay in London with a group of friends, then Camden town is one of my top recommendations.

Located in central London and surrounded by many of the city’s main university campuses, the area offers culture and charm. Within the district you have the famous Camden lock, a market filled with a multitude of treasures along the regent’s canal.

In the summer, Camden Lock boasts streets and alleyways filled with live music, cute cafés, excellent shopping and fantastic eats.

Camden is also conveniently located near Regent Park. Here, you can get a nature fix in the gardens and admire the adorable animals at the London Zoo. It is a great place for fun nightlife, homes to live and lots more.


Sometimes we, as humans, we prefer comfort to luxury and some other times we prefer luxury to comfort.

The bottom line is that both factors move in together, as a luxurious place is comfortable. If you reside in London or plan to migrate to New, then finding a place that meets your needs is certainly your first priority! This post has covered all you need to know about the top 7 places to live in London.

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