Undercover Underage Duke

Undercover Underage Duke: Story Reveal of Daniel Bowling

Incontrovertibly, there are numerous kinds of people online. There are those cyberbullies, and there are those with different perspectives preying on others because they feel superior to others. In this piece, I’ll elucidate the case of the nefarious online predator who molests underage girls for pleasure. 


Who is Daniel Bowling?

Daniel Bowling is a 26-year-old professional golfer. According to reports reaching us, he’s been playing golf at a professional level for less than a decade now. 

Daniel Bowling (or simply, Daniel for the sake of emphasis) has been on the raider of the Child Molestation Taskforce for a while now. Many reports got to the authorities that Daniel fondly practised taking advantage of females according to reports.

According to authorities, they have been getting disturbing reports that Daniel was inviting and travelling to see underaged girls. This propelled the task force to go on a “bait operation” on Daniel.

Undercover Underage Duke: Why was he arrested?

Many reports posit that Daniel Bowling was a “notorious Online Predator”. He was arrested on the 6th of May, 2021. During his arrest, authorities made it known that Daniel tried sending messages to a teenage girl online who he didn’t realize was an undercover officer.

When he was interrogated, he explained that he thought he was meeting up with a teenage girl he had been chatting with. Meanwhile, he was greeted with an arrest from the police force.

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Intelligence Intel

According to reports, Daniel’s first contact with the “bait” was through Adchat (A social messaging platform) Going by intelligence reports, before the first 24 hours were over, the situation/conversation progressed rapidly to a venereal one.

What happened to Daniel Bowling?

After his arrest on the 6th of May, 2021, he was booked into the Orange County Jail with 12 charges one of which was a coital conversation with a minor and a move to go see a minor for sensual purposes.

Golfing associations have denied knowing Daniel saying; he was never a member of their association.


There you have it folks, the cover story of how simply put, “undercover underage duke” operation took place and how Daniel Bowling was put behind bars for molestation of minors.


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