best Weekend Trips From London

7 Best Weekend Trips From London

Do you want to take some time away from the crowd and just have fun?


Do you want to admire the beauty of the world outside London?

Then let’s explore exciting places outside London together.

It’s no doubt that London is a beautiful and exciting place to explore have fun. However there is so much beauty and adventure waiting outside the four walls of the city.

7 best weekend trips From London include;

7 Best Weekend Trips From London


2. Bath

3. Isle of wight

4. Windsor castle

5. Brighton

6. Cotswolds

7. Stonehenge

Best Weekend Trips From London


Oxford is situated 56 miles (90km) from central London, which makes it an easy trip to embark on. It is famously know as the home of the prestigious Oxford University.

Your visit to Oxford wouldn’t be complete without visiting top sights like the University of Oxford which is globally recognized for it’s rich academic history and excellence, which has birthed top scholars in our world today. Get an exciting guided walking tour, where you explore the beauty behind the walls of the school with alumni guides.

On this tour, you will get to visit the university’s oldest colleges and learn about their history, visit the famous Bodleian Library, Harry Potter film site and many more exciting sites

Also get to visit other sites like the Ashmolean museum, Carfax tower, bridge of sighs, Pitts Rivers museum or have a picnic on Port meadow. The list of fun things to do in Oxford is inexhaustible.

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There are luxurious hotels to choose from, where you can enjoy comforting services after the day’s fun.

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Distance: 56 miles (90km)

Travel Time: 1 hour by train, 1hour 30mins. by car


Bath is a perfect weekend time out for individuals across all ages. Start your weekend in Bath by lodging in any comfortable hotel of your choice.

Head to the pump room and join the free walking tour which often lasts about 2 hours, where you get to learn the history of the city and admire it’s beauty.

Start out your guided tour at the Pump Room where your guides show you the Roman Bath, get to visit amazing places like the hot springs in Bath, the Queen’s square, the Royal Crescent, the Circus, Pulteney bridge and the Bridge Russell Crowe, and end your tour back at the Pump Room.

If you would like to learn more, explore other paid tours like Bath Abbey tour, the Tower tour, or the Roman Bath tour. As you go on any of these tours, you are accompanied by audio or video guides which explain how the rooms were used and how they looked.

Visit other places like Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, Holburne museum, Bath spas, restaurants like Sally Lunn’s eating house and museum.You can’t run out of thíngs to do or places to visit in Bath.

Location: Bath, United Kingdom.

Distance: 96 miles (155km)

Travel Time: 2hours 30mins


Isle of Wight is an island located off the south coast of England, it is famous for its dinosaur life and is regarded as the UK’s dinosaur capital.

Visit exciting towns like Cowes which is known as one of the main ferry ports into the city, enjoy the beach sight and fun at Rydes, explore Newport, the capital of the island where you can visit the island’s museum to learn its history, Newport Roman villa, Carisbrooke castle where Charles was imprisoned, cinemas, theaters or bars.

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What is a visit to the the isle of wight without reaching it’s exciting resorts?

For families and individuals who enjoy the atmosphere of traditional seaside resorts and beach experience, Ventor, Sandown or the popular Shanklin resort is a must visit.

The isle of Wight is a perfect location for weekend tours and sightseeing, beach activities or even shopping.

Location: Off the South Coast of England

Distance: 97 miles (156 km)

Travel Time: 3 hours


Windsor is a town on the River Thames, just West of London. It is known as the home to Windsor Castle where the British Royal family reside.

A weekend in Windsor is incomplete without visiting Windsor Castle. It is the biggest and oldest inhabited castle in the world that has existed for over 900 years.

Take a tour around the castle and see the Round Tower, Queen Mary Doll’s House,Henry VIII’s amour, the water loo chamber and also witness the changing of the guards.

Explore other top attractions in Windsor like Windsor & Eton Brewery, St George’s Chapel where Harry and Meghan got married, St George’s Hall where Duke and Duchess of Sussex held their wedding reception, Theater Royal Windsor, Windsor Great Park, Windsor Royal Station, Tally Ho Stables, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and other interesting sites.

Location: Windsor, United Kingdom

Distance: 25 miles (40km)

Travel Time: 41mins


Brighton is a seaside resort situated 47 miles south of London. It is popular for its diverse communities, Top sights in Brighton include Royal Pavilion,  Brighton Palace Pier, Sea Life Brighton, American Express Stadium, Brighton beach, Brighton Museum and art gallery, Booth Museum Of Natural History, Churchill Square Shopping Center, the list is almost endless.

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Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Distance: 47 miles

Travel Time: 57 minutes

6. Best Weekend Trips From London: COTSWOLDS

Cotswolds is a region of rollings hills in South Western England which is about 100 miles away from LONDON

See in real life, Films and tv sets that have been used in movies such as Harry Potter, Stardust and Bridgerton. Experience how these movies come alive afresh in your memory

Shop from antique stores and show rooms, relax in a high class spa where you get facials and massage done, attend festivals like Cotswolds Beer festival or the Big Ben festival, hop on a hot air balloon ride and tour Cotswolds most iconic villages or walk the Cotswolds way with an official guide to take you through the finest routes in the area to explore it’s charm.

Whether you visit places like Cotswolds Lavender, Warwick castle, The Roman Baths, Broadway tower, Cotswolds wildlife and garden, take on tours around the area or even have an afternoon tea in Oxfordshire, every activity has it’s unique vibe.

Location: Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Distance: 100 miles

Travel Time: 2hours 30mins.


Stonehenge is a construction of roughly hewn stones on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England. 

Tour round Salisbury historical landmarks and cathedral, take a stroll round the UNESCO listed stones and visit Amesbury to discover its 21st century sculpture.

Visit other interesting sites near Stonehenge like woodhenge, Salisbury cathedral, The Roman Bath, Salisbury escape rooms, Salisbury museum, Wilson House and other amazing locations where you can have fun and learn.

Location: Salisbury, United Kingdom.

Distance: 88 miles

Travel Time: 1hour, 42mins


There are a lot of places to go outside London that promises all the fun and excitement more than you can experience in London. Your fun starts on your trip.


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