Best Hop on Hop Off Bus London

7 Best Hop on Hop Off Bus London

Navigating Through the City of London Grandeur: An Extensive Compass to the 7 Best Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours In London


London city is an ever-buzzing city with different landmarks and site attractions that make it attractive to onlookers and visitors.

As a tourist or commuter, one of the best side attractions in London city is the Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour centers around the city. You will be amazed at how it helps in exploring the environs to get more familiar with the City.

The Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour around the city of London also provides a means for tourists to have fun before leaving the City of London, adding to the fact that it makes it possible for tourists to get used to their surroundings through sightseeing, indirectly adding to the buoyancy of the economy.

Therefore, as a tourist or a newbie in the city of London, you may be on the lookout for the perfect Hop-On Hop-Off location around you to explore the city of London. This article delves into the 7 hop-on-hop-off bus tours in London, with their locations, opening hours, price range, and detailed information on other factors needed to make you have a fun-filled stay in the City of London.

7 Best Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours In London

  1. The Big Bus Tour
  2. The Original Tour
  3. The Golden Tour
  4. The Sightseeing London Tour
  5. Evans and Evans Tour
  6. The Big Bus Tour LondonClassic Red Tour
  7. The Ghost Bus Tour

Best Hop on Hop Off Bus London

1. The Big Bus Tour in London City:

The Big Bus Tour gives you the best tour services in London City, it covers different routes like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and many others.

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Tours around the city of London, give you the confirmation that your stay in London is never going to be boring with the Big Bus, with their technical know-how experts and staff that knows what it takes to give the best of services for customer satisfaction.

Price range –The Big Bus Tours price ranges from £35 – £45.

However, they have other ticket options ranging from Premium, Deluxe, and Classic you can choose from depending on your choice of option.

Opening hours – They are available from morning till late evening, giving you a better opportunity to explore the city of London to your taste.

2. The Original Tour In London City:

Dealing with the Original Tour makes it possible for you to have a wonderful view of London City and its surroundings, covering distances like St Pauls Cathedral, the British Museum, and the popular Westminster Abbey, these are places you should go to any time you find yourself in London. With The Original, you sign in for a great experience that is fun-filled and exciting.

Price range –You can get a bus tour ticket with The Original for £30 per day. However, you will not regret dealing with them, as it is fun and interesting going round the ever buzzing London City sightseeing.

Opening hours –They offer an early morning tour and a late night tour for evening tour lovers, which makes it possible to experience the best view at your convenience.

3. The Golden Tours:

With Golden Bus Tours, you are privileged to tour around Central London without having to stress yourself on how to make it fun-filled. They are known to cover Piccadilly Circus, House of Parliament, and other must-see attractions in London.

Price range –At Golden Tours, you get access to bus tours spending less compared to other bus tour centers.

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They have different packages ranging from attraction tickets and river cruises, giving you the best opportunity to tour around London to explore multiple attractions that come with staying in London.

Opening hours –From Morning to Evening, you have access to bus tours around London for sightseeing.

4. The Sightseeing London Tour:

With the name, you should know what to expect from the Sightseeing Bus tour, they cover substantial landmarks across the city of London, ranging from Covent Garden, Shard, and the popular Tower Bridge, which allows you to sightsee around the ever-buzzing city of London without having to regret your actions.

Price range –Dealing with the Sightseeing London Tour, you only need £20 – £40 for a day to sightsee the City of London. However, they offer you a discount and competitive rate which makes it affordable for you to explore London City.

Opening hours –They open every day, making it possible for you to explore London City easily.

5. Evans and Evans Bus Tour:

Evans Evans Bus Tour allows you to tour around London, they cover places like the British Museum, London Bridge, and the Popular Tower of London. When you choose the Evans and Evans bus tour, you choose worthy sightseeing and a fun-filled exploration. They are well-loaded with staff that are ready to serve you right with top-notch services.

Price range –Evans and Evans Bus Tours come with a package of £30 daily. You may see it as being too much, however, what you don’t know is that they provide the best value for your money and give you the best service you can’t get anywhere else.

Opening Hours:The Evans and Evans tour buses run throughout the day, allowing tourists to embark on their London adventure any time they wish to explore the city of London.

6. The Big Bus Tours London – Classic Red Tour:

Are you on a journey to sightsee around central London and you don’t know where to start? Look no further!


The Big Bus ToursClassic Red Tours are known to cover some distance around central London for sightseers to explore the City better, places like Westminster Abbey, Shard, and the popular Buckingham Palace are the possible destinations you will be chanced to explore with the Big Bus, which gives you the best view around London and also makes it possible for you to get more familiar with your surroundings.

Price range –Big Bus ToursClassic Red Tour offers a cost-effective price, which makes it possible for anybody to sightsee in and around London City without being financially affected.

Opening hour –They are open to serve you right from Morning till evening every day, making it possible for you to sightsee London City and explore your place of choice.

7. The Ghost Bus Tour in London:

Dealing with The Ghost Bus Tours makes it possible for you to explore London City as you wish, as they offer the best of services compared to other Hop-in-Hop-Off bus tours around London.

They also cover a lot of distance in the City of London, making it possible for you to explore some places in London you are not familiar with.

Price range –The Ghost Bus Tour prices are a little bit higher than what other tour services offer, however, you will get services worthy of your money when you patronize them, as they have experts that would make your sightseeing journey fun-filled.

Opening hours –They only work in the Evening time, making it possible for evening tour lovers to explore the City of London.


Are you the type that loves sightseeing when you get to a new city for the first time? Worry no more the bus touring list provided is enough to make your stay in London a fun-filled one with no regrets.

All you have to do is to locate one of them and start to explore and sightsee the City of London. Get for yourself a list of where you want to sightsee in London and make it happen with our bus touring lists.

What are you still waiting for? with our list of bus touring centers, it gets easier for you to locate one and start exploiting the ever-buzzing city of London.t

Enjoy your sightseeing while it lasts!!!


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