What Did Trump Lie About

What Did Trump Lie About? A Review

Many Netizens are eager to know; “What Did Trump Lie About” essentially translating to what claims of the former president of the United States are untrue as labelled by the media outlets. In this piece, we have explicated just that.

What Did Trump Lie About?

Per our research; former American President, Trump lied about 10 things ranging from Election Fraud, COVID-19, Immigration, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Environmental Issues, Personal Finances, Protests and Violence to Investigations.

Donald John Trump the former president of the United States of America serving as the 45th President of the USA made several misleading claims.

According to the Washington Post, Trump has made an average of 21 false claims per day totalling 30,573 during his time.

It is essential to know that most areas he lied about are his; achievements of his policies, COVID-19 pandemic and more importantly, the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump’s falsehoods covered a wide range of topics. Here are some of the key areas where he made misleading or false claims:

A Review of His Falsehood

Election Fraud: Trump repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was rigged and that he actually won. These claims have been debunked by multiple courts, election officials, and independent observers.

COVID-19: Trump made numerous false statements about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the effectiveness of various treatments, and the timeline for vaccine development and distribution.

Immigration: He exaggerated the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., falsely claimed that Mexico would pay for the border wall, and made unsubstantiated claims about immigrants being responsible for significant crime rates.


Economy: Trump often took credit for economic achievements that were part of longer trends or initiated before his presidency. He also made misleading statements about the impact of his tax cuts and trade policies.

Healthcare: He falsely claimed that he had protected individuals with preexisting conditions and made misleading statements about the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Foreign Policy: Trump made inaccurate statements about NATO funding, the Iran nuclear deal, and his administration’s achievements in negotiations with North Korea.

Environmental Issues: He denied climate change and made false claims about the environmental impacts of various policies, including the Paris Agreement.

Personal Finances: Trump made misleading claims about his wealth, tax payments, and financial dealings, including the Trump Organization’s business practices.

Protests and Violence: Trump often misrepresented the nature of protests and the involvement of groups like Antifa, frequently exaggerating the level of violence and attributing it to his political opponents.

Investigations: He repeatedly described the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election and other inquiries as “witch hunts” and “hoaxes,” despite evidence and findings presented by multiple investigative bodies.

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