Best Ways From Heathrow to London

7 Best Ways From Heathrow to London

You will agree with me that the joys of travel come with various inconveniences. In a mega city like London, efficient road navigation may be a tad difficult even for a trip from Heathrow to London!


You are likely familiar with Heathrow, one of London’s outstanding airports. It functions as a passage of sorts for several people. This airport has witnessed the arrival and departure of millions of people, their joys, pain and even transportation challenges.

As a newbie in London, you might be overwhelmed on arrival, making transport difficult. So, we have gathered the best ways you can move from Heathrow to other London districts. This information will boost your productivity and reduce certain inconveniences.

7 Ways To move From Heathrow to London

  1. Heathrow Express
  2. London Underground (Piccadilly Line)
  3. London Black Cabs
  4. National Express
  5. TFL local buses
  6. Private Car Hire
  7. Ride-Sharing Apps

Best Ways From Heathrow to London

    1. Heathrow Express

    This is a renowned train service that is connected to the airport. As a patron, you can catch the trains at terminals 2,3 and 5. They have a 15 minute waiting period during rush hour so there is always a vehicle waiting for you. 

    Due to traffic congestion, this train line offers a swift transit to central London. There are two options for boarding. You could choose the first class option which grants you access to the elite coach or you can pick the standard option. Both options give you free WiFi, luggage racks, Cable TV and comfortable chairs but the elite coach has workstation resources, swift boarding and several others. In addition, you enjoy more leg room and comfort. 

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    If you have underaged children with you, they will be given free tickets but those aged 16+ must pay for their tickets.

    Cost: £27 to £33

    2.London Underground (Piccadilly Line):.

    London is renowned for its underground railroad system usually called the tube. While the Heathrow express is a good transit option, you can use the tube as a more cost-effective option. Its trains are also on the second and third terminals of the airport.

    The tube is connected to other networks of railroads in London. So you can easily change stations and get access to other means of transportation. Still, you should know that the tube gets to West End, London. Hence, you can move from the airport to Covent Garden, Leicester Square and other popular entertainment areas close by. 

    This line runs round the clock. Therefore, you will easily get a train either at night or during the day. The tube’s stop is piccadilly station and you will likely be in the tube for 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will have comfortable seating, good legroom and watch out for the raised platforms: you can keep your luggage there. The tube wasn’t designed for luggages so those platforms are few. Also, there is space between the door and seats, if you don’t want to use the raised compartments. 

    Price: £3-£7 range

    3. London Black Cabs:

    If you are familiar with London movies, then your favourite British character likely used this iconic vehicle. Along with the trains and double decker buses, these cabs are symbolic with London. Therefore, you should add these cabs to your itinerary if you want to enjoy an immersive London experience. 

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    Immediately you walk out of terminals 2 & 3 (closest to the airport entrance), you will see the black cabs at the stands. The drivers are familiar with London roads and they can easily evade the traffic of London’s busy roads. They know every route of London and can also use bus Lanes so they are faster than most vehicles on London road.

    The vehicle seats are luxurious and give space for your feet. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about luggage space. Since the vehicle can accommodate 4 travellers, your small group could opt for this option and split the bill. The Taxi has a fixed pricing system which is based on miles covered.

    Price: £8.26 for one mile

    4. National Express

    This is another good option for navigating London roads. You will meet the coach at terminals during rush hour. The bus also comes during other quiet moments which return once every hour. This is one of the cheapest transport services you can use. 

    Their clients are good natured individuals who want to cut down on cost. One of the advantages of this coach is its stop points. Unlike the trains that transfer you to other railroad vehicles during your journey, the bus could take you to your closest destination. When booking your ticket, you can use the route map and know the likely bus stops. 

    You can also get tickets from the driver but there may be limited copies due to seat availability. Additionally, driver tickets are paid in cash so it’s best you have the right amount of money. E-banking services are only accepted on their website.

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    Price: £10.87

    5. TFL local buses

    These are government owned buses which you will find in terminals 2,3 and 5. Since terminal 5 is a bit far away, patrons of terminals 2 and 3 will use the same vehicle while terminal 5 takes another vehicle. 

    Like National Express, the bus has several stops so you will get a good look at London neighborhoods. You can pay for tickets on the website using oyster card and other e-banking options. 

    Price: £2

    6. Private Car Hire:

    To avoid the hassle and frequent transfers that come with other transport options, you should consider car hire. With this option, you enjoy a luxurious ride to your destination. The designated drivers will meet you at the airport and assist with any luggages. If you want to save time without reducing comfort, them this option is for you.

    Price: £79.00

    7. Ride-Sharing Apps:

    Uber and other ride sharing platforms also offer personal car services but you will share the vehicle with strangers. Before the journey begins, the apps will give you an estimate of the cost.  Furthermore, this option is flexible and convenient for emergencies. With the help of the app, you can track your driver’s progress and

    Price: £30


    For a comfortable and cost effective trip to London, it’s best you choose the tube or other train options. The buses are cheap but they don’t give you the comfort of the trains. Due to their price range, they have different delivery times. Heathrow express is the fastest while TFL buses allow you to save money. Depending on your budget and other factors like comfort, you can choose the best option that suits your needs.


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