Drew Scott Passed Away

Drew Scott Passed Away? Is the TV personality still Alive?

Many netizens are eager to know if the Canadian TV personality, Drew Scott is dead or alive. In this exposé, we will explain just this.


Before we explicate this, we’ll elucidate who he is for those who are not conversant with him.

Who is Drew Scott?

Andrew Alfred Scott, for the sake of this article, we will refer to him as Drew. Drew is a popular Canadian TV personality. He married Phan Linda in 2018.

He was born on the 28th of April, 1978 in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

He gained prominence when he and his win brother Jonathan Scott started a Tv show “Property Brothers”. This show made the Scott brothers very famous in the home renovation niche.

He is a business mogul with a series of business chains under his belt from a furniture line to a home renovation company.

Drew Scott Passed Away?

From what we have gathered, Andrew (Drew) Alfred Scott is still very much alive as of the time of writing this post.

Truly, there have been way too many death rumours about the business mogul, however, we are here to affirm that he is alive and kicking.

Implication of this Death Hoax

Since the widespread speculation of his death, fans around the world have hit the streets of social media to make enquiries if he is dead or alive. The hearts of many fans skipped stumbling upon this news.

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How do you fact-check?

It is expedient to understand that you need to check a lot of things on social media and the internet at large before taking them hook, line, and sinker.

One of two things to do is gather all you can about the ‘subject matter’. Ensure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. This means that you should leave no stone unturned.

Another essential thing to do is to check facts with us. If you have not posted the facts you are looking for just yet, write to us; at admin@treklondon.co.uk and we will respond promptly.


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