7 Best London Day Trips

7 Best London Day Trips

If you’re planning to visit London this summer, then a day trip should definitely be on your bucket list.


London is an amazing city with so many interesting places to explore. However, the city’s bustling lifestyle can easily become overwhelming, especially for newcomers.

Day trips offer a quick escape to rejuvenate your energy while exploring a whole new adventure outside the capital. They are a fun and affordable to spice up your holiday in London.

Many of London’s day trips are just a train or bus away from the city centre. There are organized tours that combine visits to major landmarks, so you make the most of your trip in a short time.

If you’re done exploring most of London’s unique offerings, these are the best London day trips which are worth taking.

7 Best London Day Trips

  1. London to Windsor Castle
  2. London to Warner Bros Studio
  3. London to White Cliffs of Dover & Dover Castle
  4. London to Oxford
  5. London to Hampton Court Palace
  6. London to Paris
  7. London to New Forest

Best London Day Trips

1. Best London Day Trips: London to Windsor Castle

If it’s your first time taking a day trip from London, we highly recommend visiting Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is one of the largest and oldest castles in England located just 32 km away from London.

Windsor Castle is the ultimate royal getaway from London that offers 900 years worth of royal history and grandeur in one day.

The majestic Castle is open to tourists all year round from Thursday to Monday.

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There, you can explore historical apartments where members of the Royal family still use whenever they are in town and see the burial home of many late kings and queens.

From the gold stained receptions, to the magnificent staterooms, there is so much to look forward at Windsor Castle.

Watch out for the changing of the Guards ceremony on Thursdays and Saturdays. You can check the British army website for complete details about the changing schedules.

Entry into Windsor Castle will require a ticket so make sure you book it online well ahead.

2. London to Warner Bros Studio

Enjoy a magical experience on a day trip to the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Watford.

It’s the perfect tour for Harry Potter fans in the city. In the studio, you will see some of the amazing sets, props, costumes and special effects used in making the movie.

On the tour, you will see the Great hall where scenes from the Yule Ball and the Battle of Hogwarts was filmed, the Forbiden forest, the Hogwarts Forest Locomotive, and the Professor Sprouts Greenhouse.

In the props room, you can see firsthand some of the props such as the memory cabinet, the puking pastilles and many more used in the movie.

A day trip to Warner Bros Studio provides a fun experience for tourists.  If you are looking for a short trip that’ll be worth your while outside London, this is a great option for you!

3. London to White Cliffs of Dover & Dover Castle

White Cliffs of Dover is a popular landmark in the English coastline that hold high historical significance to the British. The Cliffs were used as defenses on the front line during both world wars.

They are a sight to behold, reaching heights of almost 400ft above water. The cliffs are made of chalk and offer a breathtaking view of the southern sun.

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There is abundance of greenery spread across the entirety of the cliff. You will see lots of pretty flowers, butterflies and small animals as you walk.

After exploring the cliff, you can take a short trip to the Dover Castle to spend the rest of your day, before heading back to London.

Dover castle is another famous historical castle in the United Kingdom. It was built in the 11th century by King Henry II as a military site in the World War.

To get to Dover Cliffs from London, you can take a direct train to the city or book a day tour with popular tour companies in London.

4. London to Oxford

Oxford is a beautiful city blessed with centuries worth history and culture.

It is home to Oxford University, one of UK’s oldest Universities located just an hour from the city centre. The university has 38 colleges, a museum and a library. The Ashmolean Museum holds the Oxford University’s museum of art and archaeology and Bodleian Library is one of the oldest research libraries in Europe.

Some scenes from the Harry Potter Movie were also filmed at Oxford University, so its a fun visit for movie lovers as well.

There are other amazing sights to see on a day trip to Oxford including Sheldonian Theatre, the Covered Markets and Christ Church College.

Oxford is just a hour train ride away from London so you can visit in the morning and get back to London before night time.

5. London to Hampton Court Palace

A day trip to Hampton Court Palace is perfect for your summer itinerary in London. Hampton Court Palace was the former royal residence of King Henry VIII, his wives and children.

The Palace is located in the London Borough of Richmond, surrounded by a beautiful garden maze. It is opened to the public daily for free on some specified days in the year.

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However, you will need a ticket to enter into to the Palace, Maze and Magic Garden.

On a day trip to Hampton Court Palace, you will learn about the scandalous history of the Tudor and explore the interiors of the castle. The best time to visit the Palace is in the spring season, so you can celebrate the enchanting tulip festival with the locals.

6. London to Paris

Who says you can’t travel between two cities in Europe in a day? Well, we’re here to show you that it is very possible and one of best day trips to take is from London to Paris.

Paris is a beautiful city in France located just 344km away from London.

In Paris, you can explore popular attractions such as the breathtaking Eiffel Tower, the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral, and the scenic Seine River. You can also visit some of the city’s famous Museums, or enjoy Parisienne cuisines at an outdoor Cafe.

The fastest way to make a day trip to Paris from London is by taking the Eurostar Train. The train journey takes just 2 hours and 16 minutes from London’s St. Pancras International Station to Gare du Nord station in Paris.

Standard tickets range from €30-60, while Standard Premier tickets cost between €110-€140, and Business Premier tickets cost between €280-€300.

7. London to New Forest

If you’re planning a daytrip from London, New Forest is definitely a must-visit.

New Forest is one of the largest parks in the UK which is home to a variety of terrains and conservation centers for wildlife and exotic plants.

Here, you can visit the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu to see over 200 legendary vehicles, the New Forest Wildlife Park, with over 250 animals including the Giant Otters, owls, wolves, lynx, Eurasian bison, mouflon, pine marten, deer and so much more. New Forest presents an exciting way to engage in a variety outdoor activities.

The best way to make a day trip from London to New Forest is by taking a train from London Waterloo usually takes about 1 hour 45 minutes.


If you ever need a break from London, consider going on one of the London day trips in this post.


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