best walking tours in London

7 Best Walking Tours in London

Do you want to stroll along the Streets of London and explore exciting places in the city?


If yes, then this article is for you.

Learn about the city of London as you stroll along the streets of the city and experience various exciting moments.

This article reveals the 7 best walking tours in London, here is our list;

7 Best Walking Tours in London

1.Royal London walking tour

2. Harry Potter walking tour

3. Jack the ripper walking tour

4. London East End food tour

5. Street Art walking tour

6. Shakespeare’s London walking tour

7. Thames River walking tour

Best Walking Tours in London


The royal London walking tour is a tour with professional tour guides readily available to lead visitors through the streets of London, telling you all the historical stories about the lives of Britain’s royal family.

This tour takes you to relevant areas that are related to the royal family such as St.James’ palace, the popular Royal Jewelers, Buckingham palace, the birth place of Queen Elizabeth II, Queens chapel, west minister Abbey and many more.

The Royal tour starts at the St. James park Underground station and ends at Buckingham palace or Westminster Abbey.

This tour is a perfect way to have fun while learning.

Ticket: £17.51 per person

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Location: Trafalgar Sq, St. James’s, London.

Duration: 10am – 12pm


If you are a lover of Harry Potter, then this is the best walking tour for you.

The tour begins at Southwark View Point with guides sorting out all tour members into their different Hogwarts house and ends at the Palace theater.

For the Harry Potter lovers, your walking tour will not be complete without getting to view all the behind the scenes of the amazing Harry Potter movie inspired by JK Rowlings writing and movie production.

You will also get to explore the Millennium Bridge, Kings cross station, Leadenhall market, Diagon Alley and other amazing locations.

Ticket: £17

Location: Leadenhall Market, London.

Duration: 2 hours

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday; 9am – 5pm


Embark on this 2 hours walking tour and experience an amazing moment listening to the true life stories of the popular never caught serial killer who was a terror in the streets of late Victorian London, narrated by your guides.

Get to visit the various murder sites, unravel the never ending murder mysteries and be taken back into the dark history of the 19th century east end.

Explore various locations that hold mysterious murder histories such as Aldgate East, Brick Lane, Ten bells Pub, Spital fields, and white chapel.

Ticket: £13

Location: Whitechapel High St, London.

Duration: 2 hours

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday ;10:30am – 7:30pm


For the food enthusiast, The London East End Food Tour is the best option for you, embark on this 3 hours tour learning about the history and stories of London East end, while enjoying some tasty delicacies.

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The East End is a central point that accommodates various races including Southern Asians and Jewish communities who own restaurants and run local businesses in the city of London.

From traditional to European and Asian dishes explore various stops at locally run restaurants to taste their dishes and learn their histories.

The tour is never a boring one as you get to visit the city’s best food market, and enjoy dishes from London’s various ethnic communities. Also learn about the history of London East End and members of the communities that live there.

Ticket: £60 – 85

Location: London’s East End. Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market.

Duration: 3hours

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday

11:30 am -2:30pm


The London street art walking tour is a perfect adventure for lovers of art. It start in front of the White Goat Statue near Liverpool street railway station where you meet your guides and ends at shoreditch High street Station.

This tour is an exceptional tour because it is the only tour in London that is led by street artists. Explore the history of London’s street artists like Ben Eine, Christian Nagel, Pablo Delgado and the likes

Get to see the unique cultural street arts in the various communities in London and share in their stories and inspirations.

Stop at various locations where you admire colourful graffiti and bold street arts that illuminates the walls and buildings in the streets of London East End.

Also get to stroll down the street and hear stories of the famous notorious serial killer – jack the ripper, and other historical events.

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Ticket: £21

Location: Spitalfields, London E1 7LP, UK

Duration: 2hours 30 mins

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday


This is another exciting walking tour for the lovers of Shakespeare. Get to discover a different perspective of Shakespeare that your teacher did not uncover.

Walk through the city of London where the great icon lived and visit places like the parish church of St Helens, Southwark across the old London bridge, Southwark Cathedral, the London’s old theater district where The Swan, The Rose, The Globe and The Hope theater once operated and other interesting stop points.

The 3 hours tour begins at Bankside Pier, beside the Globe theatre and ends at the Globe theater

Ticket: £20 -£27

Location: New Globe Walk, London.

Duration: 3 hours

Opening hours: Every Thursday 10:30am


Walking along the bank of River Thames, this tour takes you on a journey between two most popular buildings in the world – House of Parliament and Tower of London .

Learn of the stories of people who once lived at the bank of the river and sad events that occured to them.

Get to experience the most famous and interesting sight in London as you stroll through the river bank. You will also get to see hidden places that hold so much excitement and fun for all ages.

Get to see famous places like London Eye, millennium bridge, St Paul’s cathedral, Tate’s modern , Shakespeare’s Globe, Southwark Cathedral, Borough market and other exciting location.

The tour begins at the house of Parliament and ends at the tower of London.

Ticket: £11-£16

Location: London, United Kingdom

Duration: 3hours

Opening hours:Monday – Saturday; 10am –  1pm


Each tour has it’s unique experience and history. Start your journey along the streets of London and discover all the exciting history of the great city. Don’t wait till the next holiday!


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