Best Western Hotels London

7 Best Western Hotels London

Some of the fine details which determine the quality of your travel experience are Lodging and Transportation. The security of a good night sleep and reliable transportation reduces the hassle and inconveniences of trips.


For the sake of this article, we will focus on Lodging, especially the ones provided by Best Western London. 

Best Western Hotels are directed by Best International Inc, a global hotel company with 4000+ hotels and resorts in almost all countries around the world. 

These hotels are conscious of the excellence in their service and delivery. So, you can rely on them to enjoy a restful night and world-class facilities. 

In no particular order, these are the 7 Best Western Hotels London accomodates.

7 Best Western Hotels London

  1. Best Western Northfields Ealing Hotel
  2. Mornington Hotel London Kensington
  3. Best Western Chiswick Palace & Suites
  4. Best Western Buckingham Palace Rd
  5. Best Western Corona Hotel
  6. Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel
  7. Best Western Mornington Hotel Hyde Park

1. Best Western Northfields Ealing Hotel

This is a branch of Best Western Hotels located at Ealing, London. It is an ideal lodging to stop by during your journey. Due to its proximity to the subway station, it increases your chances of early arrival at your destination.

For your personal comfort and luxury, this Northfield Ealing Hotel offers clean and airy rooms that are affordable, accommodating staff and a typical English breakfast. 

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Some facilities at the Hotel include Family-centered rooms, personal restrooms, Free WiFi, wheel-chair tolerant facilities, smoking areas and bar. 

While some rooms include breakfast service, others do not. So, be careful when picking a room. Furthermore, funds are not refundable on this platform.

Location: Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London.

Min Cost: $69

2. Mornington Hotel London Kensington

Situated at the center of many interesting sites, Mornington Hotel is one of the best London Lodgings in East-west London. Its proximity to a subway station, National History museum, Hyde park, Kensington palace and other sites is a plus to every lodger. The local pubs and restaurants scattered around this location also charms guests. 

The hotel features Free WiFi, Family sized rooms, open-air view and non-smoking rooms. Other facilities include ensuite bathrooms furnished with hair dryers, free toiletries, Kitchen with electric kettle, cable channels in the flat screen Tv and many more.

Services include excellent housekeeping, concierge, ironing, strong security with CCTV outside the hotel and around its common areas and many more. 

Location: Penywern road, Kensington, London

Min Cost: £109+

3. Best Western Chiswick Palace and Suites (Best Western Hotels London)

Enjoy the best royal experience at this Western London Palace Hotel. With its proximity to central London, Kew Palace, Heathrow and other essential locations, the typical London experience is just a few steps away. You can reach most of these places mentioned within 25 minutes. 

Guests who loved this restaurant gave the favourite hotel services they received here. These include excellent staff, polished rooms, proximity to tourist attractions, parking lot, breakfast services and many more. 

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Regular facilities like Free WiFi, non-smoking rooms, and a private washroom are available. Yet, you will also find a coffee/tea maker in the kitchen. The restaurant offers wine, champagne and special menus which are available on request. Printing services, banquets, and spacious parking lot are also available at an extra fee. 

Arabic, Hindi, English and Polish are the official languages of this hotel. So, if you are fluent in any of them, there is a chance you might find a fellow nearby- who you could enjoy a conversation with. 

Location: Chiswick High Road, West London

Min Cost: £112+

4. Best Western Buckingham Palace Rd (Best Western Hotels London)

Located in central London, right in the city of Westminster lies this majestic guest house. Its prime location makes it an ideal lodging for London guests. For instance, the hotel is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, and underground station. Furthermore, a 15 minutes commute will get you to Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament.

Previous guests loved the location of the hotel, its pristine bedrooms, hot water heater, hair dryer and hospital staff. Other facilities include meeting banquets, kid-friendly rooms, Beverage maker, front desk service and so on.

Unfortunately, there is no parking space on this property and the only language spoken here is English.

Location: Victoria, Buckingham, Central London

Minimum Cost: £880

5. Best Western Corona Hotel

This is a 3-star hotel located in Central London. Like Best Western Buckingham Palace Rd, it shares close proximity to Westminster Abbey, Victoria Station, House of Parliament and several other attractive hubs. 

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The rooms in these hotels are the single, double, twin and family sized rooms. As a traveller, you are assured of a comfortable stay and conveniences like TVs, free WiFi, ensuite bathrooms and many more.

Unfortunately, you can’t get lunch and dinner in this victorian-style building but a wholesome breakfast is guaranteed here. You can get lunch and dinner at Pimlico Tandoori, Pizza Express and other pubs around. You can also visit Costa Cafe  for an Espresso, latte or coffee of your choice.

If you are working with a budget but want to experience the joys of central London, try Western Corona.

Location: Pimlico, Central London

Min Cost: £160+

6. Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel

The serene environment of Swiss Cottage calms your nerves while reminding you of the wonders that await you in London. 

Furthermore, the hotel can handle all your travel details including reservations and bookings. So, you can relax and enjoy your stay. 

Location: Belsize Park, London

Min Cost: £160+

7. Best Western Mornington Hotel Hyde Park

Western Mornington promises you a premium hospitable experience because of its 4-star status.

In this hotel, you can hit your fitness goals at the gym, enjoy exquisite meals at the dining or opt for room service. On a sunny day, you can get a tan at the glittering pool.

In the evening, enjoy the company of other house guests at the lounge, and end your day with either traditional or exotic dinner from the hotel. You can also explore  restaurants at Queensway for your dining needs

Location: Lancaster Gate, London

Min Cost: £160+


The top Western Hotels in London are a blend of the old and new. For you to get an immersive London experience, these hotels have connected the charm of old England with the convenience of our modern world. So, when next you visit London, check into any of these lodgings and have a wonderful experience.


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