Best Airbnb In London 

7 Best Airbnb In London 

Airbnb, a vacation rental company that is owned by an American company, happens to be an online marketplace that permits owners of properties to lease their properties to individuals and groups of individuals who want accommodation, especially for a short period of time.


This American company gets to act as a middle man between those who want to lease their properties and those who want an accommodation in their preferred location for a fee. Also popularly known for short-term house renting. 

This innovative idea was brought about by Joe Gabbia and Brian Chesky in 2007, when the duo found it so difficult to pay their house rent, thereby renting out the unused space in their apartment to people who came for a business conference. They offered their guests air mattresses and made them breakfast the following morning which sprang the idea of Air Bed and Breakfast shortened as Airbnb.

The simple idea was to connect locals to lease their empty spaces to tourists who are visiting that particular town or city. 

Many people now use this platform to showcase what they have to list, having it in mind that the big company will take care of their needs and make payments. 

Among the Airbnbs in London,  we are going to give a list of the best Airbnb rentals and their location,  prices that are tailored for your budget. This article will guide you to selecting the best Airbnb reservations online. 

Below are list of the 7 best Airbnb location in London 

7 Best Airbnb In London 

1 Luxury Holland Park

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2 Shoreditch Loft- London

3 Covent Garden serviced apartment 

4 Kensington Garden Apartment

5 The Notting Hill Cottage

6 Riverside Retreat- Canary Wharf

7 Camden Townhouse London

Best Airbnb In London 

1 Luxury Holland Park 

This rental is established in London, a well equipped self catered apartment close to a shop plus supermarkets within walking distance.   

 Exceptionally clean and spacious, comfortable and very well equipped kitchen that comes with microwave, coffee machine oven and many more. Free wi-fi, Transport on public transport excellent.

Restaurants like Cibo, cafe and bar like Holland Park cafe and supermarkets and grocery stores like Olympia foods can be found near this rental location. 

Top attractions like Buckingham Palace and Picadilly circus makes this surrounding an excellent location for your money. 

Location : Holland park, Kensington, London 

Amount for hire per night: £246

Active days: Daily 7:30 am -11:30 pm

2. Shoreditch Loft- London 

A great venue for events with a good breakout space. A beautiful perfect space setup which meets your needs perfectly with an accommodating team. The Shoreditch Loft can host up to 50 (minimum) and 80 (maximum) for various events.

If you are looking out for some offers like restaurants,  cafés the location can offer you, in terms of cool amenities,  then Shoreditch Loft is the best option.

Their team vision is to make guests have a wonderful experience with them leaving room for more creativity and sustainability from their end.

Location:  Charlotte Road, London 

Amount for hire per day : £2100

Active days : Sun- Sat  9am -5pm 

3. Covent Garden serviced apartment 

If you are looking for a serviced apartment that offers you nice shopping and dining experiences  with huge attractions,  you should consider the Covent service apartment.

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This apartment offers free WiFi, air conditioning and home appliances to make it easy for guests.

It also offers you some nice locations with views of Buckingham Palace, theatre royal drury lane and Dominion theatre. Good value for money, everything needed for the perfect stay even with extras like Netflix.

Location: West End, Soho, London 

Amount for hire per day: £221 

Active days: Sun-Sat 10am – 8pm 

4. Kensington Garden Apartment 

Looking for an apartment that gives room for six persons, allowing you to also bring in your pets throughout your stay? Kensington Garden apartment  gives you the rare advantage over other apartments. 

This apartment is very close to Holland Park,  Olympia. Guests have access to private gardens. The host communication skills were par excellent and readily available to help

This place offers you access to Free wi-fi, dedicated workspace, HD TV with Netflix, fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

Location: Greater London, London 

Amount for hire per day: £254

Active days: 6am – 8:30pm

5 Best Airbnb In London: The Notting Hill Cottage

Desire a quiet rural location with hiking trails, wildlife attractions and winery? 

A great location with a fenced yard, clean environment, easy to find and a very quiet and relaxing place to visit.

A smoke free apartment that provides 3 rooms, free WiFi and wired internet. You can also find various home equipment like an ironing board, cookware, microwave and refrigerator.

Location: Alto Pass, London 

Amount for hire per day: £298

Active days:

Monday     closed 

Tuesday  Thursday 4pm – 12am 

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 Friday 2pm – 1am

Saturday 1pm – 1am 

Sunday 1pm – 10pm

6. Riverside Retreat – Canary Wharf 

Imagine yourself and your family looking out through your windows, watching the nice views over the Millwall inner dock especially at night. Where you get easy access to plenty of eateries and bars, a transport link from Canary wharf to London bridge, then you should check out this location for the holiday.

It gives you the enchanting Lifestyle to embrace a safer location in London. This place offers canal views, free WiFi, elevator, HD TV that comes with Amazon prime, bright and clean apartment, cool home appliances, portable air conditioning and smoke alarm.

Host is super responsive and helpful. You will definitely love this place, check it out and be satisfied.

Location: Canary Wharf, London 

Amount for hire per day: £215

Active days: Daily 

7 Camden Townhouse London 

A Victorian house with a modern style of touch within a nice neighbourhood in central Camden. Lovely and lively environment with comfy beds and sofas, clean and cosy space.

You have access to a fully fenced private backyard, free WiFi, HD TV with Amazon prime and Netflix, 5 bedrooms for 10 guests, heating and first aid kit.

Location: Camden Town, London 

Amount for hire per day: £100

Active days:  Daily 


As someone who loves to explore, exploring these apartments gives you the idea of connecting with locals, knowing what you want and love in these apartments.

Now that this article has given you an insight on these Airbnb short lets, outstanding location and prices specially for your money worth, what are you still waiting for? Give yourself that soft life by travelling to these grand locations and have a feel of what it’s to explore. 


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